Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Spiritual Awakening

My first dating site experience was through Christian Mingle. I'm sure you've seen the commercials! "Meet God's Match for You" with happy couples kissing and saying they got married...blah ...blah ...blah

Christian Mingle is just like any other dating site, let me tell ya!
There are creeeeeeeeepy people on there, well..the men that have contacted me have been creepy. I'm not sure what kinds of ladies are on there. But the main point is, it's a dating site. I mean, yeah, you MAY have a better chance running into a true Christian man who is looking for love just as you are, but let's get serious.

One guy I was texting from CM, sent me a picture of his 'you know what' without my request (of course!)... while I was sitting in a meeting... NEXT TO MY BOSS!!! Who does that? Really? I didn't ask for your junk to be on my phone. Fellas . . . let's get real. NO GIRL wants a picture of your penis. They all look the same okay? Gross.

One guy was messaging me and asked me if I wanted to know what his turn-ons were, naturally, I said, "No, that's no necessary." So the direction of the conversation changed and we continued messaging, but I was only giving short answers and just talking to give him someone to talk to so I didn't drop him and break the poor kid's heart. A couple days later he randomly messages me his turn-ons a couple days before our planned first meeting. He thought it would be necessary that I was aware he was turned on by "high heels, holey fish net stocking things, bright red lipstick, cute thongs, and short skirts."

  • Me: I don't think I'm the girl for you, sorry good luck to you
  • Him: Oh come on baby, maybe we just need to have this conversation at a later time ;)
  • Me: No, I don't do any of that stuff, and I don't want someone to try and change who I am or what I decide I want to wear.
  • Him: I'm not changing you just asking for you to help me become more attracted to you.
  • Me: Okay, so you aren't attracted to me how I am now? I need to improve my looks? Is that what you're saying?
  • Him: Don't take it that way!!
  • Me: Bye!

Real winner there!!

Oh..AND I couldn't tell you how many 50+ year old men have sent me messages like:
"If only I were younger!"
"You are so beautiful, baby age ain't nothing but a number"
and many more. . .

This is just a few of what I experienced on Christian Mingle. I have met about 3 guys who I really have developed relationships with through Christian Mingle, but distance is always an issue. I'm not trying to trash talk this site, they have some good factors, but don't think just because it is faith-based that all the men on their will be Christian-like.

My rant for the day ;) peace out girl scout.

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