Monday, August 12, 2013

Warning labels

You know. . . I wish there was a way to give other girls online a heads up about certain guys like after you've talked to them for a while or went out on a date. It would really help to know which guys like to stand girls up, or are just looking for a hook up, or just all around jerks! There could be positive feedback, too. Like maybe the date went well, but there just wasn't a spark, or he's a nice guy, I'm just not interested. But they wouldn't be able to see their feedback unless it was positive. The website could block out really vulgar things, like cursing etc.

It would save me so much time. I told a guy that I couldn't hang out one weekend, and I regret it because the guy I ended up hanging out with was a real . . . [insert vulgar name calling]
Waste of my time!

Thankfully, the guy that I basically rejected still wants to hang out. I like when some of these guys understand that I'm going to date other people considering I don't just start a conversation with one guy then delete my account so I can get to know only them. You'd be surprised how some of these guys (usually the jerkfaces) are not okay with you dating other people the instant you begin talking to them.

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