Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Some of the guys that have either smiled, messaged, or favorited me have been forever away!!

Okay, so remember my post about meeting in person? Yeah. That plays a factor in whether I continue my conversation. How terribly wrong of me is it to want to meet you when you are literally about 15 hours away (driving) when you are sooooooo cute and have all of the necessary qualifications?!

It's very wrong.

You've seen Catfish. HELLO!? I am not going to talk to you and let you explain to me how perfect of a man you are, then contact Nev Schulman and say, "I'm so in love with him! Please help me meet him."
Get my one hour of fame on the show, then be publicly embarrassed because you are a 52 year old man who is unemployed and living in your mother's basement.

Okay, over exaggeration there, but come on.

 Also, don't give me the, "How about we just chat a bit and see where things go?"
Buddy I'll tell ya right now, things AREN'T going to get you nude pics, a fake relationship,or a mail-order-bride. Sorry to get your hopes up!

small rant for the day ;)

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