Monday, June 30, 2014

Someone Pinch Me

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So what happens when you're falling too fast?
You cancel a date with someone else.. that's what happens.

I tweeted that I was going on 2 different dates this week. Well guess what. It's down to one.. and I'm totally okay with this. I have spent hours on the phone with this guy that I'm just falling for minute by minute. I finally get to meet him TOMORROW. I'm dying over here. Counting down hours and shit.

Like snap out of it, Ellie!!

I'm sure you're thinking well what if it doesn't work out? What if the date goes wrong and you need to bail? What if he's a psycho murderer!?!? I'll just have to take my chances.

Here are some ways to pump the brakes.. (read: I like to give advice but most of the time I don't take it, so here's what I've done and maybe you can use it to learn on what not to do).

1. Don't bump your BFF from your top friends on snapchat for this dude. Yup, my sister/best friend has been demoted from my number one spot on snapchat thanks to him..

2. Cut the phone conversations to a maximum 30 minutes. Yesterday alone, I spent a total of 4 hours on the phone with this guy. Endless conversations, no dull moments.

3. Don't ignore your other options (texts, snaps, messages from other guys you've 'met' online). I just am not interested in any of them any more. My bff keeps saying, "You gotta have something to fall back on, keep your options." ..& I'm just like, "I don't wannnnaaaaaaaa"

4. Don't cancel your dates with other dudes. Yeah I'm guilty, get over it. I just wanted to be honest with the other dude and let him know that I have feelings for someone else. I don't like to be lead on so why would I lead him on?

5. Discussing future plans with him is off limits. We had so much to talk about and some how our future dreams and plans came into the conversation... I know that this is a HUGE no-no before you go out with someone.. but it happened.

6. Do NOT bring up past relationships. This is something I'm usually pretty strict about. And I haven't went into detail about my past relationships yet, but he has. That's my fault. I take full blame. I asked him about it and he explained so yea.. I did it.

7. Make yourself less available. I have answered every text/snap/call that he has made in effort to talk to me..almost instantly. I should be more patient and let him wait on my responses. I have not let my phone out of my sight knowing that he'll be texting or calling me soon. This is not healthy.

So yea.. there they are. Everything I've done wrong in my own book. I cannot help the feelings I have for this kiddo. Gahhh why do I do this to myself??

Anywayyy stay tuned, Wednesday I'll have a post describing every detail of how our date went. I really really hope that it goes good. I think it will.


  1. I always cancel my dates with other dudes if I'm really digging one. You can usually just pick them back up if the date goes bad tomorrow depending on the excuse you used. So don't sweat that. I hope this date is everything you want it to be though.

  2. Not answering a message write away is so gang hard. I try but fail miserably even more so if I am digging the guy.

  3. I can't wait to hear all about it! Also, reading Why Men Love Bitches helped me to realize that going on a first date when you have feelings with someone else actually helps solidify your feelings in one direction (aka either you DEFINITELY like the other guy orr you're not that into him). I don't believe first dates are leading someone on buuut boys sometimes believe that so it could have been a good call to let the other guy know. Either way, love with all you've got girl! :)

  4. Ah! Dating can be incredibly stressful! Don't over think it and just do whatever feels right!

  5. Usually I don't get this far into liking someone before I've even met them. But there's just something about him. And I told the first dude the truth. That I got to know someone and really started liking him a lot and I wouldn't want to make it weird if I was only going out with him for a free meal.. I hope so too!! thank you :)

  6. It really is hard!! I'm very impatient lol I cannot help but have my phone in my hand/sight at all times waiting on him to text or call.

  7. I'm not good at it either, and I also have a guilty conscience about it.. just can't do that!

  8. Boys can be girls sometimes haha I've learned that the hard way! If you aren't upfront and honest with them they can become whiney babies. I don't like dealing with that so I'm usually just straight to the point. Told the other dude that I really like this guy and I didn't think it would be fair to him if I went on a date with someone else. He totally understood!!

  9. YES it totally can haha. Thanks girl :) I'm super excited!

  10. Yvonne RhinehartJuly 1, 2014 at 10:48 AM

    They do say honesty is the best policy. For me, it depended on how well I knew the dude that I was letting off the hook. Good luck tonight.

  11. Good luck!!! Hope it goes well!! Sounds like you have every reason to think it will!!! Remember the old saying rules are made to be broken especially if it feels right!!! Trust your gut! Good luck can't wait to hear!!

  12. yes they can totally be little girls! lol. good call!

  13. Me too. I will sometimes count to 60 just so it doesn't make me look desperate.

  14. Thanks girl :) It totally feels right!

  15. That's awesome to hear!!! So happy for you!!