Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Picture Etiquette

Picture Etiquette When Online Dating

Here are some tips and tricks (for both men and women) to help when choosing the right pictures for online dating.

DO NOT put your profile picture as your senior yearbook picture from high school when you are 21 years old or older. Unless you're famous, no one cares!

Mustaches are not cool when you are younger than age 30, please shave. (but beards are in!)

viaYour dog is adorable, but I have no clue what you look like.

Save the Halloween costumes for Halloween.

Oh there is a cute girl in the picture with you? Awhhh you two look like such a cute couple!! ...NOT! DELETE!

That's wonderful that you have kids, and that you're proud to show them off - but don't include them in every single picture on your profile.. I'll meet your kids when it's appropriate.

drunk man talking
Drunk pictures should be embarrassing for you..they aren't attractive.

Put your shirt back on.

Head-shots only? If you aren't famous, no one here cares about your modeling career.

Group photo as your profile picture? I know exactly which one you are by your screen name and age listed.

Smile at least once, with teeth - ..gotta make sure you have them all.

Cool car, where's your face?

Show off those tattoos, but include your face in them so we know it's you for sure.

So many mirror pics and selfies, you do have friends..right?

Duck Face....

Your hair is longer and fuller than mine...Jared Leto makes it sexy, yours just makes me hate you.

Peace signs went out around 7th stop.

Say goodbye to the Fedora - they were never popular.

TapOut Shirts are lame.

If you were a true gangsta, I highly doubt your boss would be okay with you posting pictures on a public site.


  1. haha this is good. my husband has a mustache, sadly. i don't get it.

  2. Awh sometimes mustaches can be cute!! Definitely more appropriate for a married man. :)