Monday, March 31, 2014

We met online?

So I'm talking to this guy & he's a ginger beard.. =D

He's from a town that is close to where I grew up. He went to high school with my ex- fiance. 
Technically.. we met online.

Does that make sense? 

We both were aware of each others existence back in the day, but we had never talked until we "liked" each other on Tinder a couple weeks ago. He's adorable. 

He graduated college the same year I did.
He has a job!
He has ambition.
He wants to further his education/career.
He doesn't want to stay in that small town. (this is a huge plus)

I mean...this is seriously exactly what I'm looking for. I'm sure I'll screw it up somehow..eventually. Anyway.
So we're planning on seeing each other this weekend, maybe dinner then go to the Cotton Eyed Joe in Knoxville, because guess what! He loves to line dance, too!! Seriously, where's the red flag, it's gotta show up sometime!

So, if we end up getting married with our Great Dane(s) and kiddos in our big house in Georgia near the coast, should I tell everyone we met online or say we grew up in the same area? Doesn't really matter to me! Some people don't want others to know they use online dating..I don't really care but I just wanna hear what ya'll think =)

Just for fun here's an ecard that describes me:
Yep. Please do so.

Friday, March 28, 2014

8 Red Flags of Dating

This is something that has needed to be a post for a while! My BEST friend keeps saying I need to talk about red flags. Well I wanted to make sure I had plenty to list, and try not to leave any out. So, HERE WE GO!!

When you're single and trying to mingle, there are a lot of warning signs (red flags) that you've got to look out for when finding Mr. Right. These are MY personal red flags with a few opinions of my friends. Your red flags may be a little different.

#1. Wants to meet in a secluded place: I mean this should clearly be a duh moment, but sometimes you ladies worry me. If they want you to come to their place or ask to come to yours before you've met in public, DO NOT AGREE. I had a guy once who offered to come pick me up to take me to dinner, and after I got to know him, I knew he was just being a gentleman. Reality shows that not all guys are sincere when it comes to that.

#2. Lives with parents at 22 or older: This really only applies if they are comfortable being there and aren't in any rush to move out. I understand if you have parents that physically need financial help from you. I also understand if you're in transition or saving money to find a place. Although, if you aren't trying any of these I cannot be with you.

#3. Works at fast food/retail at 22 or older: If you aren't trying to advance and you're content with literally flipping burgers for the rest of your life. I cannot be with you. You HAVE to have some type of motivation. Maybe you're working at Burger King, but you're trying to become a manager. That might be okay. But if you aren't trying to advance, we won't work. (basically if they're okay with making minimum wage and not working towards a better lifestyle)

#4. Mentions religion then talks about sex: There's an example on the Hall of Lame where a guy went on and on about his love for God and Jesus. Two sentences later he mentions he sees himself having sexual intercourse with different celebrities. Gross. Also, if they bring up sex within 5 messages after their profile goes on and on about their Christianity/beliefs, sorry dude, you're not for me.

#5. The ex-girlfriend caused all the problems: If they bring up the ex within the first few messages, RUN. That's just letting you know that they will be bringing it up often. They shouldn't bring it up until the question, "How many serious relationships have you been in?" arrives. & If they start comparing you to their ex, book a plane because running won't be fast enough.

#6. Wants to be next to you 24/7: I know sometimes we or maybe it's just me fall in love super fast and we're okay with the fact that they want to be with us ALL THE TIME. If they don't have friends to hang out with, this could be a problem. Everyone should make time with friends that aren't their bf/gf. If they want to dedicate every single second of their life to you, they haven't discovered their own self enough to know what to do in a relationship.

#7. Sends a naughty pic: Okay, here's something I refuse to do. SEXT. No thanks. Do NOT send me a picture of your junk. EVER. I will NEVER ask for one, so don't send one. Unfortunately, it has happened. Once I was sitting next to my boss in a meeting and it popped up on my phone. Guess what: he claimed to be Christian =O shocker... Yup. When I asked him why he did that, he said, "Christian's get horny too hun." WTF.

#8. Constantly on their phone during a date: If they're purposely hiding their screen so you don't see who they are texting (probably another girl) this is a problem. Hello! If you don't want to talk to me then don't ask me out on a date. If you do glance over and see a girls name..or a phone number without contact info saved: RED FLAG.

There ya have it. Dating can be annoying and tedious and sometimes dangerous.
This will eventually become a page along with the questions and date ideas you see up there ^^ that I'll be able to add onto. If you have any to add PLEASE comment or send them to my email!

Be safe!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wish Upon a Wednesday// v.2

Say hello to our first Co-Host!!
Miss Semirah Dolan from Sound of Charm has agreed to co-host this week's wish list!
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So here are my wishes for the week!
I know I had a tank last week, but I LOVE these tanks with funny sayings :)

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I have ALWAYS wanted a Canon... And I could use a DSLR camera.

I feel like this picture doesn't need an explanation.

lilly and marshall | Tumblr
This seems so unrealistic but gah I love their love.

great dane
And I believe there will be a Great Dane in each list, just a warning ;)

Non-picture wishes:
1. A dating site that lets me message for free.
2. A guy who doesn't mention the obvious fact that I have large boobs. (I mean come on, you think I don't already know this?)
3. A vacation. This girl is in NEEED of some sun&sand. Please winter, go away!!

What are you wishing for?

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Single and Ready to Mingle// pt. 2

So as I was saying...I worked a lot of hours while I was a full-time student in college. I kept myself busy all of the time. I rarely went to my hometown (where he lived) to visit family because I just couldn't accept what was happening.

Eventually, I started to pick myself up and live my life to the fullest.
I was going to parties with my work friends (I used to turn the invites down when I was dating him.)
I was drinking (I was only allowed to drink alcoholic beverages when he was with me.)
I was meeting new people outside of work (this was NOT allowed.)
I was studying with classmates (also, not allowed.) 

I was living like a normal college student.

Then when I started dating again, I became super guarded and almost embarrassed as to what I had experienced. My criteria for who I date became extremely strict:

  • Cannot live with their parents
  • MUST have a job
  • Must know what it means to pay their own bills
I still have this criteria but I wouldn't necessarily say I'm as strict as I used to be about it.

So a few months go by, 8 or so. And I'm dating this guy that I really start to like, and I get a text message...from the ex.
I don't remember the exact words, but I DO remember him saying, "I forgive you for what happened" 
... really? How can I be so lucky that YOU forgave ME?

It was stupid and annoying, but I soon found out the reason he sent that: a couple days later he was ENGAGED to another woman. I guess he felt like he needed to get that off his chest so he could move on.


So I began to move on much quicker from there on out.

Here's where the introduction of online dating began!!
My spirituality and religion was the only thing keeping me alive. I had become highly involved in church, was part of a praise band in the Baptist Collegiate Ministry on campus, and I was determined to find a christian man to date. 

I've seen ALL the commercials with online dating options. 

Christian Mingle was my very first attempt at online dating.

At the time, I didn't possess a smart phone, so I just used to PC version. I liked it! Although, their free version is pretty limited. I purchased 3 months for less than $60. You might say, "Dang! That's expensive" It's really one of the cheapest sites that I found back then. Sites like eHarmony and Match are close to $40 PER MONTH! It's crazy!

I met a couple of potential boyfriends but it wasn't until the last week of my subscription that I met someone worthwhile.. at the time.

He had a job and lived on his own (well with roommates) and paid his own bills. Bearded and had tattoos. Seems legit! So we dated for a few months and really just fell head over heals for each other. 
Problem: we lived 4.5 hours apart
We both got to talking and decided that we should move in together. He worked at a grocery store at the time and I had a full time job that I couldn't leave. We agreed that him coming here would work out best. So here he comes. All is perfect, we're both happy. 
He's searching for jobs and having a bit of trouble finding something. He gets hired at a local factory and loves it. Well the factory suddenly decided to cut their newest employees so he only worked for about 2 months there. Job searching again... and waiting..and waiting... finally gets a job at a retail store. We needed a bigger apt, 2 bedroom, and something closer to work for me. So we apt shop and found something PERFECT. We move in, and things just aren't the same. A lot of it had to do with him not being able to pay a lot of bills because where he worked they weren't giving him very many hours AT ALL. 

I have always had a job. Since I was sixteen. I've worked. Even before sixteeen, I babysat. I knew that in order to make money, you have to make an effort. He gave up. Not only did he give up on working, he gave up on me. He didn't try hard enough. He was unhappy and wanted to go back home. 

I understand that not everyone is like me: Independent. 

I do not have to be 5 minutes away from my family. I actually prefer not to be. On certain occasions, yes I want to be with family. But I cannot let that hold me back from chasing my dreams. He was not like this. He wanted to be near his family, so he moved back home. I couldn't be with him. I cannot be with someone who doesn't make an effort. 

We were still in contact because we shared a cell phone bill and one day he randomly asks how I'm doing (and the dog) a couple months after he left. He asks if I've been dating anyone and I'm like, dude that's really none of your business, but no I'm not. Oh, well he is! Already! Oh and SHOCKER it's the girl you always texted while we were together and I trusted you thinking you two were "just friends".... bullshit. So yeah. There's where I figured out why he stopped giving an effort.


Let's see.. this Sunday (March 30) will officially be a year since that ended. We're getting closer to today, so bear with me! 

After dating that douchebag, I started rebounding and basically speed dating guys off of dating sites. Discovered different apps since I had upgraded to an iPhone since the last time I used a dating site. Tried to go back on Christian Mingle, but they didn't have a very good app at the time, and I didn't want to pay for anything.

Then my love for Plenty of Fish was discovered.

I LOVED this app (still do but had to delete it). SOOO Many things you can do FOR FREE! Like messaging, liking, flirting, viewing, etc. I HIGHLY recommend this app for singles that really don't want to pay for an app. So during the summertime, POF and I were best friends. 

Shortly after discovering Plenty of Fish, I discovered blogging! Immediately fell in love with both! So that's basically what brought me here. My past relationships in detail. You can read on by looking through my first few posts because where this post ends, the blog began. 

Thank you for reading :) 

This girl is definitely enjoying the single life! No one to report to, no one to argue with, and no one to depend upon but myself! I really like it this way. But if you know me, you'll also know that I love going on dates and meeting new people! :) So that's what I'll keep doing.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Single and Ready to Mingle// pt. 1

Displaying photo.JPG

I actually really enjoy being single. I know a lot of my posts may sound bitter or resentful to the dating scene. In all honesty though, I love being single!

I'm about to get kind of emotional with you. I've been having some really emotional dreams recently that involve what my life will look like in years to come, also involving some past relationships.

In order to kind of understand me and realize why some of my posts are so rude and bitter towards the guys I'm dating, I thought I would tell you about my past relationships.

My very first boyfriend I had was in 7th grade, who also was my first kiss. I was never the most popular girl in school, but I wasn't necessarily lonely either. I was a cheerleader, but like I've mentioned before: I'm not skinny now, nor was I skinny then. So, I was occasionally teased about being the biggest girl on the team, but I never let it get to me. He & I only dated for probably somewhere around 3 months. This was when MySpace and MSN Messenger were "the thing" and my girlfriends (who never went without having a boyfriend) kept questioning why I had never been kissed before. So I sent him a message on MySpace asking when he was going to kiss me.

This is the point and time in my life where I figured out that sometimes confrontation can make a situation even more awkward than a 7th grade relationship.

Well.. we kissed at a local college basketball game a few nights after I sent him a message about it. It was like a normal first kiss= Awkward. But still kinda cute! So like a week later we broke up in the cafeteria because he went to the bathroom and didn't wash his hands afterwards (the sinks were on the outside of the bathroom) and that was it for me.

So I get into high school and I am boy crazy over this one guy. I called him all of the time, I wanted to marry him and spend the rest of my life with him. This went on alllll through high school and he put up with it. He'd call me on occasion but not nearly as much as I would call him. We never dated. SOOO many people knew that I was pretty obsessed with him. I still to this day don't know why. I was never in a relationship until my Senior Year.

My first "real" relationship started with someone who was dating someone else. Let's just say that this girl (his gf) and I were not the best of friends. We met at a friends house and played rock band. We fell in love with each other, but he had a girlfriend. So we were secretly messaging for weeks. He kept telling me that he was going to break up with her because things were bad. So I waited. I'll admit, I did do a few things to make the process go a little faster by spreading rumors that he and I had kissed and stuff. Hey..if a girl really wants something, she'll do whatever it takes! They finally broke up and we started dating (scandalous!) But we waited a couple months to make things official. We dated for 2 years, and he proposed to me. I said yes

I was miserable.

First of all.. before the proposal we had been talking about getting married and all other topics about it came up. So he wanted me to send him pictures of rings I liked. So, I did.

Every single ring I sent was a round diamond. The ring he gave me:

Now you tell me. Does that look round to you? I hated this ring. Now, I know people will say shit like, "If you really love each other it doesn't matter what the ring looks like because you'll love it because HE gave it to you." 

Here's where reality started setting in. He treated me like shit, so even if I was absolutely IN LOVE with the ring, I was never going to be happy with him. He abused me in so many ways. He never physically hurt me, but sometimes I wish he had. Bruises go away. The emotional depression he put me through will NEVER go away. 

JUST ONE example:
I wanted a tattoo when I turned 18. I got an extremely small heart (size of a quarter) on my foot. A damn heart. If that was the only thing I got that day, everything would have been fine. But, I got a lot of new nicknames thanks to him:

Ask my sister who was there and heard these words come right out of his mouth...she'll tell ya all about it. He was never afraid to call me names. He was extremely controlling. I went to a college that was about 2 hours away from where he lived. Because he wasn't there to supervise, I was never allowed to go anywhere without a full detail report of EXACTLY who I was going to be with, and the physical address of the restaurant or movie theater I was going to. Heaven forbid I wait more than 2 minutes to answer a text from him while I was out to dinner with friends ( all girls ) and the world ended if my girlfriend decided to bring her boyfriend along.

He didn't work. Mommy&Daddy paid for a LOT of things..hell they paid for everything. He had a college degree in a medical field- got a job at a shell gas station. He wanted me to move into his parents house after we got married until we could "get on our feet" That's the day I took my ring off and said, "not gonna happen"

We broke up. 
Like a fool, I went back two weeks later to the shell gas station to talk to him after his shift. We talked. He had already started hanging out with other girls. Could you imagine if I had done that?! No, instead he was still manipulating me and I moped and cried those two weeks we were broken up. So yeah, he had hung out with one of his "crazy ex girlfriends" he used to always trash talk about, and he had made out with her. What the fuck, asshole?! But, stupid me said it's okay, just be with me now. He said okay and he wanted me to come back the next day to talk more so I did, but we had AGREED to not tell ANYONE what we were doing. I didn't even tell my sister!! &I tell her EVERYTHING. 

I go back the next day, and I run and jump into his arms and I'm so excited, but he has no emotion and doesn't hug me back. We get in his car, go for a drive (i'm trapped) and he tells me that he told his mom....
[insert every insulting cursing name I could give him]

She said, "I don't think she loves you." And he believed her. So I said, take me back to my car I'm done with this is bullshit. I've given you all of me and if you want to take her word over mine then so be it."

I went through deep depression. Lots of crying and staying away from home to avoid him. My whole family LOVED him, because he was nice to EVERYONE but me. So even my mom said things like, "Oh honey you'll get back together" When I knew that I didn't want to ever be that miserable ever again. I didn't tell my family until a year or so after it all happened about the way he treated me.

I worked a lot of hours while I was in college and being tied down to him made me miss out on the college experience. All of my college friends were made with "strictly work" friends or after we broke up. I've been out of college for a couple years now, and my friends are just now getting ready to graduate. 

That's a super long story, but it really exaggerates why I'm SOOO picky about who I want to be with or even just date! 

--I'm going to make this a 2 part post, and I'll post the rest another day. 
If you've made it this far...I love you lol because this was a lot for me to put out there, and help you understand why I am the way I am.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wish Upon a Wednesday // v.1

My first ever link-up partay!! I'm so stoked!!
Charlotte and I are new blog buddies and we've decided to host a new bloghop :)
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 photo 8b4a3620-bec5-40e1-b39b-1e601cef78b1_zps38e3d9e3.jpg

So basically this link up consists of our Wish List :)
Pictures are desired, but if you don't have a picture for everything, that's fine!

I have alwaysss wanted a Great Dane and this picture is just adorbs!
Tusks Canvas Painting #kirklands #animalinstincts #tusks #canvas #painting
This would look STUNNING in my living room!
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Not gonna lie, totally just ordered this on Etsy!

Floral toms!!
These Toms are sooo cute!

LOWEST PRICE on ETSY Monogrammed Personalized Camelbak Water Bottle. Perfect Gift on Etsy, $16.95
Camelbak with a monogram? Yes Please!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Online Dating as told by Memes

Scrolling through pics of dudes when suddenly!

love me some bearded tattooed men!  Don't know if i could deal with a beard on a daily basis, but some guys look HOT!

Hi how are you? Good & you? Great...

So Relatable!

Hurry think fast!!

Me too girl.. me too
CRAP did I just say that?!

His response:

Gnomesayin?? Bahahaaaaa

Damn dude... why you gotta ruin things?!

this makes me laugh every time lmao

"Meet me at {insert name of a local bar} tonight"

What I instantly think.

Funny Ecards


sad kitty

- Just a little humor for your Monday#2 woes... I've been really busy and kinda sorta ignoring most of the guys I've been talking to...

EXCEPT Australia dude. I cannot wait to meet him. He is so sweet and super cute (beard AND tattoos!) What more could a girl want? 

Hopefully Australia won't keep him too much longer :) Because I want him...

Link up with Charlotte & I tomorrow!! It's Wish Upon a Wednesday!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Date day!

So, I had a date planned for tonight!
MFW I get a B+ on a test I thought I failed (click link for gif)
That's supposed to be a GIF ..I'm posting from my phone so if it doesn't work I'll edit it later...


Key word in my opening line "had" well maybe there are two key words... "planned" was the other one. 

Dude texted me yesterday saying, "we may just have to hang out tomorrow" and of course I thought, sweet it's a date..finally! Then he mentioned that he's got a lot to do around the house and I assumed that he'd get that done before we get to hang out. So I sent him a text around 1:30ish asking, "getting a lot accomplished?"

Which basically translates into, "you almost done? When we hanging out? What time do I need to be ready? Where are we going?" Ya know the basics... But he COMPLETELY missed the mark on that question and all I got was, "a little lol"

Dude come on.... So I said, "that's good" 




Finally I texted him at 6 pm 
"So do you think we'll be able to hang out tonight?"

30 minutes later:
"I don't guess I'll get to tonight. Sorry"

Fucking whatever dude. I didn't even put makeup on - you know why? Because I knew we weren't gonna hang out. Instead I went to the grocery store bought some booze and started drinking BEFORE you responded. Yeah. I knew you were bailing. Why even fucking suggest we hang out if you're too damn busy?! Seriously. 

I'm ready for Sunday Funday tomorrow because I need a positive uplifting post that makes me laugh and others I can read that'll make me smile because I feel so sad and pissed and I know that it's the alcohol talking. 

I'm writing drunk so if I need to I'll edit sober tomorrow! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


My life has been filled with really boring text messages.. life

I haven't felt the need to bore you all with some stupid nonsense of the dates that I'm NOT going on. I have 7 active conversations going strong through text messages, but no dates planned. However, there is one guy I've been talking to and he will be in Australia for two more weeks, and he said when he comes back he will take me out, so I'm pretty excited about that.

I'm also jealous that he's in freaking AUSTRALIA. Like come on, how cool is that? He has been allllll over the world because of his job. You'll NEVER guess what his job is....


I'm not kidding! He is a male cheerleader, and he goes to competitions all over the world! He was in Norway last month, and now he's in Australia. He was in Phoenix, AZ a couple weeks ago, and now he's in Australia. FREAKING AUSTRALIA! I'm sorry but that's super cool to me!

Someone please take me here!!
So right now my choices are:
-Car Salesman
-Burger King Employee ...
-Factory Worker
-Stock Broker
-Beer Salesman

Such a wide variety! Makes things interesting, also hard to keep up. I'm doing pretty well! 


So next week Miss Charlotte & I will be starting a new link-up party! It will be every Wednesday and it's going to consist of your wishes! So if you have some things you want to share that are on your wishlist, link up with us every Wednesday!!

Looking for Love Online

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Boys are jerks

Duh! Danae!

Oh boys, I'm really starting to hate them. It is not necessary to be a complete jerk for no absolute reason. Here's the story:

I was on Tinder, saw a cute guy, I liked him, and then BAM we were a 'match' (which basically means he liked me back). So then he messages me and here's how the conversation went....

I seriously cannot make this shit up. If you're on Tinder and you "accidentally" match there is no reason to be such an asshole about it! It's very easy: when you delete the conversation, I can no longer contact you.

Seriously when I saw this.. I lost even MORE faith in the men on this planet.

*Link up every 2nd Tuesday and dish out on the stupid shit men say!!



Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hate on me

I'm not perfect..

Oh yeah, rockin' it old school with the Hannah Montana vs Selena gif ;)  (source)

I'm sure there are plenty of reasons to hate dislike me and I will admit them. And it's totally okay to not like me because of some of these reasons. Or you might just end up loving me more, because this is me ;)


1. I am honest. Sometimes I can be a complete ass and say what's on my mind without thinking. I don't intentionally try to hurt anyone's feelings, that's not my motive at all. I cannot stand when someone needs to be told the truth and other people continue to beat around the bush and won't come out and just say it. So, sometimes I do this. Usually my intentions are for the better.


2. I use curse words (too much). It enhances when I drink alcohol. I sometimes have to calm myself down. Especially if I have been offended or someone has made a negative comment about something I'm passionate about (ex: my job, family, friends etc). I seriously need to tone it down, because I'll even tell myself, hey now that's not very nice/appropriate.

3. I am a drama queen. Lady Gaga watch out because I am your competition. I over-react. I dwell on the past. I cannot help it. It's in my nature. I grew up on Disney princess movies. When I was younger, I literally would throw myself on the ground and cry just like I'd seen in the movies.

4. I love my body. I am not skinny in any form or fashion. I am not sad about this. I am okay with my body. I have one part of my body I want to change: my arms. Ughhhhh I hate my arms. They are so flabby and ugly and I hate them. I am, however, in the process of trying to tone them as well as becoming healthier. I'm in no way aiming to become a skinny person. I want to stay curvy, but I want to be healthier. I've signed up for a couch to 5K program and hope to be running successfully to do a half marathon in the fall kill me now. I have been called fat, large, big, chubby, etc. I even had a jerkface asshole in high school who nick named me twinkie because I was fat and he was an asshole. I don't care. Call me what you want. If you don't love me for me, then why are you in my life?


5. I'm a crazy ex-girlfriend. This technically only applies to the guys I really, really, really liked. There were a few that I was super glad to see go, but if I really liked you and we "broke up" or whatever.. I won't stop trying to get you back. I explained a little of this before, but really though.. it's a damn problem. Oh you have a new girl in your life? Let me stalk her. I've memorized your number, so there's not a single chance that I will be ignoring you. If I text you and you respond, you've got me hooked. I cannot let go. This is also something I HATE about myself. I wish I could turn the bat-shit crazy part of me OFF. Seriously, the crazy girlfriend meme's crack me up!!!

Well, if you want to hate me, that's fine. I try to eliminate your kind out of my life, because it's not good to have all of that negativity. Maybe I have more reasons to hate me, but I've drawn a blank. If I think of anymore I'll create a new post so I can have more haters ;) It's okay though :) Don't let people get you down! As long as you are okay with your personality that's all that matters!