Friday, November 22, 2013

Pick up the pieces

It's nice to have someone (this guy) I can keep a conversation with even after he knows I just got out of a whatever-ationship.

'this guy'
i like him
lots & lots

I liked him before jerkface* came along, and 'this guy' and I talked a LOT back then. I respectfully told him about 3 months ago that I was seeing someone exclusively... -so i thought- and he respectfully said thank you for being honest.
Communications stopped, except of course the occasional Facebook stalking since we remained friends on there. When I found out about douchebag's* romantic escapades behind my back, I messaged 'this guy' saying I was in need of a friend who isn't a dramatic girl who's going to blow things out of proportion (a.k.a. me). It's only been like..3 days, but it's like we just picked up where we left off. He calls me after he gets off work, sends me the most adorable snapchats of his smile..and beard ;), and I really enjoy talking to him.

There is a downside:
3 hour distance

Oh yeah..anndddd we've not met face to face yet. I'm trying to encourage this encounter before Christmas..maybe the week after Thanksgiving? Fingers crossed. Because I'm pretty sure he's WAY better than scumbag*.

  • has a career that is extremely successful and he is successful at it.
  • has a beard :)
  • owns a home & car
  • seems to have his life together
  • has a kid, which I don't have a problem with at all
  • doesn't have baby mama drama (she's been MIA since the baby was born)
  • always has a positive attitude
  • is adorable
I could go on but it may get too mushy and I don't want to rush into things... because clearly that hasn't worked out in the past!!

* same person

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