Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pants on fire

Don't ignore me forever then randomly talk to me.
Don't tell me you aren't interested anymore and send me random Snapchats.
Don't look at My Story on Snapchat after YOU told ME that you're seeing someone else.
Don't tell me that it "should be me" when I tell you I'm dating someone else.
Don't call me at 2 am for a booty call when you KNOW I'm not that kind of girl.
Don't say you want to see me when you've ignored me to two entire years.
Don't talk to my best friend and add her on Facebook when you won't even add me.
Don't try to hook up with my best friend after I've rejected you.
Don't put on your profile that you want a relationship when 5 mins in the convo ask for a hookup.
Don't treat me like I'm stupid, I see through your lies.

These may or may not apply to more than one situation.
Okay it's definitely referring to like 5 different guys.
A couple exes, a couple online jerks, and a couple guys I just need out of my life.

I am super dooper happy right now. && I really feel like this one is a keeper!

But seriously when I'm happy it's like my exes' radar goes off and says OH NO She's happy and she's with someone else. Maybe I should text her.... LIKE WTF

Don't do that.

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