Friday, August 30, 2013


So, I've been testing out different sites through my dating apps on my phone. I plan on reviewing them all at once whenever I test each of them out to show what all of the options are. I recently joined Zoosk, you know the one that is advertised allllll over Facebook?

They limit a lot of things if you don't pay. I don't plan on paying. I am, however, going to see how much I am able to do without paying. I've only been on here for one day so far, and I'm ready to delete it. I am kind of burnt out on the whole online dating so that might have an effect on my opinions.

There are a LOT of underage boys on here...I wouldn't doubt that there would be underage girls on here too. It kinda makes me sick, like I seriously want to throw up. I know that a lot of children are online chatting with grownups and constantly get themselves in danger because they aren't being supervised on the internet... but for some reason seeing them show up in my search results hit me harder than hearing about how dangerous the internet is for kids through a commercial or another colleague.

These kids are looking around 9, 10 years old..maybe upto 13? That's so young! And they're posting ages 25, 28, 22, etc. It's extremely obvious that they are NOT above the age of 13 or 14.

So far this is the first dating site (out of POF, OKCupid, MeetMe, DateHookup) that I've seen this. Idk if it's because Zoosk is advertised through Facebook and everyone and their brother has a Facebook - actually I'm pretty positive that is the reason why.

I personally haven't seen the other dating sites advertised through Facebook. A friend recommended POF and MeetMe, and the other apps I just searched dating in the app store and have just been testing each one out.

**Breaking news!! This just in:
Just received a message from a super cutie on won't let me all..unless I pay. This is lame.

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook..right now I'm in love because the new update with the search bar- amazing because I just found super cutie on Facebook simply by searching his name and town. Woohoo!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Impressions

Obviously through online dating, it's hard to read people through a first impression. It's just words and a couple pictures. You have to worry about those pictures too. Sometimes they are from years before they gained a million pounds, or pictures that aren't really them. This is where I promote Snapchat. 

Grammar is important to me, it may not be as valued to others. If you don't type clearly I will quickly end the conversation. Words are a real thing. They are used for reading and when you cut words in half all the time, it makes the conversation very confusing. 

The proper use of too&to helps but that's not a biggie as well as your&you're. 

Just a few examples. It's not hard to type that extra one or 2 letters. When you use these words like this regularly throughout conversation- this is my first impression of you. Smart up!

Thursday, August 22, 2013


So there's one guy who continues to message me every day. And I don't know if he's just terrible at making conversation
..or what his problem is. Every single response he has is around 3 words or less and it causes each lead I give in the conversation to come to an end. 

Hi! How are you today?
Good u
Good- had a really long day at work but glad to be home
That's good
Nothing for like 3 hours then..


(At this point I'm like screw this lol this is boring .. But I try)
Hey what's up
Well that sounds like fun..


So freaking lame. Learn how to chat people. How am I supposed to get excited about hanging out with you if you can't even keep up a simple chat conversation? Not gonna happen!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Warning labels

You know. . . I wish there was a way to give other girls online a heads up about certain guys like after you've talked to them for a while or went out on a date. It would really help to know which guys like to stand girls up, or are just looking for a hook up, or just all around jerks! There could be positive feedback, too. Like maybe the date went well, but there just wasn't a spark, or he's a nice guy, I'm just not interested. But they wouldn't be able to see their feedback unless it was positive. The website could block out really vulgar things, like cursing etc.

It would save me so much time. I told a guy that I couldn't hang out one weekend, and I regret it because the guy I ended up hanging out with was a real . . . [insert vulgar name calling]
Waste of my time!

Thankfully, the guy that I basically rejected still wants to hang out. I like when some of these guys understand that I'm going to date other people considering I don't just start a conversation with one guy then delete my account so I can get to know only them. You'd be surprised how some of these guys (usually the jerkfaces) are not okay with you dating other people the instant you begin talking to them.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Had a date last night with someone I met through POF before I deleted my account..the first time lol.

Went really well! He even texted me this morning saying he had a good time! This is a first for least where I shared the same feelings. Not sure where it'll lead though. Still keeping my options open :) 

It's always awesome when a guy smells really good too. Ya know when they have found that cologne that really combines well with their own scent - awesome :)

It's also awesome when a guy takes things slow and doesn't want to rush into anything just yet. I like that. 

Til next time ;)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Romance shomance

Well doesn't look like my summer vacation was filled with any romance. Oh well. Still have one full day on the beach before I head back to the grind. There's one guy who wants to hang out on the beach ...we were supposed to hang out today but my family had plans away from the island and we had a blast. Maybe tomorrow? 

Had another hookup request today. Man they just get more and more perverted it seems. This guy wanted me to come to his place, "do our business" then I leave. Bing, bang, boom ..done. My reply? 
"no thanks" 


Guys are gross. I'm sure there are gross girls out there too that do the same thing. I wouldn't know considering I'm searching for guys. Do guys really get their way that easily? you really just agree to show up on a strange man's doorstep do your business then leave?! Isn't that considered free prostitution basically? At least make them give you something lol take a pair of their sweat pants or something- those are the best. 

I love the beach- hate to leave it...but life is waiting for me. Considering moving closer to the coast next year. We'll see what happens ;)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Well this "dating while at the beach" has literally failed. I'm only here for 2 more days and I've only met one guy who wanted me to come to his place and do bad things and he wasn't even attractive! 

One guy promised and swore and crossed his heart that he'd come hang with me on the beach today- he's not responded to any texts I've sent him. It's 8:00 pm. This sucks.

One dude wants me to come to a town about 45 mins away to hook up. Whyyyy can't guys grow a pair, get in their car and drive to see me? Are they really accommodated to women flocking towards them now a days? What happened to the man chasing after the woman? Instead, now it's the man begging and pleading until he gets his lady friend to go out of her way to see him. I just don't like this idea at all. 

Boys are dumb. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Message overload

Woke up this morning super early to watch the sunrise on the beach in hopes that a magical prince would see how alone I was watching this beautiful scenery and sit down beside me and tell me how beautiful I was and we sail away in a magical land of happiness. . . I blame Disney

Reality was waking up to 7 new messages on POF that I didn't want to read...
1. Demanded I texted him a picture of my "bush" before he can decide if he wants to meet me.
2. Was 13 years older than me.
3. Just graduated from high school. (I'm about to turn 23 folks)
4. Had a mustache. (please refer to Picture Etiquette)
5. Wearing bright gold grillz in profile pic.
6. "Hookup?"    - - - Not a 'hi how are you?' or even a 'you're cute' 
7. Might be meeting up with this cutie today possibly :) 

I'm rethinking my about me section lol 
More details to come if a date happens today. Bye for now :)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Soakin up some sun!

Well the beach is absolutely beautiful. I met a guy here- I don't like him. at. all.

I guess signing up for this and mentioning in my about me: 
"I'm only here for a week lets hang out" means I want to have sex with random guys. How do you explain that you just want someone to hang out with you- go to the beach- maybe be romantic somehow idk lol.

It would probably help if I had any clue as to what I want in regards to relationships, friendships, whatever....
I have no idea

I don't feel like being in a relationship right now. My ex basically cheated on me and I'm still not over that and I don't want to rebound.

I want to hang out with a cute guy ya know?!

Oh yeah!! There was this realllyyyyy cute guy at this fish market down the street. I have a feeling I'll be buying some fish soon ...maybe once a day. This could get expensive.

Going for a bike ride ;)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Vacation Dating :)

Well I am at the beach this week on vacation!

Thinking about making a MeetMe or a POF just to see if there are any cuties here ;) couldn't hurt I guess! It's probably a different crowd or people that aren't from here but hey, why not?!

I love a tempting summer vacation romance! 

Whatever happens...happens 
Who knows ..maybe I'll find my one true love!!

Hahaha I crack myself up.

Worth a shot- I'll keep ya posted! Peace out! 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Don't be so vague

I'm sure you've heard of Vaguebooking..
It's when one of your friends (we all have that one) constantly posts statuses with a vague message and they won't explain it on Facebook...
For example:

Suzy Summers:
:( :( So Sad today....
     John Jackson: What's wrong Suzy?!
     Suzy Summers: :( I don't want to talk about it

- annoying

I've noticed a lot of guys are like that on their profiles. Whether it's regarding their job, or what they like to do for fun, or even their About Me section is extremely VAGUE!!
There's a fine line when it comes to giving TOO much information on your profile, as well as too little information.
In your about me, it's okay to include:
Your name
What you do for a living (but don't go too deep into detail because that could be a later convo)
Types of Music you like
If you live on your own or have your own place (this is so important to us girls!!)
A short list of hobbies

Any more info and it becomes way too long to read.

Things NOT to say:
In your About Me: "Ask Me"
In your Profession: "Ask Me"
In your first date column: "Ask Me"
In your hobbies: "Ask Me"

There was more than one (unfortunately) that had that answer for each single spot possible. Not cool. Because here's the thing: I've found that talking to these people, they don't know how to control a conversation or they don't even have an ANSWER for any of these. Lame. Vague. Boring.

That's all for today folks, thanks for stopping by ;)