Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Is this real life?

Yes, I am aware that the economy kinda sucks right now and job openings aren't exactly plenty. But how does a guy expect to act at the proper standards of a "man" when they don't have a job at age 22 or older? Just curious. Also, if you plan on working minimum wage for the rest of your life, meaning you don't have plans to further your education/apply for a better job/work towards a promotion at this age... You might as well be unemployed. 

If you're currently in school and it's a demanding course load, I can understand the reasoning of living with your parents until you have a full time job to pay for bills after you graduate. But, I want to include that it's not impossible to have a job while in school. If you feel this way, I consider you lazy. Bumming off your parents to buy you things other than the necessities of life such as groceries or paying the bills of the house you've always lived in....lazy. 

Personally, I think it should be natural for someone at the age of 20-21 to realize hey I need to step up and pay for my own crap. Your parents provided enough for you for over 20 years...cut the dang cord.

Some exceptions might be : your parents are millionaires and no one values money in your family (I won't be dating you), school demands you take an internship/clinicals full time during the week while also taking classes, .... Yeah that's about it, if I think of any other exceptions..I'll add them later.

Men should take a better stand at life, because I feel like there are too many lazy bums and I just can't be committed to someone like that while I work my hind-end off to chase my goals.

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