Thursday, January 30, 2014

Now Hiring

Halfway to 100 posts! :)

I realized that I've never mentioned what kind of man I'm searching for. Although I haven't found him online yet, I truly believe he's out there somewhere!

As I was reading a fellow blogger's letter to her future boyfriend, I realized that I needed a set of credentials.

Sorry if I seem too picky, but I've had a lot of time through singleness as well as relationships to figure out what kind of man deserves me.

  • Christian
  • 5'8 or taller ...sorry I just can't date shorter than me dudes
  • Job required -if you're still in college, you should have a part-time job as well
  • Independent  -as in NOT depending on your parents to pay your bills
  • No Smoking -includes recreational drugs 
  • Romantic -red roses & white daisies for all special occasions.. don't forget the card!
  • Pretty Teeth - they don't have to be perfect, but at least clean and straight-ish
  • Single -uhm..duh

Here's a list of things that will add brownie points to the dude, but aren't exactly necessary:
  • Capable of growing a nice beard 
  • Open mind about adopting kids vs. having kids of our own  ....still a debate in my own head.
  • Okay with exploring different countries
  • Ambition  ....this should be a requirement but it's really hard to find in men.
  • Roller Coaster Junkie
  • Not mentioning the sex topic within the first couple weeks of talking   ...again should be a requirement.
  • Plays guitar-or-piano and can sing 
  • Netflix Lover
  • Can change the oil in my car
  • Appreciative of family time

Also, can we talk about how I have a problem with being attracted to ginger beards? For some strange reason, I have this desire to have red headed babies. Which I have done a tad bit of research... If I have children with a blonde guy (since I am a brunette) the possibilities of having red headed babies is high. Seriously... I have a problem: 
Not too long ago I saw a lady with a beautiful little red headed girl and mom was a brunette. I commented on how cute her little girl was and I asked her what color hair her husband had... trust me the look you have on your face right now is the look she gave me after I asked. And she said, "Well, he's blonde" Then I shortly explained to her my research study as if I was writing a paper for school [even though I graduated college 2 years ago which is super crazy] but this is research for my future!

So, if you're a redheaded, bearded guy with all of the necessary qualifications and a couple brownie points, please contact me :)

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