Sunday, September 22, 2013


I hate adding people on Facebook that I haven't met in person. But..some of the guys I talked to online I wanted to see their Facebook and stalk a little. Who doesn't do this!?

I hate it though when things aren't necessarily .."working out" I guess you could say. Or when the douchebag just decides he isn't interested and stops talking to you for no reason. 

Then I get to the decision of whether I should delete them as a friend or keep them?  Makes things so awkward haha because most of the time they have your phone number at this point and if they notice that you're gone you get a random text saying hey how are you and you clearly know they've seen that you aren't 'friends' any more on Facebook and they're like what the heck because people get so freaking offended when you delete them from your Facebook....annoying. 

Don't text me when I haven't heard from you in weeeeeeeeks or in some cases...monthsssss!!! If you aren't going to talk to me and try to meet me or take me on a date after we've been chatting for weeks...leave me alone! Ain't nobody got time for dat!!!

There's a guy I really liked way back but never met in person but he had pretty much everything on the checklist (ladies you know what I mean) 
His life was set! 
He of course was older..29 (I'm 23) so it wasn't too bad but I've never dated anyone more than 2 years older than me. 
He had a kid at a very young age so his son was 13 and seemed a little odd for me just knowing he had a teen but he was a good dad and his son is in great health plays sports and they seem like they have everything put together
There was absolutely no baby mama drama she's been out of the picture the whole time
He had a great job, house, and car
And he was cute!

We added each other on Facebook and talked a lot on the phone through text and snapchat ..I really liked him 
But he could never make time to meet me. I tried. But failed. Then he just stopped. No more good morning snapchats of him smiling no more texts or phone calls when he got off I said oh well. But I'm still currently friends with him on Facebook. Thought about deleting him this week considering he didn't tell me happy birthday...jerk.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Head over heels

I need to slow things down somehow even though things haven't really been rushed or anything but I feel like my emotions are going fullllll speed ahead and my brain is like slow the eff down before you get hurt ...again. 

I can't help it!

I really like Taco Bell guy..he's coming to see me tonight after he gets off work and I am so excited lol. Mainly want his scent back in my apt. I know sounds strange. Don't judge me. But he seriously smells amazing. And it's gone. I want it back! 

He's also supposed to come over tomorrow after I get off work :) can't wait. 

I've deleted my accounts ..might have already mentioned that. But I was so fed up with all of the man sluts on there. Seriously the last guy asked me if I would watch him do nastyyyy things and he promised he wouldn't touch me. He just wanted me to watch. Like seriously?!? I just threw up in my mouth a little! Nasty.

I'm just anxious to see him tonight. It's only been less than 2 days since I've seen that bad? 

Monday, September 16, 2013


Well boys and girls...I do believe I've met someone that I want to fully pursue. I have deleted the online accounts and hopefully things will continue to go well!

I hope I'm not speaking too soon! 

The winner is....

Taco Bell guy!!!! Ahhhhh! So exciting :)

So tonight he came to my apt and we rented a redbox and just sat on the couch watching our movie. For a while I thought maybe this is how it was going to be the whole night. We sat next to each other but we weren't like cuddling and smothering which, honestly, is pretty awesome for a change! Previous guys I've allowed to have movie nights in my apt want to rush and be all lovey dovey and I'm usually like ..dude I don't know you!!! 

Anyway...finally he reached for my hand and of course I felt like I was back in middle school <3
So we were a little closer than previously of course lol and I liked it :)
He smelllllllls soooooo good!!! 
It was getting super late and he kept saying that I needed sleep and that he should probably leave but I kept saying I'll be fine, I don't want you to go. Each time I said it he'd say okay and then he'd get just a little closer :) showing me he was okay with staying a little longer.

He then asked me what time I needed to get up for work and I told him...(less than 5 hours) and he looked at me and said, "I need to let you sleep, so I'm going to go" so I said okayyyyyyyyyy fine!

I walk him to his car and he hugs me ...really hugs me ...then the sweetest precious first kiss I have EVERRRRR experienced happened. 
It was perfect. 

Here's to hoping I don't screw things up!!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Share the Spotlight

So I'm still on the dating app chatting with some other guys even though Taco Bell guy & I have been talking a LOT and I really really am starting to really really like him. But it doesn't hurt to still see what's out there just in case things don't work out. Right? I hope that's okay! 

One thing that really bugs me is how some of these guys are terrible at making conversation (taco bell guy isn't bad at all). A guy I started chatting with today, for example, has not initiated a conversation but continues to ask "what would you like to talk about?"

That is not what I consider initiating a conversation. What I mean by that is: you should show that you're interested in me. You want to know more about me. Or just bring up a crazy topic. Something along the lines about movies. For example: Have you seen that new Riddick movie? Or even something as simple as: Do you ever watch Law&Order? That's my favorite show. 
Be creative! 

This guy however answers the questions I ask about him but never asks anything about me. And he has said, "is there anything else you wanna know about me?"
I know where he works, he has 2 kids, his favorite music is country music, he recently had surgery on his shoulder, he doesn't drink a lot but likes to go out occasionally with friends, he has lived here all of his life, he has a lot of tattoos...just to name a few. He has not once asked me any of these topics about myself but continues to message as if he wants to keep talking. 

I don't get it.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Well last night, I went on a date with someone that I wasn't necessarily looking forward to. Turns out..he's a really great guy and he's attractive, and he works, and he's almost done with school. Basically... I like him!
He smelled reallyyyyyy good too :)

The date was kind of last minute, very casual nothing too spectacular. We went to the I thought. But in the end we really had a good time :)

I had previously told him I didn't want to stay out too late because I had to work the next morning and I found it odd that he didn't ask to go to dinner before the movie. We had planned to just meet at the movies, so I here I go. After the movies he kept mentioning he was getting kind of hungry and I figured he was trying to see if I was hungry as well. We stood at my car and talked for a little bit after leaving the theater and I suggested we go to Taco Bell since it was after 9 on a Sunday and I wasn't sure if I'd be paying for myself or not and I am kinda broke at the moment..

Gentleman qualities shown:

  • Paid for my ticket 
  • Opened every door for me
  • Let me pick the seats
  • Offered to go get his jacket out of his car because the theater was cold
  • Didn't try to grope me during the movie
Date Laws according to my friend who also has been online dating:
Law Number One: Do NOT take her to fast food   -this was the only one broken-
Law Number Two: Open all doors for her
Law Number Three: Don't be a f*cktard
Law Number Four: Get off your phone!

These ring pretty true lol, but the fast food was my fault :P
However! He did say as we were at Taco Bell about to order, "We didn't have to come here we could have went somewhere else," but I just said well I wasn't sure and I knew that they'd be open but anyway ..yeah :) It was a good one.

I'm hoping he asks me out again...fingers crossed!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Help Wanted

Sometimes I feel bad for these guys who have absolutely no game at all. You know the ones I'm talking about... they cannot keep a conversation, they are cute but don't necessarily know how to take good pictures, their about me is a hot mess, etc.

A big red flag is when they mention the fact that they can't understand why no one contacts them or how they haven't had much success on the site and they've been on for a while.

I just want to help these poor guys ...I would hope that someone would help me out if I was really being stupid or something ..

One guy I was texting mentioned that I was "sexy" on the first conversation. *Ughhhh* but I continued with the conversation and simply said thank you and asked for him to send me a picture. He sent it and I said cute :) ..then he asked "You think I'm sexy?"
I didn't respond for about 15-20 minutes then he texted again saying:
 "from him"
 -from me-

"I was just curious"
-Just a strange question to ask lol-
-Hard for me to determine if I think you're sexy when we haven't met-
"Sorry :-/"
-It's ok lol just sayin haha there are a lot of other factors that go into sexiness other than a simple picture for me-
"What's sexy to you"
-Confidence and respect as well as not being cocky and arrogant-
-Maturity level has an effect on it as well-
-Having a stable job and living on your own is rare so I find that sexy as well-
"Oh ok"
"Can I ask you a personal question?"          *ughhh here we go*
"What's your stance on sex?"       *knew this was coming...*
-Not quite sure what you are asking regarding in?-
"Like how do you feel about it"
-I think it should be getting to know someone before having sex-
"Oh ok"
-Is that what you're asking? lol-
"Yeah haha"
-lol ok-
"Didn't mean to be weird"
-No worries I was just kind of confused about what you were asking-
"I love sex"
"Miss it"
"It's been a while"                    *Gahhhhhhh*
-Lol well if you are looking for a hookup ..I am not who you need to be talking to-
"I knew that was coming...."
"It's not"          * THEN WHY THE HECK DID YOU ASK THAT?!?!?!**

So annoying...but I wish it wasn't weird to give advice on dating. I know that if I offer some help then it'd make things weirder lol...but that didn't stop me:

-Why do you say that? You knew it was coming?-
"That you were gonna assume that's what I wanted"
-I mean it wouldn't necessarily be the first time..or 2nd or 5th lol-
"I don't want to be those guys though :-/"
-Can I make a suggestion without you getting upset?-
-The word sexy just isn't attractive until you become intimate with someone...unless you and her are both looking for hookups...asking about sex in general shouldn't come up until like the 4th or 5th conversation. When you bring it up in the first conversation it kinda gives off the impression that you're desperate. Girls want someone to be interested in them as in what their lives are like. If you show a girl that you want to know everything about her instead of just talking about would get much further along with her because girls are so personal and want the attention and it makes it easier for her to find out info about you-

**doesn't respond for 4 hours**

-Hope I didn't offend you :S Just trying to help lol-


He could have said no thanks if he didn't want my input..idk
Part of me wants to believe I might have helped him and he's embarrassed to talk to me anymore
The other part of me thinks he sat there and rolled his eyes huffed and puffed like a 2 year old ..which wouldn't be the first time a guy acted that way haha...

Just trying to help a poor guy out!!