Date Ideas

Need some crafty date ideas that don't involve a movie theater? Pick one!

Coffee Shop: not into coffee? They have non-coffee options.
National Park: go for a hike.
Thrift shopping: find the ugliest clothes and have a competition of who wore it better.
Geocashing: old school, but a fun date idea.
Roller Coaster/Theme Park: might be pricey, but still really fun.
Photography session: drive to a neat area and have fun taking pictures of whatever fascinates you.
Dog park: seriously, who wouldn't love this?
Pottery class: guys have fun doing this stuff, too.
Canvas painting class: again, guys would have fun with this, too.
Drive in theater: these are making a comeback and you can talk during the movie.
Wine tasting session: be careful don't get drunk.
Dance lesson: line dancing, salsa, waltz, etc.
Volunteer at a soup kitchen: help the community while getting to know each other.

Have you been on a really cool/crafty date before? Comment or email & I'll add it to the list!

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  1. Love this!!! Thank you for sharing this list!