Thursday, May 29, 2014

Extra! Extra!! {& 2 giveaways!}

Soooo, I had an absolute BLAST on my vacation in New Orleans last week! It was absolutely amazing, and I'm so ready to go back!

Well.. I just finished reading/crying over The Fault in Our Stars. Yet another unrealistic book on romance. As this book was coming to an end, I took a short break from it, because I hate the part when the book ends so I dwell on it and drag it out as long as possible...which was only a couple of hours for this book. It has taken me 3 weeks to finish the fourth and final book of the Fallen series, I still have yet to finish it. I'm only 80 pages away from the end.

Anyway, as I was stalling last night I was scrolling through Facebook and noticed a new ad for a new dating app.


I'm already in love! It's very similar to Tinder, but it has more features. Unlike Tinder, it notifies you when someone has liked your "card" which is their word for profile. But, like Tinder, it won't tell you who it is unless you've liked them, too. I will say this aspect is a confidence booster, because with Tinder you have no idea others are actually interested unless you've liked them as well.

Another thing I like about Sway is that your "card" displays WAY more information about what you're looking for and your interests. Tinder doesn't do this. Most Tinder profiles have a blank about me..almost all of them actually. 

There is a downfall, it's really really new. Therefore, not many guys to look at. It's still a developing app and hopefully more people will learn about it and particularly more cute guys. Check in tomorrow to read about my palm reading experience from New Orleans! In the mean time, TRY TO WIN FREE STUFF!! Two awesome giveaways listed below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

{Guest Post} by Kristine!

I am enjoying my time here in New Orleans! But, in order to continue having fun, Kristine is taking over today!! Enjoy :)


Meet Kristine!
Her blog is called The Glitter Diaries

The end of the semester brings warm weather, stressful finals and, of course, a heaping load of bad timing. The situation I’m referring to is nothing shy of a college girl’s worst nightmare.

 Picture this. There is a month left in the semester and you’re best girl friend introduces you to a guy who she thinks, “you two would really hit it off.” So he comes over to your dorm/apartment/place of residence to hang out with you and your friend. You and this guy, we’ll name him Joe, hit it off and by the time he leaves that night, you have exchanged Facebook and Snapchat info as well as phone numbers. A few weeks pass and you have him have spent time alone together and maybe even exchanged a kiss or two. You start thinking, “Wow, maybe I have actually found a good guy.” BAM! You find yourself staring the last Monday of the spring semester in the face and you’re completely lost. You and Joe have loosely discussed what will happen by week’s end. A few more days have passed and you can no longer deny the inevitable: the semester ends tomorrow. Now what?

 Well ladies, that is the situation many of us, myself included, will find ourselves in at some point in our lives. As I see it, we have two options. We either take the plunge and throw ourselves into a relationship at the beginning of summer or we pretend like nothing has happened as you part your ways only to “see where things are” in the fall. Everyone is different, but I know that I can’t pretend that I don’t feel the way I feel. I've never been able to hide or forget about feelings overnight (or at all for that matter). But I think it’d be foolish to say that the thought has never crossed my mind. Wouldn't it be easier to leave for summer single and just toss those newly acquired feelings away? Who wants to spend the summer pinning away for someone that they’ll see a handful of times, maybe, instead of looking for a closer love interest?

   Here’s my opinion: if you want something long term, take the plunge. In comparison, to the school year, summer is relatively short. Why let those newly acquired feelings go to waste if you want something more in the end? On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you don’t want anything serious going into summer, then put those feelings on hold and enjoy your summer as a single bird. Spread your wings and fly, ladies!

 Granted, the situation is not always so black and white. We have to think about the poor boy’s feelings too (despite them trying to hide their feelings, they do, apparently, have them). Unfortunately, we can’t make the executive decision all on our own. Make sure there is communication coming from both ends, regardless of what you decide.

   No matter what you decide to do with your last minute love interest, make sure that you feel good about the decision. Your long-term happiness is important. Remember that. Image

Friday, May 23, 2014

Be Alone, Not Lonely {Guest Post}

I'm in NOLA baby!! While I'm living it up, Miss Sockwun is taking over le blog :) This post is raw and shows so much experience. Some very good notes to take young ladies!! 

Sockwun Phng blogs over at ExtraExtravagant
She's a beauty and style source for reviews, look books, and guides to becoming your best. 
She has been through hell and back through her previous relationships but has learned to let go of the past. She is starting her life as a college graduate and is excited about where life will take her. 

I had recently graduated with a B.A.
I spent graduation week nostalgic and contemplative. 
The nostalgia and contemplation made me realize that, in the four years of my college career, I was single for only seven months. That was a terrifying thought because I basically wasted my college years on relationships that turned out to be a huge waste of time. In college, people get involved on campus, travel, and make lifelong friends. I was never as involved on campus as I would liked to have been, the only places where I took road trips to were with my significant others, and the friends that I made are more acquaintances than anything else.

These are terrifying thoughts for someone who had just invested four years of her life into something. The more terrifying part is that all of this had never occurred to me until my most recent romantic relationship disintegrated. I started a relationship with him in the first place, against my better judgment, because I had thought(at that point) that we were going to be together forever. I had thought the same thing about the relationship before that. Ever since I was little, I set a goal for myself that I would be married at the age of 24 and have a child at the age of 25. Every single year that passes me by is a reminder that that gap is closing. I came to learn that that goal was not only ridiculous, it also clouded my judgment. I was so focused on attaining that goal that I overlooked a lot of flaws in my relationships.

It took some time and a lot of therapy, but I was finally able to remove the blinders that were blinding me to what was really important: 

I was so focused on staying in relationships that I did my best, compromised a lot, just to keep boyfriends around. It took a huge toll on me; I lost parts of myself without even realizing it. With the support from my family, friends, and my amazing therapist, I am starting to learn how to be happy on my own. I learned to not have to place the responsibility of my happiness through someone else. 

This is my life; why am I allowing outside sources to control it?

This is, to date, the biggest life lesson that I have learned. If you are able to be happy on your own, then you are ready to invest in romantic relationships. If you enter into a relationship because you need someone to make you happy, you need to get out immediately. We all have characteristics that we look for in an ideal significant other. You should hold on to those standards because once you start overlooking flaws and settling, you are compromising true happiness for a temporary one. If your happiness depends on someone else, when they leave, your happiness leaves with them, and you end up having to find someone else to fill the void. It becomes a vicious cycle. If the only person who has control over your happiness is you, your relationships, romantic or otherwise, will be healthier because they will be more symbiotic.

The moral of this story is that you should never be afraid to be on your own. You need to learn to love yourself so that other people can love you. Relationships should not be started for convenience or dependency; they should be started for two independent people to help each other succeed in all aspects of life.

Where would you want your life to take you?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

GP in her Blue Jeans :)

I am en route to New Orleans with the bestie!!

The first lovely lady taking over my blog for a day while I'm gone is Miss Krista over at Kristie's Blue Jeans. I love this girl, and hopefully you'll learn to love her, too!! :)


Hey Y'all, I am Krista from Kristie's Blue Jeans.  I guess you could call me a lifestyle blogger as I do random ramblings about things going on in my life and different stories from my past that I find hilarious or thought provoking.  Ellie has been kind enough to give a guest post spot while she is away.  I hope you enjoy it :)

Lately I have had quite a few people inquire about my single status and frankly I find it annoying.
Sometimes a girl likes the independence of being single
Sometimes we have only dated total jerks
& Sometimes it just isn't in the cards.

I always try to be gracious, but here are my true feelings and the thoughts I want to share with these people, who I am not sure really care, but are rather picking out something they find to be a flaw within me.

Why am I single? Currently I am single because I had a man that I truly loved, rip my heart out and if that wasn't enough he proceeded to shred it along with my dignity and self worth.  Sure, my dignity and self worth are not worth him and yes they are back, however that bruise to my ego has me on hiatus until I feel ready to get back out there.  When a girl has a deep connection to a guy, it doesn't go away just because he left!

Do I like being single? It has it's perks.  I love embracing my single status.  I can plan trips, go places, not wear pants, be a total dork, not have to worry about hiding my DVR selections, not wash my hair for seven five days (because sometimes that just sounds like too much work), have girl's nights, wine nights (and days), watch Jeopardy without competition.

 Do I want to get married? Heck, I don't even know!  Half the time I can't even decide on a menu item without changing my mind at least twice.

Kids? Please. Don't. Ever. Ask. That! As  you can see some of my thoughts are not especially nice nor rude.  I just don't understand how some people think all people want is a relationship. 

What would you like to tell people who always ask about your relationship status?  photo 2af5a650-c916-47a4-ab47-49116f0dc332.jpg

Friday, May 16, 2014


Helene in Between

I'm a day late, but oh well! So this is a HUGE link-up party, as in: 100 bloggers have joined! This is the.. 


So as my First Total Social, I'll be sharing with you my very first post!
I'm not gonna use the intro post, b/c it's boring.
Here's my first official opening post to this lovely blog.


Random Friend's Quote

"He may not be my soulmate, but hey, a girl's gotta eat!"

- Phoebe, after Chandler asked her why she was going on a second date with a guy if she believes he is destined for someone else.

This was so funny to me because, I too am guilty of going out to eat with someone that I know I'm not going to spend the rest of my life with - simply so someone can buy my dinner. I don't make much with my salary and living on your own isn't exactly cheap, so gotta jump at those opportunities when someone is offering to buy you a nice dinner!

The perks of meeting someone online is that they know you are also dating others too, that's the purpose of the website! And if a guy doesn't respect that then they are being hypocritical! Dating online isn't always an instant match as soon as you join, but hey if that's how it worked for you then that's wonderful.. I hate you.

You've gotta compare your options though, and see what all is out there for you. That's the fun part.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A special treat!

Today is the Third Thursday of May...  & I've got a treat for you :)

So, Miss Krista and I are creating a new link-up opportunity. It's a monthly link-up. And the theme is Date Disasters. You may have read a few of my disaster dates recently, in the past, or in a guest post. We thought it would be fun to share our bad dates every month! 

I hope you all would be interested in joining in on the laughs with us! 

 photo 75fb4969-52ad-4fcf-abb6-45c23368a52a_zps42be4662.jpg

The link up will begin next month on June 19th
If you would like us to remind you about it, shoot us an email and we'll put ya on the reminder list!!

I'm super excited!

Ellie's Email:

Krista's Email:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wish Upon a Wednesday// v.9

 photo 5ead23c1-f9a5-4c37-ac97-5e87040a72bb_zps426ed8cb.jpg

Meet Krista!! I love this girl! :)
We're both just some small town girls, living in a blogging world! 
Haha see what I did there? 

Annyyywayyy check her out at her blog:

This week I'm dedicating my wishlist to tattoos
I am itching for some new ink, and one day I'll have a half sleeve.. Here's an idea of what I want!

Victorian cameo with filigree and peonies. Done by Shane at tenth st. Tattoo in Atlanta. Ga.
A cameo, not this pic or this style, but I want a vintage cameo

#rose #watercolor
I love the idea of a watercolor tattoo, and I've had my eye on a rose similar to this.

love the flowers  :)
I loveee sugar skulls and day of the dead tattoos.

I've always loved this little ellie, but I've seen a lot of pics on pinterest of different people with this same one.. but of course I'll have an ellie in my sleeve.

Incredible day of the dead tattoo. Need.
I'm considering this style of day of the dead girl for my cameo :)

Well that's my tattoo wishlist!! What are you wishing for this week??

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04. Make a list of your wishes (pics or words)
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Interested in co-hosting? Send me an email!

Wish Upon a Wednesday V8

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Just in time for SMS!! :)

Voyage of the Mee Mee

Today's the day!! I love love love this link up :)
I was getting kind of worried that I wouldn't have any material because I only started back on Tinder a little over a week ago, and I didn't have any stupid sayings from the dudes I started chatting with...

...until last night!!!

So lemme catch ya up:
Started chatting on Tinder with this dude, and everything seemed normal and fine, we were on the same page, had a few good things in common, about 5 days pass and I'm like ok, let's text. So we swap phone numbers, and still everything is going okay, conversation is pretty decent.

Then I informed him on how I like to paint canvas, and that people have ordered some from me and it's kind of like my little side business. He asked me to send him a few pictures of what I've done so far, so I did...then this happened:

Displaying photo 1.PNG
Displaying photo 2.PNG
Displaying photo 3.PNG
Displaying photo 4.PNG
Okay, so I originally posted the screenshots of our texting, but the pictures may not show up so here's what was said:

Him: That is pretty

Me: Thanks! I like it :)

Him Maybe one you can do one for me

Me: What would you like?

Him: I don't know yet

Me: Well think for a bit and lemme know! I'll make one :)

Him: That I can do. One option I'm considering for you is to do a portrait of yourself.

Me: Hahahaha I can't paint ppl

Him: Hmm

Him: Maybe I should be the one to paint you ..... like actually use you as the canvas

Me: Lol that would be kinda weird don'tcha think?

Him: It depends on what I am painting on you. Certainly no paint or human fluids...

Me: Uhm gross human fluids please

Him: Definetly none of that. I was thinking like chocolate or whipped cream or things of that nature

Me: Lol getting a little risque

Him: Well I'm a little "frustrated"

Me: Why are you frustrated?

Him: I used that as a single word for sexual frustration.

CREEEPY!?!?! Dude, you were doing so well.. wtf happened?! So what if you're sexually frustrated, why do I have to know this information?! I have NEVER met youuuuu ....ughh 

Ahh the wonders of online dating, link up with us!!

Amanda & Danae

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wish Upon a Wednesday// v.8

 photo f9ad54dc-6ef8-4445-9c08-c9fb8557147a_zpsab5efdde.jpg

This week we have the scandalous and very intriguing blogger from
That College Girl's Guide

Look closely: Those are Ellies!!!

Great Dane
Look at itttt :)

Mac book
It's time for an upgrade, mama needs a MacBook for school (&blogging)

Customized, personalized,Natural wood case, iphone case, graphic engraved case for iphone 4/4s,5/5s/5c, Samsung s3/s4, Aztec elephant

1. I wish this work week was over
2. I wish I was already in NOLA
3. I wish I could go back to bed

What are you wishing for??

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Wish Upon A Wednesday

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Let's pretend there's a catchy title today

If you saw my Instagram post this morning then you might be a little prepared for this post...

Let's Rant!

I'm talking to Ginger Beard...yup - why?! Because I'm bored, that's why! Still haven't used Tinder in a while, so he's pretty much all I got, other than Burger King(I can't find a post that describes him}. I haven't heard from Australia in a whileeee. If you're new here you may wanna go back to some of my older posts to figure out who these people are, I use nicknames for the guys I "meet" online to keep things confidential.

There's a cutie I've been talking to for months and months but just sparingly, I haven't figured out a nickname for him yet. But he is seriously a doll...and a ginger beard. I have not met him yet and I'm dying toooooo. We just don't necessarily converse that much, but we snapchat a lot. And that's totally fine with me because he's just nice to look at and has such a beautiful smile. We'll call him Pretty Teeth.

Speaking of Snapchat, there's a guy that my friend tried setting me up with, I only know him through Snapchat, I don't remember his name..sheesh I'm awful. But one thing that bugs me about him:
He snaps me solid black pictures with a caption saying "shower time!" ... I never respond. I am thankful that he doesn't send me the nude picture lol. But dude why? Why are you snapping me saying shower time? Every dang day? And it's not even like during a conversation to let me know, "Hey I won't respond because I'm about to take a shower" it'll be completely random! We'll call him Shower Dude.

I'm seriously amazed at how I keep up. Sis always says, now which one is that? Whenever I talk about "my men" hahaha the sad thing is, I've not met any of these guys in person yet. Because none of them have tried. This weekend was supposed to be the weekend Australia was coming to see me... he's in Florida now on another job. Idk if I like him anymore, he's too flaky and now I rarely hear from him unless I contact first. I don't like that.

I'm tired, and need to go back to bed. The world really shouldn't even speak to me today, I can't handle people!

That moment when you start your period and you think.... This explains SO much. LOL