Thursday, July 25, 2013

So I met someone...

  I've met quite a few guys from the most recent dating site I've been using. It's available as an app on your smartphone called Plenty of Fish and for the most part it's free ( which i LOVE )

  There are a lot of locals on there, that I have found. Which is a lot better then the past sites I've used and actually paid for. Christian Mingle had so many people that were 3-4 hours away, and I just can't do that. I honestly don't have time for it!

  I 'met' a guy from the first attempt of online dating and of course he was literally 5 hours away! We never met in person until about a year and half after our first conversation online. Now I understand the meaning of physical chemistry between 2 people. This guy & I had developed this relationship and started to really care about each other ( & I still care for him ) but when we met, it just wasn't the same. We didn't click!

  It didn't necessarily have anything to do with looks either - I don't have to have someone who is super good looking/ nor do I have a 'type' that I am interested in. And he was adorable - just as his pictures and through Skype, but that's not what affected the connection.

  After this experience, I have now decided that I will not give anyone my entire life story like I have before. That 'in-person connection' is so important to me now. Pictures and messaging and phone calls can only do so much. Even Skype! I love Skype because you can make sure their pictures match their real face lol, but even with that face to face interaction - it's not the same!

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