Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Danger Zone

So everyone is always threatened and afraid of meeting people online.
There are plenty of precautions to take before meeting someone that you've chatted with online.

1. Become a stalker

  • Facebook- if you have an online dating profile, you should also have a Facebook profile. It's 2013. If you don't have one, red flag.
  • Google Reverse Image Search - featured on Catfish the TV Show on MTV. If you type in the search engine 'Google Reverse Image Search' there is a step by step link to turn this tool on. 
  • Snap Chat - Great way to get them to send you pictures of themselves at that specific time.
2. Meet in Public
  • This should be obvious.
  • No further explanation needed.
3. Emergency Escape Plan
  • Make sure a friend in town knows exactly where you'll be, physical address is necessary .
  • Discuss a code word (on my iphone i chose the emoji with the phone for please save me from this horrible date, then for emergencies there is a little red police siren).
  • Don't go anywhere you aren't comfortable to go. It's really not hard to say NO. . .seriously we learned this in like 2nd grade.
4. Skype
  • further explanation needed.

There are other ways to be careful and you can discover those and let me know how they've worked! Most in Public. You should be able to escape if you are in danger. 
Trust your gut on the first meeting. You should be able to feel in your gut if you are in a dangerous date or not.

That's all for now :)

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