Wednesday, July 31, 2013

All the single..guys?

So before my official dating site hiatus, there were a couple of profiles I had stumbled upon that caught my attention. - and not necessarily in a positive way!

There are a couple of different options to choose from regarding your relationship status. Typically I thought everyone just clicks single, but there is more than one type of single of course. There is the single-never been married/ single-divorced/ & single-parent, but there is one option that always made me wonder:


I didn't understand why that would be even an option for a DATING site. Are people attracted to that? I know a lot of people use dating sites for sex and hookups, but really?! For married people?

Here is one example that totally grossed me out. (taken from a person's about me, so sorry about the grammar)

"my wife and me need some extra lovers to come out an play wit us and we could have lots of fun wit ya if you are interested. we like to mix things up and party a lot. if you want to hang with us we can make it happen ;)"

Idk about you, but cue gag reflex. Seriously just threw up in my mouth a bit. And I'm not judging a book by it's cover by no means, but the pictures made it even worse.

My friend is using some of the dating sites I've previously used, and she stumbled upon one that said Separated. So awesome! You aren't divorced, you're still married, no issues there....

I never understood separation. I mean if you need a break I can understand that, but you can date other people? I wouldn't want my significant other dating..if it's over..then get divorced. Don't hop on a dating site to find the reason to get divorced. Just do it.

Bottom line.. there are creepy people on these sites. But for some reason, it's sort of addicting. Meeting new people and having that small hope that one day you'll meet someone and be on that commercial talking about how you met each other online and now you're married with kids.

 Hopeless Romantic I guess...

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