Thursday, July 31, 2014

Life Update & What's Ahead

So I had about 2 paragraphs of a post written out then I just wasn't feeling it so I deleted it and started over. Instead of an informative/list post, I'm just going to talk about my upcoming weekend because it sure is going to be a chaotic/emotional one.

Friday at the rehearsal dinner, I'm in charge of organizing the way people walk down the aisle on Saturday. The bride (my cousin) has graciously given me the exact detail of how it will go so really I don't have a lot of responsibility as far as organizing, more like just instructing and telling people when to walk. Seems simple!

A member of the community passed away unexpectedly this week. To say he was just a member of the community would be a complete lie. This man inspired so many people in ways that are unbelievably true. My family was extremely close to this man, worked hand in hand with him. The outpouring love for him is allllll over Facebook. You may see a trending hashtag show up of a name that doesn't sound like a celebrity.

After the rehearsal I'll be attending the visitation of friends. Just thinking about it brings me to tears. The first day I heard about his passing, I couldn't accept it. It wasn't til today that I began to cry and mourn over his loss. One thing that really was an influence on my life initiated by him, was a choir I had participated in for a couple of years around high school days. Members from the past years have been asked to participate Saturday at the funeral in singing a recent choir song. I've had it on repeat all day.

This is going to be a really hard time for myself and other family members, church members, community members, youth, adults, and children that knew him and were blessed to work with him.


Saturday will be filled with the funeral in the morning and wedding activities the rest of the day. Decorating, doing the opposite of a rain dance, and taking pictures are part of my agenda on Saturday. Also, being little miss bossy (that I'm soooo good at) during the wedding to make sure everyone walks at the proper time.

When the wedding is over, Mr. Samoa will be meeting the rest of my gigantic family :) Everyone is excited!! He is, I am, my family's just going to be a great Sunday.

I'm struggling on whether or not I should attend church this Sunday. After the emotional drainage from the funeral.. I just don't think I could handle it. Also, with Samoa being with me.. I don't know if he'd be able to handle ME during church crying like a baby the whole time. What would be the point of my attendance if I'm mourning over the loss of someone instead of listening to the message?

Another struggle I'm having is trying to figure out what the heck I'm going to wear to the wedding. AHHHHH. I have this one maxi dress that's really slimming from WALMART!! Yes.. this dress is from wally-world :) I love it, except for the fact that it reveals my least favorite body part: my arms. Ugh..the struggle is real. So there's that option. It's an outside wedding so I'm trying to figure out what to wear that won't cause me to become drenched in sweat.

Technically instead of the typical weekend recap that is done on Mondays.. this is a weekend preview.. In hopes that everything goes well and as planned.. I guess you'll find out Monday how everything went ;)

Thanks for sticking around!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Meet the Parents

Weekend Recap

First things first, let me fangirl all over the new button design!!
Love it! Check out Bella and Lisa then link up <3

I was able to take off work to spend time with you know who!! I slept in and wasted about half the day away! I've not done that in YEARS. Samoa and I went hiking on a really tough trail to my second favorite waterfall, Laurel Falls
Sorry, not the best picture, but it's so pretty! We went swimming and the water was FREEEEZING, but we still had a great time :) What I tried to prove him was a tough trail, turned out to be super easy for him. Being a football player and an Army Vet... obviously he knew what he could handle and it was worse than this hike. He was up the mountain in NO time, had to come back down and check on me a few times. I'm a slow yeah..

After hiking we came back to the apt and he cooked me dinner :) Just spaghetti but it was just so sweet. He knew I was worn out from the hiking and he let me chill out on the couch for the rest of the evening while he cooked..and get this... CLEANED!! Ahh I freaking love it :) 

We then went over to a really good friends house for a bonfire, s'mores, and some Just Dance on the Wii! Super fabulous day!!

This is where the title of this post ties in.. BIG day for Samoa and I. 
I didn't intentionally want him to meet the parents so soon, but they were stopping by my place because I'm watching their dog while they go on vacation. My place is on the way to their destination, so it kinda worked out. We met them for breakfast off the interstate.. and everything went soooo well!! He clicked with them so easily, had my dad smiling (which is sometimes hard to do!) of course my mom was liking him as well. As we were walking to the table she looked at me and said, "He is SOO handsome!!" 
Which.. he really is! Honestly.. the best looking guy I've ever been with and I don't see myself getting anyone more attractive everrr..nor do I want to.

Typically my dad's response to the dudes I introduce to them is something along the lines of:
& of course at first he was all big and tough, but afterwards.. he sent me a text saying he really liked him!!! I just wanna let ya'll dad has NEVER EVER EVER done that. Not once. And I've introduced them to 3-4 guys that I was serious with. Of course my mom sent heart faced emojis all day talking about him, but I am still in shock that my dad said what he did!

After the big meeting, Samoa and I were extremely lazy for most of the day. I've already learned what our lazy days will consist of from now on.. him playing video games while I pin away on Pinterest :) We've even developed a comfortable cuddle position where I lay against his side and he's able to use the controller. We were also able to keep conversation going as well, some of my pins initiated some good discussion.. May need to write a post about good convo starters..Pinterest is a great way to introduce that!

Seriously, that's all we did most of the day. However, we took a drive to pick up a set of patio furniture my friend gave to me..other than that.. back on the couch to be lazy!

We had every intention of getting up and going to church.. I promise we did! Had our clothes laid out and everything! We didn't wake up til 1:00 p.m. Only because the night before we stayed up til about 4am just talking about where this is going as well as some past information that was important to both of us. 

He had to leave around 4:00.. sad times. There were about 3-4 tornadoes that hit less than a mile from my apartment beginning at 6pm lasting til 8pm. Thankfully, nothing was damaged at my place, but for other families.. houses were leveled. It's really sad. 

^^ Here's a link to the news video showing the tornado footage. This was extremely close to where I live.

Samoa made it back to his place in time to take shelter (about an hour from me) and now he's gotta pack his bags and travel about 5 hours for work this week. 

We've been talking about planning a quick vacay before school starts for me and football starts for him. Hopefully we can get something planned out!! 

That's my weekend! Can't wait to read about yours :)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Being Healthy {not food related}

Recently, I've been analyzing my current situation with Samoa as well as comparing it to my past relationships. If you've kept know that this is a normal thing for me to do...analyze..

So, what makes a relationship healthy? I can't help but compare what I have currently to what I've had in past relationships. Obviously, none of the ones in the past have been healthy..or at least good enough to last.
Naturally, I've made a list :)

1. Doesn't Hide Anything: If they're open and honest with you, hold on tight. If they're constantly hiding things from you (for instance their phone) then you may need to either start asking questions or hurry up and get out. I know that sometimes there are personal things that don't need to be explained in the early stages of a relationship, but if you're to the point of calling it a relationship, nothing should be hidden.

2. Sincerely Asks About Your Day: Your day is just as important as theirs. If they aren't a little curious as to how you spend your time when they aren't around, then they couldn't care less as to where the relationship is going.

3. Encourages Interactions with Family: Not everyone is family-oriented, but everyone has a family of some form or fashion. Even if their family isn't created by blood connections, they should want you to meet the people who've known them before they met you.

4. Space is Acceptable (& Encouraged): You both should support each others' friendships and be able to take breaks from each other when needed. Space can make a relationship stronger. By both understanding that friend time is important, you'll also add some extra respect.

5. Hobbies Aren't Looked Down Upon: Just because you have an interest that the other person doesn't share, doesn't mean that it isn't important. Even if they don't like to blog, they should still care about your love of blogging. Also, respecting when you feel like you need to dedicate some time to that specific hobby is important.

6. Wants Their Friends to Know You: Not just know that you two are together and what you look like, but they should want their friends to become your friends as well. If you're planning on making it for the long haul, the friends shouldn't go anywhere just because you've become a couple.

7. Trust isn't Questioned: You should both be able to trust each other without wondering if they're going to do something behind your back or betray you. If the thought comes up at all during the relationship, maybe question yourself before you jump to any conclusions. If trust is a frequent issue, maybe you do need to question the relationship.

These are what I have learned. In the past, I've not had healthy relationships. Here's to hoping that this one will continue to stay on the same path it's on now :) Hope this info has helped you!! Let me know what you would add to the list!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I need an outlet

It's not supposed to happen like this
I'm so scared.
I can't stop, but do I want to?
Why force myself out of happiness?

He's motivated, encouraging, and all around beautiful
This one's different
I can't stop, and I definitely don't want to
Why does this feel so good?

All of the years I thought I had wasted
I'll never go back
I can't stop, full speed ahead
Why couldn't he have come along sooner?

Everything happens for a reason, I assume
I'm so extremely happy
I can't stop, not sure I ever will
What if I get hurt, or worse.. he does?

I'll never allow that to happen to us
He's mine all mine
I can't stop, not without a fight
Why do guys like him cease to exist?

As long as he's with me, I'll be here
In a state of pure happiness
I can't stop, and that's okay
Is this what love is supposed to feel like?


I've not done this in a long time. I used to write poems all the time. For me, it's such a great outlet. I enjoy it thoroughly. I know it's mushy but, get over it.

I finally got to see Samoa last night! He came home a day early and my heart is soooo full right now. He keeps asking me questions that make me nervous as far as how I feel about him. I am freaking out right now. This is not how it's ever been. It's never been this easy. I am so used to having to impress a guy or go out of my way to show that I like him. With Samoa.. all I have to do is be my normal self without all the bells and whistles. I love it. I don't want it to stop.

So here's the thing.. If things get super serious (MONTHS maybe a YEAR) from now.. my blog will no longer be anonymous. I'll still be a blogger FOR SURE. And I'll still have dating tips, online dating stories, etc. This is part of our story, and I enjoy blogging so that's never going to end..I hope. But stay tuned because maybe just maybe one of these'll get to see the real me :)

Love you all so much <3 Every read/comment means SO much to me.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Get to know me :)

So I love this :) I saw the first two a long time ago, but I was new to the whole blog thing and wasn't sure how to edit it and stuff. Now I'm an expert ...totally kidding, but getting there.

Okay so it's the Blogmopolitan Quiz numba3 and you can grab it at or click this link

That was fun :) I want to see your quiz answers too!! :) If you're new around here, Samoa is a person..a particular person that I am dating and you can read more about him in last weeks posts..seriously there's like 3 mushy posts about him but if ya want ;)

Friday, July 18, 2014

A Mother's Advice

Hello Ellie's readers. I am super excited to be here. 
If you don't know me already, I am Paulina and I blog over at Color Me Brave
Don't know what Color Me Brave is? Let me give you a little run down. 

I chose to start my own blog when I wanted to try and get out of my shell. I have always been an extremely shy person which kind of understates it. Imagine an 10 year old little blonde girl who is tall for her age. She is thirsty. However she has such a fear of talking to people she gets her 5 year old brother to go to the counter to order her a drink. That was me. As I grew older it didn't get any better. So, creating my blog to let the world know I have a voice and not afraid to use it. So what will you find on my blog? Building your online brand, growing your social media, and blogging tips. Then a little dash of my weight loss journey along with my addiction to clothes. So I am sure you are thinking what in the world am I posting on a dating blog? Well, that is because that is how this blog started. However I just quit online dating. Why? If you ever were online dating you know how much of a struggle it is. So I am taking a break from the dating world. That doesn't mean though, I could not jump out on a chance to help out Ellie. Even though I am taking a step aside in the dating world.
Doesn't mean my mother doesn't love to give me dating advice every single time she has the chance. So I thought why not share them with Ellie's readers.
  Your Mother's Dating Tips | They know best right? | #dating #datingadvice

Mother Dating Tip #1 Never date a pretty boy. Pretty boys are up to no good. Words straight out of my mothers mouth. She is convinced that every pretty boy will cheat. It could take awhile, even 33 years, but it will happen. She has a list of examples she reminds me of daily.

Mother Dating Tip #2 Marry a man who will eventually lose their hair. My mother says men that lose their hair are always honest and trust worthy. I kind of think this one is biased, why? If you've seen my Instagram feed, you will see my Dad is bald.

Mother Dating Tip #3 If you are not looking for anything serious. Date a guy who has a boat. Even more so if it's a sail boat. Sailing is an amazing experience. I don't know how my Dad puts up with him. It's who she dated before my Dad for the summer.

Mother Dating Tip #4 Never date a guy who doesn't love his Mother. If he doesn't love his Mother he has to be a serial killer. Yes, my Mother has told me this.

Mother Dating Tip #5 Never love a guy more than your Mother. Your Mother will always be the best, no man can change that fact.

Paulina is a great sponsor as well as a great blogger to be a sponsor for!
Check out her blog by clicking the button below :)

Color Me Brave

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Third Thursday// v. 2

ThirdThursday Date Disasters

It's our second time hosting the Third Thursday link-up with Date Disaster stories!! Link up with us :) Stories can include embarrassing moments on your end or the other person's end. Or maybe you just have a really funny story that happened during a date! Laugh along with us :)

So last year, on family vacation, I wanted to see what type of response I could get on POF or Tinder. I tried my hardest to display my profile in a way that sent out the message that I did NOT want to hookup with anyone while I was in town, but I just wouldn't mind having a beach buddy while I was there. Just someone to hang out with, maybe drink a few, casual, friendly... So unrealistic. I had so many creepos wanting me to drive to their place to hookup..lame.

There was one guy who didn't mind meeting up with me a couple of days, but it was always close to sunset. We walked along the beach and chatted up for a while and he was sort of sweet in way. He wasn't necessarily my "type" but he was good company. 

As we were turning around to walk back to the part of the beach I was staying at, he grabbed me and started kissing. Aggressively. Horrible, horrible, horrible kisser. Like what have you practiced with dude?!!? A tree??


I'm sure you're thinking, "Well, you're the dummy who tried to meet a guy while on vacation with your FAMILY" Yeah okay I'm not that smart sometimes but hey.. it happens.

Shortly after the awkward silence that followed the tongue attack we walked back to the entrance where he was parked. We stood by his car and talked for a few more minutes and it was dark by now. He grabbed my hand and placed it on the no-no parts that I mentioned I was not looking for in my profile.. 

One pissed off girl made a dude almost pee his pants. Looking back and remembering his face after the cursing session I had, brings me to tears of laughter. I had called him so many names and pervert was mentioned about 10 times. There was a rental house very close by and another guy came out to see if I was okay. He asked if that guy was bothering me and I said yes. Dude got in his car so fast, I almost didn't see him do it. Then he was OFF. Buh-Bye loser. 

Even funnier, he sent me a snap chat a week later saying, "Where'd you go?" 
He was blocked within a second. 

Can't wait to read your Date Disaster stories!! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Texting Tribulations

Hi everyone, I am back for round two of guest posting for the fabulous Miss Ellie!  If you missed my first one last week, I am Krista over at Kristie’s Blue Jeans.  I really hope you like my post and decide to head over to my neck of the woods and read some more, because frankly blog posts are so much fun to read and I am sure y’all would get a kick out of the shenanigans I get myself into.
I know I am not the only girl out there to meet a guy, have things go great and then all of a sudden, BAM, things are going south faster than a fireman on a fire pole.  And I am not talking about online dating, but dating in general.  It is really hard out there for a girl.  We have to find a good guy, one we are interested in, make sure he is interested in us, go through the awkward motions of meeting up, dating and possibly starting a “relationship’ AND we have to make sure it doesn't fizzle out. 

Here is the thing- I don’t think relationships today are fizzling for lack of chemistry but more because of two lazy people.  It is hard to keep a relationship going in the first place, but add in the stresses of work, technology and life in general and it makes it really hard out there for a couple.  Especially when people preach about the “rules” of dating…  I don’t think old school rules apply much anymore, but here is the thing- I think we really need to get away from consistently texting and start calling each other.
Don’t get me wrong- I text and I love the convenience of texting but I think there comes a point when phone calls start to become necessary to keep a relationship going.   I mean you only get what you put in, so why not put in a few phone calls?
When do you think the right time to start calling over texting is?
 photo 2af5a650-c916-47a4-ab47-49116f0dc332.jpg

Friday, July 11, 2014

Never Have I Ever

Played that game before? Ok so if you haven't, it's typically a drinking game. You make a statement beginning with "Never have I ever " and you finish it with something you've never done, but you secretly know/feel that someone else in the group has done it. If someone else has..then they drink. Got it?

Okay, so this post is not a drinking game, but I thought I'd explain my catchy title.
Heads up: this post is mushy gushy about Samoa. Just wait :)

Remember my emotional posts "Single and Ready to Mingle part 1 & part 2" ? If not, go check them out. My past relationships have never been as satisfying as the relationship I've been creating with Samoa over the past few weeks (month-ish) I know it seems absolutely crazy for these feelings to come along so dang fast.

Never Have I EVER dated a guy who:

Held down a steady job

Knows what he wants in a relationship

Is spontaneous

Pays his own bills

Respects the fact that I pay my own bills

Had dreams and goals that he won't stop til he achieves them

Compliments me daily, as in multiple times throughout the day

Knew how to keep a conversation moving

Had me smiling so much that my jaws hurt at the end of the day

Made me feel so beautiful and wanted

Said, "You deserve to be loved and cared for" 

Not until now. I cannot wait til this list grows bigger. I am scared to death about getting hurt. I won't be able to see him again until Wednesday, then he's off to work again for 5 days. Which is totally fine. We have spent almost every day together in the past week and a half.. this break is going to be good for us, I believe.

We both have discussed how slowing down is a must, but neither of us want to. So yes, this break is good.

Maybe if I keep telling myself that this break is good, I'll stop missing him.

So yeah that's my life right now :) Heart face emojis all day errrr day <3 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Running into Trouble

Hey y'all!  I am Krista over at Kristie's Blue Jeans.  This month I decided to step outside of my blogging comfort zone and sponsor the fabulous Miss Ellie.  I am so thankful I did for many reasons, one being this guest post I got to write for her and for y'all. I have always feared the random run ins with exes.  There cannot honestly be a person out there that enjoys running into an ex.  There are a few stages of the way these run ins normally go.

You're out with your ladies having a good time-
Then the awkward "Oh shit!  He's here!!!"
Then you pray and wish and hope he doesn't see you, yet it's all in vain as you just made eye contact.
Eye contact obviously means that you have to go say hi, which inevitably leads to awkward, weird and semi fake greetings.
All the while you're inner voice is screaming at you!
You end the conversation politely and as you sigh to yourself you think all about your awkward crazy brewing in your brain.
You reach your group of girls and the only thing you need is a shot and a martini, ASAP!
As I said, these run ins are never something to look forward to.  They are filled with weird, nauseous and lunatic feelings and emotions.  I tend to pretend like I do't know an ex when I see them.  Maybe that is immature, but I think talking to them and getting into an argument or talking crap about them to your friends is immature. 
How do you handle running into an ex?
 photo 2af5a650-c916-47a4-ab47-49116f0dc332.jpg


You can visit Kristie at her blog by clicking her button below :)
She's my BFF <3 She can be yours too if you'd like!

Kristie's Blue Jeans

Monday, July 7, 2014

Cloud Nine

I'm up, up away in la la land. A place I've never experienced. Not like this at least. Last week was just incredible. This weekend I didn't get to see him much except for yesterday (Sunday). He had to work out of town Friday - Sunday morning. I freaking missed!

My 4th of July weekend was amazing, though. I kept wishing he was there with me to meet my family and relax by the lake, but he works. BIG PLUS there haha. I've ran into so many lazy asses through these dating sites, and he is not one of

Yesterday he asked me, "Why do I feel so comfortable around you?"
I DON'T KNOW!?!? How am I supposed to explain it? Why do I feel the same way?! I've only known you for a little less than a month, but yet I feel like I'm in the honeymoon stage! It's insane!

Samoa is his nickname, by the way. He has a thick Samoan heritage. I learn something new about it every day. I love it. I have never met someone so involved with their culture and ethnicity. I was really embarrassed when he asked me what my ethnicity was and all I could say was.. "uhm Caucasian?"
I'm a dummy and he said, "No.. I meant are you Irish? German? Where does your ancestry lie?"
And I hate that I didn't have a 100% positive answer. I know I have both Irish and German in my heritage as well as Canadian. But I am in no way knowledgeable of exactly where my family comes from. I kind of envy his passion towards his culture.

So I'm bringing in the checklist. Anyone remember reading my post about being so dang picky when dating?
Well let's just see how Samoa stands on the list:

  • Christian  
  • 5'8 or taller ...he's 6'6
  • Job required -Army Veteran and has a part time job until he finishes school in May 2015.
  • Independent  -has lived on his own since college.
  • No Smoking -hates it as much as I do! 
  • Romantic -He comes across as a hopeless romantic, but still early to see that side of him yet.
  • Pretty Teeth -Very straight, very clean! & Is kind of OCD about a clean mouth :)
  • Single -this may be off the table now haha I'm pretty sure he's mine all mine.

Here's a list of things that will add brownie points to the dude, but aren't exactly necessary:

  • Capable of growing a nice beard  -his beard is BEAUTIFUL
  • Open mind about adopting kids vs. having kids of our own haven't discussed this yet.
  • Okay with exploring different countries He has been EVERYWHERE
  • Ambition  ...he has it for sure!!
  • Roller Coaster Junkie  - He's only been on ONE his entire life! 
  • Not mentioning the sex topic within the first couple weeks of talking   It came up but not too early :)
  • Plays guitar-or-piano and can sing 
  • Netflix Lover
  • Can change the oil in my car
  • Appreciative of family time

I mean look!!! SOOO many mark outs (meaning he has fulfilled my requirements). I'm still learning more and more about him. Sorry for all the mushy gushy stuff haha I'm usually totally again these types of posts but I'm just overwhelmingly happy right now and can't help it so..yeah. deal with it ;)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

I Quit

I'm in deep you guys. Like falling too dang hard and too dang fast. My date on Tuesday night was the best date I have ever experienced. Not because of where we ate, or what we did during the date, but the man amazing. You know that post I did a couple days ago saying how I should avoid falling in love? Well.. I can't help it.

I'm not in love with him, but one day I will be. He is the most genuine, funny, caring, respectful guy I have EVER met. His life fascinates me. I am extremely attracted to him, which is a plus plus plus plus. His personality makes me even more attracted to him. He does everything possible to make me smile. He encourages me to do what I want.

I have always wanted a guy who accepts me for me. Someone who asks me about my life goals, relationships wants/needs, and my past, but not someone who has to pry it out of me. I have opened up to him more than anyone I've ever tried to date. He listens to me and actually listens.

He has also opened up to me. I haven't had to pry anything out of him. I'm so used to pulling teeth just to get information out of someone that I try having a relationship with. It's not that way with him. He is resistant to some topics which is totally fine, but I don't pressure him to spill every single detail. There are a LOT of things that we both need to learn about each other and I'm willing to take my sweet precious time with him.

He wants to spoil me. I don't know what that's like. I don't care if he never buys me one single thing, but just knowing that he wants to..makes me want him even more. I'm not the kind of girl to ask for stuff like that as far as "Buy me this" "I want that, will you get it for me?" No, that's not me.

So okay enough with the mushy crap! The date itself in detail:

Dinner at one of my favorite sushi places in town. He loves sushi as much as I do, which is A LOT! He got there before me and as I was driving I had a million butterflies in my stomach. I was so worried that he wouldn't like me.

I couldn't figure out what the hell I was going to wear, so there's that. I wore a semi dressy tank top and I'm super self conscious about my arms and what they look like in a tank top. But I figured.. if he wants to like me he's gotta see me for me. So here I go in my Silver capri jeans that make my butt look amazing and my tank top.. dying to meet this guy.

When I walk in, I hesitate because there he is. He hasn't seen me yet. He is just as gorgeous as I thought. Absolutely perfect. I walk up to the booth and ask if the other side was taken. He looked up at me and had the best smile I've ever seen. First words out of his mouth, "You look beautiful."

NEVER in my life has this happened...

So we ate, conversation was awesome..never had a quiet moment. Very balanced, he and I talked about the same amount of time so I didn't look like an idiot rambling on because I was so nervous.

By the time we got our food, I felt like I had been on a million dates with him and we were just catching up. As if I had known him from somewhere before. I really liked feeling so comfortable with him.

After dinner (I don't ever do this) I invited him over to watch a movie and just relax. We were going to build a fire in the pit, but we never made it out there. We sat in the living room just talking away for over an hour before we turned on the t.v. He was all about me and I was all about him.

love gif

I didn't want the date to end..ever. So I saw him again yesterday. That's why I was a bit delayed in posting! Sorry ladies ;) I know you were just DYING to hear about it. We went hiking to a waterfall (insert heart eyes emoji) He pushed me up that trail, as in, kept encouraging me while also being patient with me. It was kind of a hard hike, but I made it :) I like the way that he wants me to be active as in working out, hiking, running, etc. Stuff that I thoroughly enjoy doing, but I've always lacked motivation. He gives me that motivation. I love it. 

After the hike we went back to the apt for a nap then got dressed for some karaoke at the local marina that my friends and I go to every Wednesday. The impression he made on my friends was just beyond compare. Of course my g/f drilled him with extremely important questions while I was away from the table. His answers confirmed that what I'm doing is right. Even if we're rushing into things..I know that I am with someone who I deserve. We both simultaneously deleted our online dating apps/profiles. And that's that. 

Oh and I'm seeing him today after work, too. Be jealous :)
love gif

**gifs all came from this blog is saweeet :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Vote for me!!

Hello Lovers <3

I have been nominated for "Best Newbie Blog" through the Get Noticed Blog Awards by The Dance Grad

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I would totes appreciate your vote :) Just go

And vote for me :)

I'll love you forever.. even though I kinda already love you now. 

So tonight is the night for my date and I just cannot even contain my excitement. I want to meet him SOOOO bad. Please please please pray/send good vibes that all goes well and he doesn't turn out to be a mass murderer lol. Stay tuned tomorrow for the upDate ;) ...hehe see what I did there?