Monday, July 1, 2013


I have been meeting guys online through a couple different sights. Let me tell ya how interesting it has been! I have met a few very interesting people but just haven't found "the one" just yet!

 I have fun talking to guys I've never met because I am a girl- I like the attention! I am not a catfish, I am very truthful in all of my conversations and photos I post on my profiles. Unfortunately, I've met guys who aren't exactly cat fishing me but they aren't 100% truthful online as they are in person.

 I will be remaining anonymous so I don't call out any of the guys I've met through my dating because some of the things I will say may not exactly be nice. Everything will be a true statement of my own opinions. I'm excited to start this journey!

About me:
I am single
23 years old
I work and pay my own bills
I've been engaged
I've been abused
I've also been used
I'm completely honest all the time
I try to make others happy by being comical and producing laughter
I have a dog and a cat
And I love my family
More info will be revealed through random posts

Thanks for your interest :)

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