Friday, February 28, 2014

Adios Amigo

This is a farewell post to my Plenty of Fish account. 

We had quite a long run. Although, our relationship was on and off multiple times, I feel like I need to move on. Maybe you feel like I was cheating on you a little bit with Tinder, and I cannot lie. It's not that I've fallen more in love with Tinder, it's just you and I weren't working out so well.

Look at the positive things you've brought me though!

  • This blog would not exist.
  • The Hall of Lame was completely inspired by you.
  • I've had a lot of laughter thanks to you.
  • I've also met a few couple nice guys.
  • You've taught me a lot of good life lessons when dealing with stupid boys.

The list goes on and on. Please don't feel offended or rejected in any way. I just needed to eliminate some things in my life and you just so happen to be one of them.

I'll still help ya out occasionally! If someone is looking to start online dating I'll direct them to you immediately.

I enjoyed the free membership and how much you let me do without paying. You know, not all dating sites will let people message for free or view profiles for free. I hope you continue to keep that quality.

Maybe one day long long long from now if I am still searching for someone, then maybe just maybe we can get back together. I just don't see it working out for us right now.

In other news, Tinder is working out pretty well. Science shirt guy & I have declared a nice friendship. We are going to dinner tonight just as's NOT a date. & I secretly hope (heck everyone knows it's not a secret) that he'll bring the radio he was gonna give me :). We still talk on the reg but I have made it a point that I don't see us being in a relationship.

Honesty WORKS! I promise! Sometimes you get sissy boys who get all upset with you after you're honest, but most of the time you'll get real men who understand that there is a possibility that you're NOT going to fall in love with them.

Take this one for example:

Dude come on, she just tried being honest with you! No need to get all cocky and full of yourself. It's not helping the situation. Just accept she wants to be friends... plain and simple. Why do guys have to make this so complicated!?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Did that really happen?

Describe Your First Date
We have ALL experienced a bad date at some point and time...
If you haven't well, start online dating, I guarantee you'll get one from there.

<< Or just take Cheryl's advice from Miss Congeniality, and think of the best day ever that doesn't involve a guy! You go girl! Woman Power!

Hopefully though, you'll just be able to look back and laugh at the situation. Whether it's their fault or yours, a bad date can easily turn into a very funny story. My inspiration for this post comes from our first example.

Forever Twenty Somethings

Click on the above banner & read this entire story.

Even though I'm sure I would feel traumatized during and after this date, I would be laughing at myself over and over again. It has happened to the best of us! Sometimes we just aren't ready, or not prepared for the conversations brought up over dinner. Or maybe we stalk too much and let it slip out like she did... still hilarious to me.

How about that one time I went on two different dates with the same guy who refused to pay for my meal both times. Oh, and on the second date he wanted me to crawl in the backseat of his two-door Cobalt and "cuddle"...awkward! He wasn't very happy when I said, "Sorry, but I'd rather just go home." Weirdo (you pick which one's the weirdo me or him). Needless to say, I've not heard from him since..& I'm totally okay with that.

I am not alone either. Take a read at some fellow bloggers and their lovely bad dates:

Grab button for Kimberly's ChronicleMovie Date/known for a month/first time hanging out:
It was more of a "feel it out" type of date, because I wasn't sure if I was into him yet. One of the first things he said to me when we met up was, "Do I smell like sex to you?" Which instantly made me question my choice in guys. During the movie he blabbed about himself and how everyone tells him he's such a great kisser, and how he has "girly eyelashes" because they're so long. I'm serious, he even made me look. Toward the end of the movie, when I was on the edge of my seat waiting to bolt out of there, he turned to me and said, "You have the most amazing green eyes." My eyes are unmistakably blue, and I know for a fact he isn't color blind. He was clearly trying to feed me a line, so I responded with, "Really? Most people prefer my blue ones," and half ran out. Moral of the story: if a guy asks you if he smells like sex, RUN. Ugh, what an awful date.

Known for years/lost touch/reconnected through Facebook:
Welcome!He asked if I wanted to do lunch sometime and I said, "Sure." (I already told him I was dating someone) Awkward #1: So I show up to lunch in shorts and a t-shirt and he shows up in a button up shirt with nice pants..Awkward #2: Once he realizes that I'm totally dressed down, he says "Oh, uh.. I'm only dressed this fancy because I'm going somewhere important tonight- like a graduation." Awkward #3: He tells me that there's no way my boyfriend who goes to college in a different town is being faithful and that I should be realistic!! He ends the lunch with "Wow, you're a cheap date. We should do this more." 
I thought this was a casual catch up lunch between long time friends - not an awkward guilt trip/date! 

15yo/First date with first ever boyfriend/SUPER nervous:
It after school, so I had to change in the school toilets and do my make-up on the bus. I didn't actually get a chance to check my face in a mirror before I met him. When I walked in, he looked a bit alarmed but still acted kind of normal and bought me a coffee. We talked for a while and he kept looking at me a little bit strangely but I didn't think too much of it. After about half an hour I went to the bathroom and to my horror realized I had done a proper Bridget Jones & put blush ALL OVER MY FACE, thinking it was my powder. I looked severely sun burnt, in November. I didn't have any make-up remover wipes so I had to use toilet paper and water. I came out of the bathroom looking just as bad, if not worse. Luckily, he still asked me out and awkwardly kissed me at the end of the date. Since then, I have never EVER attempted to do my make-up on a moving vehicle ever again.

2009/Switzerland/Australian hottie/Broken heart:

ThatGirlMagMy family had just moved from America to Switzerland. I was the new kid in a senior class at the international school. I had the most terrible crush on a boy named 'J' (Australian, tall, blonde, and fluent in French). He was DREAMY, but he didn't like me back. He was in love with a 21yo girl (still in high school) that was beautiful. She wasn't interested in him.. we were stuck in an unpleasant triangle of love. Then our mutual friend decided everyone would be happier if J "gave me a try.” He pressured J into asking me on a date, and eventually got him to agree. I was hopeful that an evening with me would show J exactly how wonderful I was, and we could be happy together, forever. After school, we went to the grocery store to pick up some liquor - being sober on a Monday afternoon simply wouldn't do, of course. So we got our alcoholic beverages and we made our way to the movie theater. The movie was terrible. I was drunk, so I barely remember it. After the movie we went to a nearby park, where he said, "Usually at this point in a date, I've kissed the girl." So I said, "Oh. Well. You should." So he did. It was TERRIBLE. Then he told me how much he loved the 21yo girl, and how he wanted to be over her. & he wanted to like me, but he didn't, but he thought maybe he could start if we hung out more. Then he invited me over to his house later to "taste his local wine." Needless to say, we didn't go on any more dates.

So whether the boy you're with is just plain dumb, or you have completely embarrassed yourself: 
You can't have a successful date without have a bad one in your past. Hope you enjoyed the reads and check out their lovely blogs by clicking their buttons!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Boy, what a weekend!

Oh man.. just read.

Dateless in Dallas

I had a very interesting weekend. Filled with a little bit of work, a little bit of laughter, and a little bit of disaster.

Friday evening:
 I had a fabulous dinner date with Miss Nina at a wonderful restaurant with half-price sushi....holla! Then we were dying for a cupcake, but no cupcakeries were naturally we just ordered dessert at the restaurant. 
Holy canoli $9.00 for a dessert, but it was pretty delish. 

After my fabulous dinner date, I went home and watched New Girl, binge style, on Netflix.. hey-yoooo..then I completed all of the episodes on there and had a sad funeral. :( But really, it's one out of the 2 shows (TwoBrokeGirls) that I can laugh out loud at when I'm by myself, & I mean bust out laughing, not a snicker.

I had to work from 10am-6pm which is not normal for me because I work an office-type schedule (8am-4pm Monday through Friday), but the weather here was sooooo gorgeous and we were working outside. I was supposed to go on a date with the Science shirt dude, but I really just was not wanting to go at all. I pretty much bailed on the poor guy but he was understanding, and we rescheduled to go out the next day. Still dreading it. 

I then did the really bitchy judge me thing and started asking my girlfriends to hang out. Got a bite from my realllllyyyy good friend from out of town and I met her in the middle and we saw That Awkward Moment. 
Loved it, it had some really good funny parts, a couple almost naked shots of Zac Efron scoreeee but of course, it had some sappy love story crap that I was not feeling. If I was feeling sappy love crap then I would be all about the movie. 

Also, the whole time I wanted to brush Imogen Poots hair the entire movie..which was distracting. Go see it anyway, Zac's butt is worth it.

Following the movie, we went to Applebee's for a couple of sissy drinks, they were delish. Naturally, after a few drinks in, some texting began, that was absolutely not necessary. 

I feel so accomplished to know that I am so entertaining for someone I know personally to read my posts! Just so happens that it was someone I might have maybe trash talked 'a bit' in a couple previous posts. Yeah, that happened. Girl code was completely broken. So here are my apologies for the both of you:

1. I'm so sorry for calling you a nice girl and mentioning that you deserve better than a liar, my bad.
2. I'm so sorry for telling the complete truth, even though maybe I left out some personal information because I don't always kiss and tell the entire story.
3.I'm so sorry for being so contradicting in something you refuse to tell me about.
4. I'm so sorry for asking you to block me after I explained how I wouldn't stop contacting you because I'm a crazy girl and do those things sometimes.
5. I'm so sorry for confronting you about the date you went on while I assumed we were dating.
6. I'm so sorry for finding out information on the internet about you because you wouldn't open up to me.
7. I'm so sorry you figured out who you were in my "bullshit of a blog" I try to keep things pretty anonymous.
8. I'm so sorry that your feelings were hurt because 2 people that you don't even know read what happened.

Cat's out of the bag.
I'm not going to stop posting so you are MORE than welcome to continue reading and sharing :) 
Thanks for your input on what to post about today, made it a little interesting!

I have a list of things I'm not sorry can text me if you'd like to know those. It'll help me know that you enjoyed reading my lovely list and that you would like to hear more. :)

Went to another really good friend's house, watched Once Upon a Time on Netflix, had another sad funeral because she finished the show that day.
-Yeah I bailed on my rescheduled date, I'm slowly cutting ties with Science shirt dude because I just can't date him.. judge me.-
I planned on drinking my Moscato as mentioned in yesterday's Sunday Funday post that I was co-hosting, but I just wasn't feeling it. Good news is I still have a full bottle for another day!!

Then headed back home, did some laundry and read posts off my bloglovin feed = Nice relaxing day :)

How was your weekend? Link-up with us :)

Dateless in Dallas

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Co-Host Post!

Hello New Readers! I love finding out that new people are enjoying my posts :)

Erica Jacquline

I'm so excited to be Co-Hosting the Sunday Funday link up with Miss Erica!!

I've got some cute & fun stuff to share thanks to the lovely interwebs. I've planned a super fun Sunday with a really great friend of mine watching Netflix, maybe a little wine & pizza, and of course hashing it out about the jerks online (and offline!).

But you'll get to read about that in my weekend recap tomorrow!

First I just wanted to share this awesome video of a dog salsa dancing:

Nothing like an adorable Golden Retriever doing the Merengue!

I recently created a Pinterest solely dedicated to Ecards and Funny Kitty Memes, which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself! If you like to laugh along to kittens and ecards, you're more than welcome to follow me on there. I never really got that involved in the whole following process or "so&so repinned your pin" kind of thing. I just go on there and type in cats in the search bar and planned right there.

Nothing like a good bottle of Moscato to go along with the kitty memes. You gotta get the good stuff though!


The best you'll ever have! Although, someone told me the Cupcake Moscato is really good, but something about the word cupcake being involved makes me a little leary.

Well, my Sunday is going fantastical so far! Hope you all are having a good Sunday Funday! Tell us all about it & link up :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

How do you do it?

A while back one of my friends, who also uses Plenty of Fish, asked me how I managed to go on so many different dates with different guys. This was of course 8-9 months ago before Taco Bell dude came along. I thought maybe I could share some tips on how to keep the conversations moving.

I was going out with at least 1 new guy each week, and I had so much fun meeting new people, and not going to lie...getting free meals. Dating these guys has also helped me become more picky, which I'm still not sure that's a positive thing.

So here's what ya gotta do.

1. Start off slow. Don't send massive paragraphs of information, keep it simple. Even if they ask you questions that require a big long explanation, maybe mention that your story would be better told in person or for another day.

2. Edit your Profile. If your "About Me" section is too short i.e. only putting "Just ask" change it. OR if this section is more than 2 paragraphs long, shorten it to 1-2 paragraphs, with 4-5 sentences each. Only include what you're looking for on that website. Then maybe at the bottom you can say "ask me anything" or something along the lines of that.

3. Learn the Basics. Job, hobbies, taste in music, kids, do they live on their own, types of foods they like, etc. Do not ask what their favorite color is. Dumbest question. We are not in 2nd grade, I don't give a damn about your favorite color and it's irrelevant to getting to know me.

4. Guard your Heart. If you went through a massive break up, whether recently or years ago, do not bring it up in the online conversations. Also, don't include information about how you deserve to be treated because your heart has been broken too many times. They don't want to hear it. It really makes you sound like a drama queen.

5. Subtle Hints. You have to almost spell it out for men that you want to go out on a date. They may ask you what kinds of food you like, or maybe you brought it up first. Mention your favorite restaurant (only one, keep it simple remember) and just say, "I've not been there in such a long time, but I would love to go soon." You might have been there yesterday, but this is how you get a date. Trust works!

6. Check your Pictures. On your profile and your Facebook! Guys stalk just as much as girls do. Are you tagged in a really bad picture that is just at a bad angle? Untag yourself. It will drive you crazy if you don't. They will find you. Also, if you're using Tinder, it makes it easier for guys to find you through Facebook because you might have some friends in common. Make sure your pictures aren't filtered to death. Include full-body pictures. DO NOT set your profile picture as a group picture.

7. Move on. Don't spend a bajillion conversations invested in one guy. If it's been over a week or two without any mention of meeting or going on a date, spend your time learning about someone else. Also, don't limit yourself to one guy at a time (online). I promise this doesn't make you a whore, unless you're sleeping with all of them. It's called dating. You aren't tied down to one particular person.

8. Be Yourself. This is a biggie. Don't make up stupid stories of an interesting life if it's not yours. If you  like to go home and watch Netflix all day, admit it. Because most guys would be more comfortable doing that any day compared to going out and spending a lot of money.

9. Be Confident. Sometimes, you'll have to be the one to start the conversation. I personally hate doing this, but it's necessary. Guys aren't like they used to be. A lot of them are shy and fear rejection, just like us girls. Hey, they're human, too.

10. Be Committed. No, I'm not saying get married...not that kind of commitment. I'm talking about limiting yourself to 1-2 dating sites. If you decide to try out a 3rd or 4th to see if there are cuter guys (guilty) make sure to delete your previous profile(s) because if guys are hopping around different sites and see you on each and every one, that looks desperate and kinda sad.

Share with your friends who are nervous about online dating. Maybe they just don't know where to start!

I'm Co-Hosting the link-up with Erica this weekend! Join in on the fun and link up with us for Sunday Funday!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm just living

Okay so if you know me, I'm an analyzer of EVERYTHING..meaning every conversation, every social interaction, every everything. I'm really bad at doing it with guys. My date Sunday was super fun, but I can't help but analyze it. Over and over and over and over again.

So first things first that brought up the analyzing:

 photo 20cd7857-dc81-4602-a0d4-bff33b0e3b52_zpsa5e7e33d.png
He wore this blue shirt that said Yeah! Science Bitch! public. I didn't notice what the shirt said until we were in Best Buy, literally almost 2 hours I'm so observant after he had taken his hoodie off when we were bowling.  
Yes, I cuss. However, I do NOT publicly display curse words on my clothes. I think it's super tacky when people do this. Why...just why would you wear this shirt? There were little kids in the bowling alley at reading level next to our lane. You have a child. Shouldn't you know better? Also, you're 28 years old. Grow up.

Secondly, he's small. Get.Your.Mind.Out.Of.The.Gutter.
I am a big curvy girl. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, because I love my body. So yeah I could lose a few pounds but that's besides the point I'm trying to get across. He's taller than me which makes things okay, but when he hugged me before we went our separate ways, it was kind of uncomfortable. Not because the date was awkward and I didn't like him, but because he was kinda small for my taste. Now, taco bell guy was in shape, but his hugs were soooo awesome and just inviting..and this guys' was not at all. 

Lastly (so far I've only discovered 3) I still keep thinking about my ex. This factor is completely about the way he looks. He is about the same height, walks exactly the same, kind of has a hunchback just like my ex, and every single time I made eye contact with him, I was INSTANTLY reminded of my ex. I am not physically attracted to him anymore. His pictures were nice on his profile, but that face-to-face interaction and the ex look-a-like problem, has completely taken away any physical attraction I had towards him. I feel terrible about it as well. If you knew who my ex was you'd understand my disgust with this situation, because that's what I really feel... disgusted. 

I hate being so damn picky and so over analyzing. I know nobody is perfect. But I cannot bring myself to date this guy long-term. I've already agreed to see him again Saturday..I hate to not give him a second chance because of my picky-ness.

A couple of new guys I'm talking to on POF are looking interesting. One guy has traveled a handful of times, and when I asked him what he's going to school for, he explained a little, but then at the end of his explanation he said: 
"I want more ...but its OK I guess ....I don't know what I want right now I'm just living"

My new motto right here. This is literally the very first time a guy has mentioned that he wants more out of life. I want to be with a guy like this. I hope he doesn't have any skeletons shirts with curse words in his closet. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quick post: Woman Power

Don't take sh*t from idiots like this...speak up and put them in their place.

His question is on answer is on bottom. 

Hope ya'll have a good day!

Monday, February 17, 2014

All About It

I'm determined to link up with almost everyone, but I really like this one as well as the ladies hosting it, so therefore... It's a Weekend Recap!

Dateless in Dallas
Just a warning, I had a pretty awesome weekend, so this is a long post!

If you read my anti-vday post, you might gather that it was a terrible horrible holiday, or maybe you just laughed because I personally thought it was hilarious. I'm not that evil, I promise. I just went through my Bloglovin feed and saw all of these Red&Pink colored pictures and Vday topics that are all about positive ways to make Vday the best day ever, even if you're single. Let's also not forget the posts about the amazing boyfriends and their gift giving abilities. Sometimes people want to hate the day, and that's OKAY. I'm still not a big fan of the holiday, so of course my pictures were related to those who embraced their hatred instead of reading "What single ladies do on Vday" or "How to make Vday cupcakes" ...catch my drift?

So anyway, where was I going with this?

Friday was a really good day. Got to sleep in late thanks to snow, but the roads were really clear so I wasn't trapped. Lil bro & I went to the Chinese Buffet for lunch (I know how sweet right?) then we drove all around town trying to find an affordable yeah right tv stand for our massive 51 inch flat screen. I bought my tv off of a good friend and he gave me a good deal on it. So, I don't like the idea of spending more money on a tv stand than I did for the tv! It's ridiculous. Needless to say, we never got a stand. So we went back to the apt to chill for a little bit..

Here's where it gets good!!

My sister came in again for the 2nd weekend in a row which is a new record for her because I'm usually the one who visits her more often because the rest of the family lives in the same town. We had ordered tickets for a comedy show in Asheville that started at 9:30. Originally we wanted to use her Outback Steakhouse gift card for dinner, but each restaurant we went to had a 2+ hour wait and we had somewhere to be in less than that amount of time! So we start heading towards Asheville and thought we'd find a place to eat close to the Millroom where the comedy show was the Outback there was also on a 2+ hour wait. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and had a blast.
**The firemen in Asheville are absolutely gorgeous, we were drooling over a group that was at Bdubs while we were there.

We made it to the Millroom literally ON TIME, to the second! It was great.
Our jaws were in pain afterwards from laughing so hard.
Andy Woodhull featuring Gilbert Lawand
Both were great acts!

Then because we are 'old ladies', we went home afterwards and went to bed because that's just how we roll.

So now it's the legit best day to celebrate Vday. The day after! Naturally, we wake up, shower, and head to Walmart (mainly to buy stuff with coupons) and we raid the Vday sale. She bought me a dozen roses and a massive box of chocolate. &I bought her a dozen roses and a massive box of chocolate. So awesome. Then we went home, drank some Armadillo Punch and deep cleaned my apt because who cleans sober? We then continued our Netflix binge watching session of "Revenge" while drinking then we had a dance party. It was a blast.

I had my date yesterday and ordered a tv stand from Ebay (free shipping woot woot)
& that's basically my Weekend Recap!!
What did you do this weekend?

Dateless in Dallas

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Sunday Funday Cohost Jaime

I have had a legit Sunday Funday. I went on my date that I mentioned the other day. That's right! I didn't screw things up before today. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of myself. Usually I do or say something really dumb that makes the guy wanna run away.

Today was a success. An overall good day-date. I'm usually iffy about going on a date during the day but he had a good reason, and it worked out better for me instead of doing a dinner date. 

We went to this awesome pizza place that I LOVE because he had never been to it. I practically demanded we go there because if you've never had Scratch Pizza in Johnson City & you tell me you love pizza, you are MISSING OUT! So anyway..

He's an AWESOME person when it comes to conversation. There wasn't any point of awkward silence. And it was a good balance of conversation meaning, he'd listen while I talked and I would listen while he talked, and it seemed pretty balanced. 

So then after eating our hearts out, we decided to go bowling. Super fun, but he kicked my butt completely: My score is the one on top:

1st game: I am doing awesome, but apparently not good enough b/c he still beat me. Beast mode kicks in and I'm trying so hard to beat him and he thinks I'm hilarious.
2nd game: Beast mode is not working...we have time for one more game so I'm still in beast mode because I refuse to give up.

3rd game: I finally win, only because he began bowling left handed- and I think it was because he was feeling bad that I was getting frustrated that I was losing. I'm a very competitive person..can't help it!!

So after that, I suggested we go to Menchies and that it was my treat since he paid for lunch and bowling. After that we went to Best Buy (man we went everywhere!) and he was helping me pick out a new car radio system and turns out he's just going to give me one of his that he has...for FREE. He's super sweet. 

Okay so I have a huge list of Pros that you've read, but there is one con and I hope I can get over it:
He looks like an ex and not one of the good ones (well.. I never really had a good one I guess) but maybe I can just not worry about that... fingers crossed. So that's my Sunday was your weekend??

P.S. I'm co-hosting Sunday Funday next weekend! Let me know if you wanna link up with us!
Link up with us every weekend for a Sunday Funday post! 

Hosts this week:
Erica Jacquline

Sunday Funday Cohost Jaime
I love & follow both of these ladies!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Well it's here...

How I feel about the holiday(i refuse to mention the stupid name) this year:
 But really, though. My wallet loves me today. Last year I spent over $200 on my bf because he needed a new phone, and stupid me decided it was a good idea to buy him an iPhone. We broke up a month later... Granted he has almost paid me back for it, but that's besides the point.

I refuse to post any kind of red/pink colored funness to do on this holiday, instead here are some AWESOME quotes on my feelings today. All of these were sent by my best friend so I don't have sources for them... so here we go!

Is this for real? Sign me up please.
Adorbs right??
 Is that bad? Because I really am not..
 Post another pic on igram of the gifts you got today..I dare you.
So true, I love my dog and he totes loves me.

Remember 'baby' dude? Uhm yeah, no he's gone now. He sent a snapchat to me saying, "Mr. 10 is super hard" - excuse me while I vomit. Blocked & Deleted. Do not pass go. Do not contact me ever again.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Take Me Out

Like I mentioned a couple posts ago, I've not been out on a date in over 7 months.

I usually feel like it's my fault but then I change my mind. These guys just wanna talk talk talk talk talk talk until there's literally nothing to talk about. I hate when it gets to this point because here's how the day-to-day conversations end up:

Hey what's up
Not much you?
Not much just got home from work.
That's good


One of the main reasons that I feel like it's my fault is because I've signed my own personal contract saying,
"I will not be the one to ask someone out on a date. I hereby declare that a real man will come along and ask me first."

I'm sticking to it!
Now the day has come. After months of no dates, a man finally asked me out. & don't worry, I know this one's name... I won't make that mistake again!

10 things i hate about you gifs

Good things about him so far:
No grammatical errors in messaging. He has a JOB! Actually works 2 jobs. Has an adorable little girl and said that there isn't any baby momma drama we'll have to see about that! He acts very interested in my career, which has been rare. Has a beard and from the pictures seems to grow one quite nicely! Shares the love of Netflix & BreakingBad. Has tattoos :). Has a Jeep!!

Okay so these are just a few. But I'm super excited about the date, I hope I don't screw something up before Sunday! Restaurant hasn't been decided on just yet, and the date itself hasn't really been planned, but I'll keep ya posted ;)

**Gaining lots of new loves on my Facebook page!! If you are reading through Facebook and want to comment but don't want to sign up through all of these commenting systems etc. feel free to just add your comments on the FB posts! Love ya'll!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Men say the darndest things!

This is right up my alley! If you all are familiar with the constant stupidity from boys men that I post on a weekly basis and would like to join in on the fun, link up with us!

Sh*t Men Say: Week 2

I didn't link up on week 1, but I can't miss out on this!! 
Other than sending you all over to the Hall of Lame, I'll find a new one to post!


Hey, what's up?
Bored lol
Well, that's no fun!
No lol I didn't think ud message back
Why's that?
Ur hot
Actually, it's really cold outside and I am freezing     why yes I am a smartass..
Awh lil nipply?

End of conversation because I didn't respond...

Now it's your turn! Grab the button and link up those crazy stories of #shitmensay. Don't have time Tuesday? The link up stays live for one week so we would still love to see them!

Duh! Danae!

Monday, February 10, 2014

I'm a big kid now

Actually, I've been a big girl for a while now. I've paid my own bills for about 5-6 years now. I've graduated college and have a full-time job. I just bought my first car & love it! I live on my own, currently with a roommate, but I've lived by myself more than once in the past 5 years. I think it's safe to say that I deserve being treated like a grown woman.

The main reason I wanted to post this is because there is a new cutie that has been messaging & snapchatting me. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a beard.. but he's still kinda cute, and I might get a date out of him. finallyyyyyyy
Besides him being a cutie, he keeps calling me baby. & I don't like it. It makes me uncomfortable considering we only started talking a couple days ago. It's not even to the point where we've exchanged phone numbers.

Good morning baby
Hey baby
How's your day baby?

^He sent me one yesterday that just had the word baby itself.. wtf?

& I was like Baby, Baby, Baby..NOOOOOO
Biebs reference

It's just weird. You don't know me. I don't really know how you can replace that word without making it sound even more stupid. I would maybe be okay if you slipped it out maybe ONCE per day. This whole once per sentence thing..isn't going to work for me.

Don't judge me though because I'm still talking to him. This girl needs a free meal and hopefully movies, too. Car payments will start soon and I'll probably be even more broke than I already was!! Okay so that's not the only reason.yes it is. I haven't been out on a date since Taco Bell guy a.k.a. jerkface and WOW that was in September. Yeah..I'd like a date please, where do I sign up?


On another note! 

This is super early, but I'm super excited so just deal with me for a moment, or two.
I'm co-hosting a link up with Erica on the weekend of Feb. 22-23! I'll be linking up with her next week's Sunday Funday post and then co-hosting the following week! We would LOVE to have you link up with us and post on Sunday Funday. She's also looking for more people to co-host! Check her out :) Then link up with us!!

Erica Jacquline

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Eenie, meenie,

I hate group pictures. Mainly when they're set as someone's profile picture.

I always get sooo excited when one of the guys is cute AND has a nice full beard, then when I look at the rest of their pics on their profile.... 
It's NEVER the one you want. Never ever ever! 
It's not like the actual person is ugly or anything but it's usually not the one you wanted it to be! So fellas...if you decide to put a group pic as your profile picture (bad idea) don't include a bearded cutie unless YOU are the bearded cutie.You're  setting yourself up for a "no thanks" button. 

Surely I'm not alone in the beard lover department. I mean I know Ke$ha is on my side, along with a few of my girlfriends... Beards are in! And not creepy beards...there is nothing like a "clean cut beard" that just catches my attention! It's to the point where if I'm in a crowded room I can sense when a beard is near. I can't help but stare! That is until I see that little prissy twig they're with... Then I start telling myself how I'm already so much better for him, because truly a beard needs a better companion than a twig.

Your beard+my curves= true love.

Hey a girl can dream! 
Anyone else like beardo's? Just me? Anyone grossed out by beards? Let me know!

P.S. Don't forget to check out my new page addition called the Hall of Lame, send me screenshots if you have anything lame-worthy! 

Welcome new readers! Love ya'll!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Let's try this again.

I think Tinder and POF are tired of me being so dang picky over these guys. If you've never used the apps on your phone before, there are these little slide shows basically so you can flip through pictures of guys in your area and that are within your age limit. On POF it's called MeetMe, meaning do you want to meet this guy? Options for this app are Yes, Maybe, & No. Tinder is the same, but they don't have a Maybe selection, it's either Yes or No.

Well both sites recently decided that I have said No too many times, therefore they started over and were showing the guys I've already said no to... as if they are telling me, "Hey missy don't be so picky!"

I promise I'm not THAT shallow..maybe I am.
Some of these guys- i.just.cant.

Also, I am battling this whole I'm getting older ordeal. I'm only 23. Some of the guys I look at that are 25&up look like old men. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but dating a 25yo seems so much older than me, when it's not!

Most of the people that know me will understand how important a job is when searching for my one true love. Does anybody work anymore? And forgive me for not congratulating you at 25 for working at Walmart. That may make me even more shallow, but my career has a HUGE meaning to me. I have compassion towards my goals and if you plan on staying at Walmart for the rest of your sort of bothers me. Is that bad?

I would like to be with someone who can appreciate what I do and where I want to end up in my career, but also someone who has career goals as well. I want my future husband to have compassion towards his job. Is that too much to ask of people these days? Because, it's not just men..I know that for a fact. I've met plenty of women who don't have the strive for a meaningful career like I do.

I have this strange idea (may not be strange to anyone else) that we weren't put on this planet to work for Walmart our entire lives. When I say Walmart I don't just mean them alone. I'm talking fast food, retail, or any jobs that don't have advancement opportunities.

I probably sound more and more shallow as I type, but my brain decided to release itself today along with almost every other day.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Liebie liebie Liebster!!!!

I am SOOO stoked about being nominated by one of my inspirations to the blogging worlds for the Liebster Award!!

Grab button for Grand Adventures

^ Check her out, she's uhhhh-mazing!

So here's the thing, I answer 11 questions she's posted about me, and I pick 11 people to answer MY questions :) 

Link-Up Par-tay!

Nina asked Ellie:

1. If you could only celebrate one holiday a year, which would it be?
Christmas. All of the other holidays wouldn't even exist without the birth of Jesus!

2. Which is better: the morning or the night?
Shew, I sure wish I could say night, but being a "big girl with a big girl job" makes me want to sleep during the night and be super perky in the mornings! I'm getting old!!

3. If you were stranded on a desert island, who would you want to be stranded with and what is the one item you would want to have?
My BFF/Sister for life. She's the only person I could put up with for more than one full day and she's SUPER smart so if we needed something useful she might be more capable of conjuring it up than I would!! And one item I would want to have with me would have to be my nook. I have tons of books (and could add more) that need to be read... endless reading on endless beach time? Sign me up!

4. Were you more interested in the Superbowl or the Bruno Mars half time show Sunday night? If you didn't watch either, what did you spend your Sunday evening doing?
Netflix- current show: Once Upon a Time
5. If you are a religious person, how does religion affect your life?
I am a Christian and most days I'm not the best one either. My whole faith revolves around Jesus and I strive to become better about worshiping Him.

6. The last thing you bought was . . .
A CAR! I am SO excited I finally bought a car! Eeeeeek!

7. Do you have any embarrassing stories you're willing to share with the internet world?
Well a couple are stories through some of my posts! But one in particular that still makes me laugh is:
This one guy I was texting and basically knew all about his life (and he knew about mine) asked me out on a face-to-face date after a few chats. I was super excited because I hadn't been out with anyone in a while and he was offering to take me to dinner and a movie (SCORE). Here's the embarrassing part... I didn't save his name in my phone, and I had forgotten it. I went back to the website where we first started messaging, and HE DELETED HIS ACCOUNT! So I had to resort to finally asking him and apologizing a million times for forgetting his name, and he stopped talking to me. I should be added to the HALL OF LAME for that one.

8. What is your number one pet peeve?
Bad grammar.

9. What do you prefer: movies, books, or the interwebz?
A nice combination of all 3! I get bored with just one of these for long periods of time. Usually, I will read a couple chapters on my nook, then turn on the tv for some good ole Netflix, then check out the world wide web for some good info.

10. What is your favorite season?
Spring. Everything is SO colorful & the weather is not too hot and not too cold.

11. Why do you blog?
I love writing, always have. Also, some of the stories I tell are quite hilarious, even to me. I want others to laugh along and realize that dating can be super fun if you stay positive and SAFE. Safety is super important as well.'s my turn to ask the questions!! :)

  1. What is the absolute worst pick-up line you've received or have heard someone else be a victim of?
  2. How do you feel about Kanye wanting to leave the country: (a) PLEASE DON'T GO (b) Buh-Bye!
  3. What is your biggest dream involving your career in life?
  4. Are you more awkward around first-time meetings with people or are you the "life of the party let's be best friends after 5 minutes" type?
  5. Are you a grudge holder? If so, mind sharing one that you just can't shake but wish you could?
  6. Do you blog for followers or fun?
  7. What is one thing that you could eliminate from your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter feed?
  8. Do you admire different seasons or would you rather live in a place that has one constant season year-round? If it's one constant season, which one would you pick?
  9. If you are single, what would be your perfect fit to your life? If you aren't single, answer this question anyway! 
  10. What is your deal breaker when it comes to being in a relationship?
  11. Do you have a go to YouTube channel for laughs? If so, please share!

Check out who I've nominated:
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**Okay so There aren't 11 nominees, but only because I'm still new to this blogging world and trying to meet new people!