Thursday, January 30, 2014

Now Hiring

Halfway to 100 posts! :)

I realized that I've never mentioned what kind of man I'm searching for. Although I haven't found him online yet, I truly believe he's out there somewhere!

As I was reading a fellow blogger's letter to her future boyfriend, I realized that I needed a set of credentials.

Sorry if I seem too picky, but I've had a lot of time through singleness as well as relationships to figure out what kind of man deserves me.

  • Christian
  • 5'8 or taller ...sorry I just can't date shorter than me dudes
  • Job required -if you're still in college, you should have a part-time job as well
  • Independent  -as in NOT depending on your parents to pay your bills
  • No Smoking -includes recreational drugs 
  • Romantic -red roses & white daisies for all special occasions.. don't forget the card!
  • Pretty Teeth - they don't have to be perfect, but at least clean and straight-ish
  • Single -uhm..duh

Here's a list of things that will add brownie points to the dude, but aren't exactly necessary:
  • Capable of growing a nice beard 
  • Open mind about adopting kids vs. having kids of our own  ....still a debate in my own head.
  • Okay with exploring different countries
  • Ambition  ....this should be a requirement but it's really hard to find in men.
  • Roller Coaster Junkie
  • Not mentioning the sex topic within the first couple weeks of talking   ...again should be a requirement.
  • Plays guitar-or-piano and can sing 
  • Netflix Lover
  • Can change the oil in my car
  • Appreciative of family time

Also, can we talk about how I have a problem with being attracted to ginger beards? For some strange reason, I have this desire to have red headed babies. Which I have done a tad bit of research... If I have children with a blonde guy (since I am a brunette) the possibilities of having red headed babies is high. Seriously... I have a problem: 
Not too long ago I saw a lady with a beautiful little red headed girl and mom was a brunette. I commented on how cute her little girl was and I asked her what color hair her husband had... trust me the look you have on your face right now is the look she gave me after I asked. And she said, "Well, he's blonde" Then I shortly explained to her my research study as if I was writing a paper for school [even though I graduated college 2 years ago which is super crazy] but this is research for my future!

So, if you're a redheaded, bearded guy with all of the necessary qualifications and a couple brownie points, please contact me :)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

They're a mucus on fleas on rats!

Someone please prove that faith in the male species is not completely dead, yet. And I'm asking to prove it in my generation and age group. How can guys just constantly be jerks 24/7? Isn't it exhausting?! 

So here's what's new with me. I'm outing someone named Anthony who is a complete jerk. Girls beware of this guy on POF because our conversation went way further than what I'm about to show but I'm only going to show the introduction of why he is such a jerk. But trust me he's not the only one. This is probably the 8th time (different guys) within the last 2 weeks something like this was brought up in conversation. 

Please take note of what I have his name saved under because that is his screen name. I had a great comeback and he had more lovely comments afterwards but I seriously want someone to prove that faith in men is not dead yet. I'm seriously about to give up. This is ridiculous. I can't have one single conversation with a "man" without them bringing up the topic of sex. 


All I ask is you get to know me and let me get to know you. Why does sex ALWAYS have to come up less than 24 hours of the first initiation of convo?

Conversation is dead. 

Until someone proves me wrong, this is my motto from now on. 

-title reference: Grease

Friday, January 24, 2014

New Look :)

I've decided to do away with the multicolored/myspace design. Soooo many bloggers go with the boring white background, so I'm giving it a shot. Not sure how I feel about it just yet. But I just absolutely couldn't get rid of my cute little ellies


I am a colorful person, therefore, they stay.

So.. I get like 10-15 page views a day... hopefully from real people who actually read these sad stories.
Look to your right and click that cute little button that says follow me on bloglovin'  >>>>>>

Not familiar with bloglovin you say?! *gasp*
I am obsessed with it. You can follow blogs on this lovely site (&& it's an app too!) and you have a feed for each blog you follow, when they post it'll show up and you can click it and read it!


It also tells you when your friends find great new blogs as well, so more blogs to check out!

I'm still new to the blogging world, but I am falling in love with it very quickly :)

**no new inputs on the dating sites today, I've kinda been avoiding checking my inboxes.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Why are people soooo ashamed about online dating?!'s 2014.. Technology has taken over.

As I was scrolling through some profiles, more than 10 'about me' sections had the words, "We can tell people we met [insert random public area here]"

When people have asked me, "Where did you meet him?" I just come out and say it! There are thousands of people within a 100 mile radius who use the site I'm currently on. It's not like I have anything to hide! Yes, Nana, I know the internet is dangerous... but I'm not developing full relationships with these people unless we meet face to face in public and actually get to know each other over time. 

Here's the thing...
I refuse to fall in love with someone I met in a bar. What am I going to tell our kids?! 
"Oh sweetie I met your daddy when I was plastered drunk and we fell in love!"
-I wouldn't be plastered drunk, this is just an example-

Seriously!! I just think that's more tacky than meeting someone online. Where else am I going to meet someone? At work?? HA!
Just so ya'll know, I work in an office with 9 other married women in their 40s and up. Oh and I work with kids, too. Now there's a great pond to fish in!! -not-

I'm also a hermit & obsessed with Netflix. Unless one of the hotties decides to jump out of the t.v. in order to date me, online dating it is!

Now I could understand how some of these guys may be ashamed about online dating because their profiles are absolutely pitiful. I'm seriously considering sending them messages with the link to this post when their pictures are just absurd. Sometimes I really think there are cute men underneath their terrible picture selection. But then there are some where I just think..uhm NO.

Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm in love!

-with Tinder.

Ok so let me tell you why I love this site/app.

You can only message people that you liked and they've liked you back. So no creeps messaging you that you don't want to talk to. It doesn't tell you who's viewed you or who you've viewed (pof does this) which that has pros and cons but I like not knowing if I've been fully rejected. 
As in: I messaged you and liked your page, you viewed my profile, and never messaged me back = rejected!

I can't handle rejection, I just can't.

Another reason I like tinder is when you are messaging it's just like texting...unlike Pof where you send a message and it takes you back to your inbox and you have to exit out before it notifies you of a new message. Your chat window won't exit after you send a message and I like that.

Most importantly.. Tinder has wayyyy cuter guys!! This might be my personal preference but seriously much cuter!

I'm hoping I can meet someone off this site. It's been too long since I've been on a date. So sad :(

Okay, I'm not that depressing I promise! I honestly have just not really been giving the dating sites too much attention because of how bored and uninterested I am with the guys currently on pof. BUT never fail! Tinder has high hopes of bringing it back ;)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

For example...

So here is some proof of what I deal with. I apologize for the vulgar language but I am seriously done with the sexual references. Oh and let's not forget that the word 'hear' is in appropriately used in this context. 

I sent him 2 pictures. He asked for pics - typical. I ask for them too just to see if they have more to show than the 1-2 pics on their profile, so conversation is okay ...up until this crap.

The pics I sent were extremely PG. Heck they're probably classified under the G rating. No cleavage, actually the only skin shown in the pics was of my face because I'm wearing scarves in both of them! 

No I do NOT want a picture of your 'excited' male parts. Gross.

I know you weren't kidding either. 

I am done with these types of guys. From now on, my response will be the same as I just used with this dumbass. 

[insert vulgar rant here]

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

All aboard!

The grammar train has apparently left... or maybe it never came to the station?

I have complained about this multiple times, but here I am yet again whining about bad grammar.

I know I'm not perfect and auto correct sometimes 'helps out' by changing the correct grammar to the improper terms, but when you continually show me through message just how uneducated you are...

I can't

Can I please be directed to the nearest dating site for educated people? Can it have a guarantee that I will talk to only educated boys? I must have missed my chance in college to get married to someone with a college degree because they are definitely NOT on the dating sites I've used.

I know it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round, and I know there are hardworking men without college degrees.

Here's the thing:
This generation of "men" aren't the same as those of you who have hardworking&successful parents that didn't choose to go to college after high school.

That romantic, hardworking s.o.b. doesn't exist in this generation. If they do, they're already taken. Although, I have found that they exist in books, but that doesn't necessarily help my situation out very much now does it?

Friday, January 10, 2014

A little thing called ...what?

Im beginning to become extremely skeptical of the 'L' word. You know the one.. 

L is for the way you look so dumb
O is for the only one douchebag
V is very very extra-bored-inary
E is evil more than anyone that you adore

Yeah we're talking about love.

There are those guys who are scared to death of the word or even the idea. Then there's the guys that jump at the chance to say it.

For instance:
My friend was dating a guy she met through the site we're both on, she just informed me that he told her that he loved her after a week and a half. 10 days.
Come on!!!!
But get this... He broke up with her this week. He said the L word a week ago. And now I guess he changed his mind.

Then the debate of all men being charmers came up. It's beginning to ring true. They are all charmers til they get to the point where they want you to be on the same level as them, and when you want to pump the brakes a bit..they give up! 

I've seen people fall out of love quicker than they fell into it, but I've also seen people claim to be in love when all along is was just an act so others believe it's there. I've thrown the L word around too much I believe. But I fall so easily. I have learned that I can get back up just as easily, so falling hasn't been too much of an issue recently. I've gotten better at picking up the pieces. It gets a little easier each time. 

I guess eventually I'll just become heartless. Then we won't have to worry about the breaking of the heart! 

Problem solved.


Maybe it's from being on the same site for sooooo long (6 months) but some of these guys and the way they open their conversations are just plain ridiculous.

My friend who is also online dating through the same site, feels the same way. So we began responding with what's really on our minds when they give absolutely ridiculous introductions.

Basically just being brutally honest.

For instance, when they start off by saying, "Hey Sexy" or "You are so beautiful" ...gag
Depending on their profile and whether or not they are actually attractive.. they will most likely get a response like:

How can you possibly know and feel that I am sexy or beautiful? You've not met me in person, so you've seen a few pictures? But how can you be so sure that I am sexy or beautiful? You know nothing about me. You've not asked anything about me. Do you honestly think that opening up with calling me sexy is going to pull me in. Opening with a line including the word 'sex' leads me to believe you're only after one thing. Take a wild guess.

This usually leads to a block but come on.... grow up. We have come to the conclusion that we're both still on the site, because there's not much else to do. Who knows, maybe a smart guy will finally show up... HA.

Til then, let's just piss guys off with intellectual responses, sounds good right?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Feeling a bit like C. Underwood

So am I a completely terrible person for texting someone for a couple days and not knowing their name?

Dude, I talk to at least 5 different people a WEEK! ...maybe not that many, but really. Using the dating app means you'll be having conversations with multiple people at once. So maybe you asked me to text you, and I did, and I didn't immediately save your name in my phone because I just didn't, okay?!

So when you asked me to go see a movie with you (lame date suggestion anyway) and I politely accept the invitation b/c movie- - -don't hate me when I kindly mention that I don't remember your name. I even went back to the site to find our conversation where you told me your name a couple days ago... only weirdos delete their accounts two days after making it. Dummy.

I'm so bored lol

I literally have 13 conversations going... THIRTEEN. That's men that want to keep talking, but haven't asked to go on a date yet!!!

One poor guy keeps asking me out, and he can only hang out on a weekend, well my weekends are just..busy. And I keep saying I PROMISE we will cash that raincheck over and over and he's still talking to me so that's good. There is a downside:
I found his facebook. I'm just not attracted to him. He has a cute face and smile, but he is excessively overweight and I just don't know. I am in NO WAY a skinny person, nor do I like to date skinny men. There's a line. If you look like a walking heart attack I just don't think I could handle that. Am I a horrible person?

The women I work with can't help but laugh at me being sooooo picky over who I want to date and eventually marry.

I refuse to settle.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year... New ??

-not boyfriend that's for sure.

Decided to go out for New Year's Eve with super high hopes I'd meet a cutie to kiss... ha!

I have a very dear friend who has also been venturing through online dating and she has met someone that makes her happy :) he happens to be in a band. She mentioned how her and some friends were going to hear the band play at this place I've never heard of before. I didn't have any other offers on the table, and I usually have a great time with her and her friends. So I went. Got dolled up looking adorable (as usual) only to pull into a biker bar.

I definitely was not amused by all of the smoke clouds and handlebar mustaches. This is where I'm supposed to find a cutie to kiss before midnight? No thanks.

Well I stayed for about 30 minutes or so, then my eyes started to really burn from the smoke and I was just like forget this. I'd rather be in bed. So, I left.

I've not posted in a while
Hard to post stories about the dates I'm not going on.

So many guys not initiating a date - it's pretty annoying. I hate being the one to suggest we meet up, but I'm always the one to do it! I haven't initiated conversations, I usually wait for them to message me first. So, sometimes I think hey let's get this thing moving along now before I get bored.

There's one guy I've just stopped talking to because he hasn't mentioned planning a date in the 516874836845 opportunities during conversation..I was bored.

I'm really starting to get bored with this online dating stuff. Might need to take yet another social hiatus, but knowing me I'll get bored with that and get back on.