Monday, June 30, 2014

Someone Pinch Me

 photo 0db937b0-7bfb-4e75-a12a-389cf08fe846_zps970d07f3.jpg 

So what happens when you're falling too fast?
You cancel a date with someone else.. that's what happens.

I tweeted that I was going on 2 different dates this week. Well guess what. It's down to one.. and I'm totally okay with this. I have spent hours on the phone with this guy that I'm just falling for minute by minute. I finally get to meet him TOMORROW. I'm dying over here. Counting down hours and shit.

Like snap out of it, Ellie!!

I'm sure you're thinking well what if it doesn't work out? What if the date goes wrong and you need to bail? What if he's a psycho murderer!?!? I'll just have to take my chances.

Here are some ways to pump the brakes.. (read: I like to give advice but most of the time I don't take it, so here's what I've done and maybe you can use it to learn on what not to do).

1. Don't bump your BFF from your top friends on snapchat for this dude. Yup, my sister/best friend has been demoted from my number one spot on snapchat thanks to him..

2. Cut the phone conversations to a maximum 30 minutes. Yesterday alone, I spent a total of 4 hours on the phone with this guy. Endless conversations, no dull moments.

3. Don't ignore your other options (texts, snaps, messages from other guys you've 'met' online). I just am not interested in any of them any more. My bff keeps saying, "You gotta have something to fall back on, keep your options." ..& I'm just like, "I don't wannnnaaaaaaaa"

4. Don't cancel your dates with other dudes. Yeah I'm guilty, get over it. I just wanted to be honest with the other dude and let him know that I have feelings for someone else. I don't like to be lead on so why would I lead him on?

5. Discussing future plans with him is off limits. We had so much to talk about and some how our future dreams and plans came into the conversation... I know that this is a HUGE no-no before you go out with someone.. but it happened.

6. Do NOT bring up past relationships. This is something I'm usually pretty strict about. And I haven't went into detail about my past relationships yet, but he has. That's my fault. I take full blame. I asked him about it and he explained so yea.. I did it.

7. Make yourself less available. I have answered every text/snap/call that he has made in effort to talk to me..almost instantly. I should be more patient and let him wait on my responses. I have not let my phone out of my sight knowing that he'll be texting or calling me soon. This is not healthy.

So yea.. there they are. Everything I've done wrong in my own book. I cannot help the feelings I have for this kiddo. Gahhh why do I do this to myself??

Anywayyy stay tuned, Wednesday I'll have a post describing every detail of how our date went. I really really hope that it goes good. I think it will.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Do you love me?

I've been blogging for almost an entire year now! Wow! I cannot believe it :) I figured it may be time to build more relationships with other bloggers. I have been sponsoring some other blogs in order to do so, and it has just been an AWESOME journey. I want to sponsor more blogs, but I lack the moolah. So I'm hoping, if someone chooses to sponsor me, then I can sponsors others in return :)
Love you <3

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Confessions: I'm a Homewrecker


Anyone else in love with this button as much as I am??^^ It's sooo pretty!!!!

In reference to Bella's post from yesterday in the Confessions of a Blogaholic Linkup >here< it just so happens that I stumbled upon a married man on my POF in the same day. Technically, he stumbled upon me. He messaged me first.

Granted, this guy is a dumbass and I figured out everything I needed to know about him in a VERY short amount of time. He portrayed himself as single, and said on his profile that he has no kids. In the spot that says, "What are you looking for?" His answer was "To find someone to marry"

Here's how it all went down:

1. He is from my hometown. I don't know if I've ever mentioned the fact that I came from a veryyyy small town where everyone knows everyone and their brother. It's not hard to find things out about people from this town. So, being the natural investigator that I am, I search him on Facebook. All you have to do is type their first name and where they live, for example:
Jon who lives in New York City, NY

2. He grew up in a town not too far from said town. Facebook also lets you know what town they grew up in. This makes it easier to find the right person. Low and behold, there he is. Plainly states "Lives in (my hometown), grew up in (town not too far from hometown)" Right there on his page. 

3. He also told me where he worked. Dude had NOTHING to hide from me. Like come on, you make this so easy. The job he has isn't exactly a job that everyone has. So I'm sure you've guessed by now.. it was on his Facebook page as well as where he grew up and currently lives.

It didn't take me long to pick up the phone and call my cousin who is married to a "mutual friend" of this douchebag. I sent her a screenshot of dude's profile and asked her to confirm if this was really him.

I cannot stand when I run into married men on the dating sites. Such pigs. This one in particular was just plain dumb and didn't even try to hide anything other than the fact that he was married.

His Facebook profile picture IS (still there) of him and his WIFE. Oh let's not forget the 9 month old baby in his cover photo along with his wife. 

I am not the type of person to just let this thing go. I cannot keep this information to myself. Especially since I have 40 mutual friends with him, and about 30 mutual friends with his wife. It is NOT okay to be a side chick (as Bella said). I just get so disgusted when this happens. Not only is he married, he has a little baby girl...WTF?! Sicko... 

So I called an old friend who is a mutual friend with his wife..and relayed the info to her. She was disgusted as much as I was, so she's going to break it to the woman. I told her if she wants me to talk to the wife, I wouldn't mind one bit. I hate dragging people into it, but someone's gotta tell her. 

Watch out dudes, if you're married and you try to contact me.. I will not keep quiet. I will wreck your home because even if I wreck anything, she'll be better off without your sorry ass. 

I'm not a home wrecker by sleeping with your husband, I am however someone who's going to break the news to you about your cheating/lying husband who is using online dating to meet new people.

I confess, I'm a home wrecker.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Plans #SBC

As a part of the Summer Blogger Challenge and since last Saturday was the official first day of Summer (Could have fooled me in May!) The #SBC has begun! This week's topic: How are you going to spend your summer.

Well here's the thing:

Oh and let's not forget about the:
Wedding Showers
Wedding Showers 
Wedding Showers

I seriously wish I could host a "Hey I'm single and need you to buy me stuff" Party. It's not my fault that I don't have a man.. well it's possible that it is my fault, but this is my blog, my world so no it is NOT my fault.

I've already had my vacation for the year, and that's when I went to NOLA. I usually try to squeeze in a Beach Vacation, but not this year :*(. I'm really really sad about that. Thanks to my acceptance to Grad School, I will most likely NOT be going to the beach this year. I even thought I could have the chance during fall break, but apparently we don't technically get one because it's only 2 days. Those two days are the days I'm working for my internship and won't be able to get off... fml.

So yeah. I will get a nice little Lake weekend next week for the 4th of July. Our office is closed on Friday and I'll be going to visit family for the 4th and fishing, tanning, swimming, all of the above will be included in that weekend. Let's not forget pigging out on AMAZING food that my family cooks/grills/bakes etc. 

Oh I just love lake days! 

Otherwise, I'll be working through the week.. and maybe have one or two weekends where I won't be helping with a wedding shower or a wedding... maybe just maybe.

&& of course you know maybe I'll find my one true love this Summer. A girl can dream right??

What are you doing this summer? Send me an email if you'd like to be a part of the #SBC group on Facebook :) I'll make it happen!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ya'll Hirin' ?

That's right. I'm BACK ON PLENTY OF FISH!!! I have missed this app for so long. It just has so many goooood things and they're FREE!! And there's a larger variety of dudes on there. Granted..most of them haven't changed since the last time I was on POF in February.. but there's some new ones and I've already gotten some matches in the past couple of days :)

I just got really bored with Tinder. I have 48 matches on there and every conversation has died or was never started. I'm seriously thinking about going to each and every conversation and saying,

"Say something, I'm giving up on you" 

If they don't respond, then I'll delete them out. Here's the thing about Tinder though, once you delete them off your list.. you can't everrr contact each other again because there isn't just 'delete' it's "block" and you have to type the word b-l-o-c-k in order to delete them.. yeah so there's that..

So anyway.. within my first 2 messages on POF, I get a guy who asks where I'm working at. In the slot that says 'Profession' I just typed Social Work. I am in no way shape or form a social worker but my job involves social work.. It's just an easier overall term to use. 

He graduated with his Psychology degree and wanted to know where I work (hello uhm no I'm not telling you where I spend most of my week) and asked if we were hiring!! Seriously?!!? 

Displaying photo.PNG
Displaying photo.PNG

Yeah..and that's the last I heard from him.. Like seriously??? Why.. why are you asking me for a job through a dating site?! Sheesh..I don't get it. 

One thing that SUCKS about getting my POF back.. is that Taco Bell is on there..still..and his face keeps popping up. He changed his profile picture to one that makes him look like he's on drugs. I wish he'd disappear already!!

Well just thought I'd let ya'll know about what's been going on. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I'm sure you were aware of my coming back to POF celebration :) If you don't follow me..there's little buttons at the top of this blog to the left over there... click the Twitter and Facebook ones and we can be BFFs :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Third Thursday// v.1

Third Thursday

It's Here!!! The Date Disaster Link-Up!! 
It's really simple. First you gotta dig through your memory base (some of you may not have to dig too deep) and think of a bad date experience you would like others to laugh to. Next, turn it into a post. Then grab the button to include in your post. & Last thing you should do is add your link to the list at the bottom of this post!

Here's just ONE bad date experience I had:

Had a guy who said he was going to be close to where I work because of a doctor's appointment and asked if I would be able to meet up after he got done for lunch. (Apparently... my coworkers explained that 'meet up' is code for the date being 'Dutch' but if he says "let me take you to lunch/dinner" that means he's paying)

So far so good with the first impression, he was super cute and seemed like he was interested in me.

Waiter comes up to take our drink order and while I'm looking at the menu he asks, "Is this going to be together or separate?" And looks right at my 'date' and I'm not saying anything, because I ultimately think that's his decision...

My 'date' takes a second then finally answers, "Separate."

I took it as him not being interested in dating, OBVIOUSLY. . . but get this. He sends me a text afterwards and says, "I can't wait to see you again! :)"

REALLY!?!? You really think I'm going to go out with you again and pay for my own meal? No thanks. You  keep your vacation money that you bragged about. . . spending over 1,000 dollars that you've saved up for that you couldn't spare the 8.00 lunch I had. But I hope you have a wonderful time on vacation :)
Guys.. if you're going to meet up with a girl you've met online... buy her meal.

I know it's not the 1950's anymore, but girls like to be treated in an old fashioned way. Open the dang door for her. Walk her to her flippin' car. Wipe your freaking face with a napkin while you eat your $16.00 steak you're eating. And finally, pay for her meal. Your dating life would be so much more successful.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My 9 to 5 Total Social

Helene in Between
Since I am considered an anonymous blogger, I've never really went into detail about what my career is.

Notice how I said career instead of job? The reason I say career is because I have a "big girl job" meaning I work full-time and it is a job that requires the type of degree I worked 4 years to earn. If you've kept up with me (i love you) then you know how important it is for me to find a guy who has a career and pays his own bills. Why should I bust my butt for a career only to support some lazy bum who won't go into a profession that means something to him?

Any my soapbox ;)

My schedule is 8-4 Monday-Friday. I work at an agency that investigates severe physical, and sexual child abuse cases. No, I do not work for the Dept. of Children's Services. We also offer counseling to our clients.. for free. All of our services are free. Which means, we are a non-profit agency. If you're familiar with the salary scales, non-profit agencies don't make the best money. Hence the reason I am heading back to school this fall to further my career.

While at work I do a plethora of tasks. My job involves education the community (kids and adults) about what we do. I guess you could call me Miss Marketeer. I do a lot of marketing, make brochures, phone calls to other agencies, and just build relationships with the community to hopefully help inform them about what we do and the proper ways to report child abuse.

I take pride in my career. I have a passion to help these children. Although, I will be leaving this current position in August, I will be helping children after I graduate. This is the age group I am most comfortable working with and helping. These children don't have a voice, and I want to be their voice.

After grad school, I want to work in the Anti-Human Trafficking Field. I've mentioned Nina before, but she and I both share this passion for Human Trafficked Victims (women, men, boys, and girls).

Check out her posts on Human Trafficking >Here<

Back to my 9 to 5:
During the school year I am SUPER busy. Traveling to schools and other facilities that work with children, answering a lot of phone calls and making appointments. During the summer I am busy with publications. I do have some down time, but usually I just try to help others out around the office because there's ALWAYS something going on. Also, since we are non profit, there are fundraisers that seem to always be going on, and I help with those as well.

I have been doing this job for almost 3 years now... My body has developed the routines of my "big girl job" and now I'm leaving. In mid-August, I will begin grad school kill me now and my ENTIRE schedule will be changing.

16 hours of my week will include class, on campus...ugh.
17 hours will be given to my unpaid internship.
8 hours will be given to my Grad Assistant position.

  • Which BY THE WAY! I found out TODAY that I was accepted for a position that is locked in for BOTH YEARS and will pay my FULL TUITION!!! 
  • I am truly blessed <3
So there is 41 hours dedicated to school..unpaid hours might I add..

I will unfortunately have to have a weekend job. Since I've developed this "big girl job" I've also accumulated some "big girl bills" So there's that. I'll probably end up at a stupid restaurant ...I was hoping that would neverrrrr happen. But here we are, back to square 1. 

Basically, I will not have a life starting this fall.. Wish me luck!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

He's got a nickname

Well, last night was an okay date. Not fabulous, not terrible, just okay.

We met at a little Italian restaurant that I had been wanting to try for a while. We PIGGED out, but it was soooo good. He picked up the check, which was very nice. We had like 2 appetizers and drinks and our meals, so I'm sure it was kinda pricey.. So I offered to pay for the movie afterwards because I didn't want to be a jerk. He's a nice kid, but he just wasn't my type. 

As we we're boxing up our food, I asked him what time our movie started.. his response was, "Oh, I didn't check." Seriously? Come on dude! 

So originally we were going to see the new X-Men movie which I really really really wanted to see. Since it's kind of on it's last run at the theater, there weren't any more showings the rest of the day.. And it being 6:00 we had to make a quick decision. We were limited by our choices because he had to be at work by 10:00 p.m.

We chose A Million Ways to Die in the West

Dumb movie.

I really don't like Seth McFarlene as himself. He is much better at acting as a cartoon character. Of course, like all of his other productions, there were plenty of corny sexual references that made things a little awkward. The only thing I actually busted out laughing at was when Giovanni Ribisi was dancing like he did in Ted:
Only he was doing it in a saloon during a line dance.. I was dying. But that was it. Everything else got a little chuckle or air blown through my nostrils.

I'm sure you're dying to know what his nickname is - - -
I've decided to name this kid 'Fingernails'
Gross. I know. But the whole time that's what was driving me crazy!! His fingernails were the perfect length for a french tip manicure!! I was hoping and praying and praying and hoping that he would not reach over to grab my hand during the movie. Thank goodness he didn't!! If it wasn't for the fingernails his nickname would have been Mustang because he drives a VERY nice 2011 Mustang, solid black. If you know me..I really like Mustangs. Sorry dude, your nickname sucks because that's just gross. Clip your dang fingernails...

Well that's my date. I got a very nice free meal out of it with amazing leftovers that I cannot wait to enjoy!

This date doesn't qualify for next week's premier of DATE DISASTERS with Krista :) 
Stay tuned and link up with us!!
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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Guess what day it is!!!

If you said Hump Day.. well you're right but that's not the answer I'm looking for! 

IT'S DATE DAY!! I have a date, I have a date, I have a date oh yea yea yea!

What I don't have is a nickname picked out for this one.. hmm I may have to ponder a bit. He of course has a beard..duh. As if I'd go out with someone who doesn't? Maybe after tonight's date, I'll have a nickname figured out.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a post from Forever Twenty Somethings about Getting Ghosted. Just so happens I read that post the same exact day that it happened to me!! Crazy!!!

To sum up what Getting Ghosted means (which probably means you're too lazy to read that article) I'll take a direct quote from the post:
“Ghosted” is how I like to refer to guys being total dick bags and dropping off the face of the earth, without notice or without reason.
- See more at:

So, here's what happened to me:

I've been messaging back and forth with a cutie from Tinder and he kept bringing up the idea of hanging out whenever he's in town again. He travels for work but apparently Johnson City is in his path a LOT so he stops here for a few days every once in a while. I was like sure of course yeah why not alright... Then while I was in the gym, he asked, "What are you upto?" 

Me- at the gym & you?
Him- Sweet! I like a girl who works out! Would you mind sending me a pic of you at the gym? 
Me- uhm okay sure, I'm on the treadmill right now so it'll be a few mins before I can take one.

* wtf? why do you want this picture? weirdo *

I sent him a selfie on one of the machines and said:

Me- I'll get another one in just a minute, I feel weird taking pictures at the gym
Him- No worries! 

So then I go over to the side of the gym with the mirrors (free weight area) and take a random picture...Felt so dang awkward haha!

Me- *pic sent* 
read at (5 minutes ago)
Me- is that one okay?
Him- Yeah!

I finish up at the gym and turn my alerts off while I'm listening to music so I don't get distracted anymore. I get home and not a peep from dude.

Me- Whatcha upto?
Him- Just driving around
Me- Sounds like fun..


Next morning I send him a Good Morning! text..only because we've said good morning to each other for the past 4 brain was developing a routine Mister.. 

read at 7:47 a.m.

No response so finally I'm like..okay so dude apparently didn't look through my whole damn profile to see my full body pictures that show I am a full-figured woman. I'm not one of those online daters who only show her face to trick dudes onto a date to find out I'm a bigger girl than what they expected. I love my body and I don't care if others don't like it.

So I sent him this:

"Look I don't know if I'm just jumping to conclusions or what happened, but ever since I sent you that picture of me you stopped being so chatty, and I don't want to waste my time. Are you not wanting to talk anymore?"

Not read, no response. He obviously blocked me. I doubt he would've turned off his read receipts right before that message. So whatevs.. deleted out of my phone DOUCHE. 

So yeah. I got ghosted. Whatevvvaaaa. 

I am so excited about this date tonight ..seriously so excited omg omg omg :) 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

SMS! with 4 Candidates

Voyage of the Mee Mee

 photo 518f26fa-705d-4e88-80af-643271eb1cf9_zps699863b5.png
Really? Straight to it huh? Ass

So yeah here's some jerkfaces that I get to show off for Sh*t Men Say :)

They're being added to the Hall of Lame for sure. Also you may wanna check out this Buzzfeed List. It's PERFECT and EXACTLY what I get to experience while online dating!

Ginger Beard should be added to the Hall of Lame :) I'll have to pick out just one of the shitty remarks he made about me being "disrespectful" ... hmm

 photo cf88d12b-45f4-4ba0-8b46-0bf91e02e98a_zps1699fc73.png
Seriously? Is this reallly important to you?

 photo 9e1fa8b0-9c3a-4c95-829d-9e2bc21eac78_zps2b0e886d.png
You're in a relationship??
You shouldn't even be curious about the "fuss"

 photo d3828236-429c-4c88-b47b-265b44ef7dab_zps72fcf4ce.png
Here CATCH *throws dictionary at his face*

Monday, June 9, 2014

Geez Louise!!

Dateless in Dallas

Linking up with my girl Bella today to fill ya in on my weekend. So if ya follow me on Twitter you noticed I mentioned the fact that I got to hang out with Ginger Beard this weekend. Keep reading to find out what happened.

So on Friday, of course I worked. It was a pretty busy day for me because I had some projects I needed to get done. 4:00 on the dot & I was outta there!! Went home and got dolled up and went out on the town with some girlfriends! Every year Johnson City has this festival called Blue Plum. I have lived here for almost 7 years now and have never been! So that's what we did on Friday.

First of all I never got to see an actual Blue Plum, I was told there would be some free things such as wine tasting, food sampling...uhm there was none whatsoever. I did however spend some money on some handmade jewelry. There were lots of booths set up for some crafty people. I'm thinking about setting up a booth next year to sell my canvas...maybe. I'll have to look into prices. But anyway.. It was a good time with good music.

So on Saturday I had to work at my 2nd job, practically a 12 hour shift. By the time I got home I was exhausted, I smelled bad, and my poor dog was attached to my hip because I was gone all day. So at that point after I had showered and put my pajamas on it was around 8:00, I cooked dinner.. actually cooked! It was so yummy. Turned on the t.v. to watch this past week's Catfish episode on my DVR. 
9:00 p.m. rolls around and I get a text

"Whatcha got goin on tonight?"

From the guessed it...Ginger Beard. I had every plan and fiber in my body to stay home and be lazy because I was exhausted. I didn't get home til midnight the night before because of Blue Plum, and then worked a long day. So of course my intentions of driving to Knoxville(a 2 hour drive from JC) to go to the Joe and dance my ass off were non-existent. 

So, I got off the couch and got ready to go to the Joe. 
And I'm telling you now, I wish I had just stayed home.

It was fantastic, at first! He thought I was going to stay home, because I never told him I was gonna go. I told him I was absolutely going to stay home. Everyone was out on the floor doing the cowboy shuffle line dance, and he was behind me. He had a little towel (sounds weird I know) hanging out of his back pocket..for sweat because it is hella hot out there and while you're dancing I totally understand. One part of the line dance involves turning around, I grabbed the towel out of his pocket and he whipped around and saw me, I smiled at him and he got this big ole goofy smile on his face that made me blush and all giggly blah blah blah...

We hugged, exchanged 'so glad to finally meet you's, and started having a great time! We were dancing and flirting, all that jazz. Then the hip-hop/freestyle songs came on (basically just to bump and grind) and we were dancing.. all was well, then he backed a way for a bit and was dancing with his friends, no big deal.. here's where things take a turn..

Some other dude just came up behind me and started dancing with me. I didn't tell him to stop (apparently I should have) but hey, I was still feeling pretty good with the few beers I had in me and thought why not? So I just kept dancing, GB never stole me away, butted in, or anything (I assumed this is what a man would do if he was interested in me). Instead he marched off the dance floor. At first I thought well maybe he's gonna just go sit for a bit b/c we had been dancing for a while and sweatin.. I kept dancing (apparently I was supposed to stop). The rest of the time, he was avoiding me. The next popular line dance came on, I go over to stand next to him and in mid-song, he moves away from me. 

At this point, I've got it in my head that maybe he just stopped liking me? Maybe he thought I sucked at dancing. I honestly forgot about dancing with another dude and thinking that might have pissed him off. About an hour passes by and he's being shady as I'll get out, my bff asked if I was ready to go, and I was like sure. So he's out doing some line dance that I don't know, and I am in his view waving him down to try to say goodbye. I know he could see me but was ignoring me. At that point I was like f- it, I'm gone. I texted him, 

Displaying photo.PNG
Was TRYING to feel out the situation to see if he'd respond.. lame.

So most of my morning after, we texted back and forth arguing about the one freaking guy I danced with like I intentionally danced with the dude in front of him. I am so frustrated for a few reasons:

 photo 64c5bac9-1669-4c8f-9e1d-baf597465509_zps40212ba5.jpg

1. We are not in a relationship.
2. I didn't intentionally dance with him in front of GB.
3. I didn't even dance the whole song with him.
4. I left the floor shortly after GB did.
5. GB made no effort to prove to the dude that I was "with" GB.
6. Grow a pair and get over it.

Seriously he kept going on and on and on about how I disrespected him by dancing with another dude. I JUST MET YOU GB!?!? At a bar, even. instead of properly asking me out on a date after ALL the opportunities you had while we've been talking, you suggested that we hang out at a freaking bar? For the first fucking time?!? How respectful is that? How do you expect me to respect you when you haven't made ONE effort to hang out on a proper date? Huh? How? 

AGHH makes my damn blood pressure rise and I was trying my hardest not to curse in this post but it's happened and probably gonna happen... whatever.

After all of the arguing I left him with 'K' and everyone knows that pisses everyone in the world off to leave someone with a 'K' but it finally shut him up. However, it didn't stop him from checking my MyStory on Snapchat for the rest of yesterday.. and this morning. Ugh. Boys suck.

I tried to keep my mind off it all day but I just couldn't.

However, I do have a date with someone this Wednesday, I'm pretty excited about it. Hopefully new guy will keep my mind off of GB. I just can't be involved with someone who gets so jealous over something so stupid, when we aren't even dating.

Help me out, am I in the wrong? Should I be kneeling at his feet begging for forgiveness? Or do you agree that he is over-reacting? Please be honest with me because I don't know what to do... I really freaking like him.

Anyway, if you've made it this far.. you must really love me!! I love you back for sure!! I have some AWESOME hall of lamers premiering tomorrow so make sure to check in =)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Psychic Reading

So, while in New Orleans there were gypsies, palm readers, psychics, you name it all around the French Quarter. Some of them had their own little shops with a back room and curtain, and others were just sitting outside with a table and umbrella.
I've always thought this was a crock of you know what... until I had my tarot cards read to me...

Omygosh it freaked me out.

She was a gypsy, and knew everything about me!
Said I had 2 major heartbreaks:

  • One really hurt me (the ex-fiance)
  • The other really hurt my family (live in boyfriend)
  • She also mentioned that I had a recent heartbreak that wasn't shared with my family (TacoBell) and that I needed to just forget about him and move on. 
She told me that going back to school is a good idea, and I knew that it was a good idea. (I begin classes in August)
She said I'm a little boy crazy and that I should just be patient.
I'll find someone who will make me happy, we will get married and stay married.
We will have 2 children together and our family will be able to travel like I've always desired.

If anyone truly knows me or has read my Single and Ready to Mingle posts ( here & here ) you probably are just as freaked out as I am. I have no clue how she was able to be SO spot on with this but geeeez.

I'm going to try extremely hard to not get too excited and expect my prince to just show up anytime soon. I may tone down the boy-crazy part of me, but I can't make any promises.

Don't forget!! In 2 weeks, Krista & I will be hosting a monthly Link-Up party called Date Disasters!!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Orleans in Review

So most of you knew and read that I was in New Orleans last week. It was absolutely AMAZING.

 photo 6c9b5dd2-8df2-4b5f-893a-a567e612b4e9_zps19a73b04.jpg

If you've never been to New Orleans, you need to go. Just to say you did! There are things to do other than party, I promise. Although, the partying is pretty fun too!! Just imagine 3 single ladies in their early 20's in New Orleans...yes we had a blast. We stayed in Slidell which is about a 30 minute drive from New Orleans. The hotel we stayed at was SUPER nice and the price was not bad AT ALL. 

Most of our time was spent at the French Quarter where the French Market, Bourbon St., Voodoo Shops, and drinking in the streets was happening all at once! Also, the balconies were just sooooo pretty I couldn't stop taking pictures of them:
 photo 9bb698a3-cbb0-48db-8afa-7b4e52a1a02a_zpsb59fcbf5.jpg

Notice the sky in the above picture... this is what our weather was like the entire time. 
Seriously, couldn't have been any better!
 photo f03daf86-b28b-47d8-9870-77208da7390e_zpsa99ba276.jpg

I spent all my dang money and then some at the French Market.
That place is super neat to get all of your souvenir needs as well as some unique gifts.

T-shirts, handmade items, jewelry, clothes, you name it. 

Tried my very first Boudin (pronounced Boo-dan) It was absolutely DELICIOUS!
 photo 42fdebb7-763a-4943-af2f-e52989d7e315_zpse77f6bd7.jpg
 photo bd7939d2-7f9d-447c-99dd-d8200c5184aa_zps2af3d376.jpg

Saturday night we partied on Bourbon St. til 5:00 am. We left and people were STILL going at it!! They don't stop down there! It was a blast. Definitely going to have to travel back there pretty soon. We didn't get to do all of the things we wanted to because you really can't do it all in 4 days!! 

&The Botanical Gardens were beautiful!
I'll leave ya with my favorite picture from there :)

 photo 5252ab12-20d2-4646-ac24-9aa88196a0cc_zps31da273c.jpg

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Forgive me for my sucky title but seriously, that's the only word that comes to mind about my emotions today.

First of all, thank you ladies on Facebook and Twitter for being supportive of my lack of date issue with ginger beard. A couple weeks ago before my trip to New Orleans, he snapped me a pic with the question, "When do I get my invite?" naturally I'm thinking ..what invite? Am I going to a wedding? Was I complaining about not having a date? I'm so confused...

My response was, "an invite for what?" with the clueless expression of course...
He said, "To see you"
Wtf dude...I shouldn't have to invite you anywhere. You are the dude and if you want to see me just say so and we'll make some plans. I didn't know that I had to be the one to say, "Hey I would like to invite you up to my town to take me out to dinner and possibly another fun activity that I really don't want to pay for but hopefully you'll be gentleman enough to pay for me because that's what dudes are supposed to do on the first date..."

I can be honest, but I'm not always harsh. So yeah, I told him that I was going to be in town (the town where he lives) this weekend, today, actually I got here Friday. He knew this. Ever since I got into town, shadyyyyyy as efff. Why? So last night around 8ish I texted him (well I was driving and had my sister help me figure out how to ask a dude out, needless to say she didn't know what to say either because she never had that problem!!!)

"Whatcha getting into tonight?"

No response 14 hours later. I won't get to see him. Today I'm attending both church services today and probably visiting with family. He had allllll day to ask to see me... his MyStory on Snapchat? Fishing pictures in the morning, which I was aware of and then the rest of the day whenever I'd try to chat with him, he barely responded!!! What is up with that?!?!

Okay I'm done ranting now. Here's those giveaways:

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