Hall of LAME

So here they are... the dummies.

Take a look at some real "winners" -- the guys that will not get a date out of me and hopefully any other smart girl.

Screenshot of an actual 'About Me' section

Yup, he made the list

I do NOT want to know about your horniness

Yet again.. I don't want to know about your horniness

^ Jerk ^


This is just weird..and RUDE! 



What an opener..I'd rather not cook for you.

Take note of the AWESOME response my friend had!

 photo a0d9b86d-7244-468f-a1e0-8ba61598af54_zps719baa4b.png photo b157070b-3334-4bca-a54e-d6308834eebf_zpsba6086de.png

Asshole award of 2014

Really dude? Such a great catch? Why are you still single then??

Displaying photo.JPG

Well look who's made it to the blocked department

Check out this article about Why Men should be Banned. They all fit the Hall of Lame qualifications!!


  1. Omgosh these are the funniest things I've ever read hahahah I used to do the whole online dating thing and guys would say the weirdest sh*t.