Sunday, February 16, 2014


Sunday Funday Cohost Jaime

I have had a legit Sunday Funday. I went on my date that I mentioned the other day. That's right! I didn't screw things up before today. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of myself. Usually I do or say something really dumb that makes the guy wanna run away.

Today was a success. An overall good day-date. I'm usually iffy about going on a date during the day but he had a good reason, and it worked out better for me instead of doing a dinner date. 

We went to this awesome pizza place that I LOVE because he had never been to it. I practically demanded we go there because if you've never had Scratch Pizza in Johnson City & you tell me you love pizza, you are MISSING OUT! So anyway..

He's an AWESOME person when it comes to conversation. There wasn't any point of awkward silence. And it was a good balance of conversation meaning, he'd listen while I talked and I would listen while he talked, and it seemed pretty balanced. 

So then after eating our hearts out, we decided to go bowling. Super fun, but he kicked my butt completely: My score is the one on top:

1st game: I am doing awesome, but apparently not good enough b/c he still beat me. Beast mode kicks in and I'm trying so hard to beat him and he thinks I'm hilarious.
2nd game: Beast mode is not working...we have time for one more game so I'm still in beast mode because I refuse to give up.

3rd game: I finally win, only because he began bowling left handed- and I think it was because he was feeling bad that I was getting frustrated that I was losing. I'm a very competitive person..can't help it!!

So after that, I suggested we go to Menchies and that it was my treat since he paid for lunch and bowling. After that we went to Best Buy (man we went everywhere!) and he was helping me pick out a new car radio system and turns out he's just going to give me one of his that he has...for FREE. He's super sweet. 

Okay so I have a huge list of Pros that you've read, but there is one con and I hope I can get over it:
He looks like an ex and not one of the good ones (well.. I never really had a good one I guess) but maybe I can just not worry about that... fingers crossed. So that's my Sunday was your weekend??

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  1. Give it a chance ... At least until he gives you the radio for free -:) but more seriously what he did at bowling was pretty sweet and smart. Anyways it's not like a second date is that much of a risk!

  2. Oh I am definitely giving him another chance!! That was the best date I've had in a while :)

  3. I've never dated someone that looked like an ex... but, I say go for it. At least give it a shot!

  4. Oh I'm going to, it just kinda makes me nervous lol for most of the date I did pretty well not thinking about the ex, but every once in a while the ex's face would pop up and I felt weird. Maybe the next date I can shake it off!

  5. YAY! I am so glad you linked up AND even better you had a good date! Those are hard to come by girl!

  6. Oh my word...what happened on that second game?! lol. And I'd definitely say give the guy a shot despite looking like an ex. I mean, he's giving you a free car radio system. Wouldn't that be the equivalent of chocolates for a guy?

  7. This sounds like such a fun date! I love bowling on a date because you can really get the chance to talk and it's not TOO hands on!