Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Impressions

Obviously through online dating, it's hard to read people through a first impression. It's just words and a couple pictures. You have to worry about those pictures too. Sometimes they are from years before they gained a million pounds, or pictures that aren't really them. This is where I promote Snapchat. 

Grammar is important to me, it may not be as valued to others. If you don't type clearly I will quickly end the conversation. Words are a real thing. They are used for reading and when you cut words in half all the time, it makes the conversation very confusing. 

The proper use of too&to helps but that's not a biggie as well as your&you're. 

Just a few examples. It's not hard to type that extra one or 2 letters. When you use these words like this regularly throughout conversation- this is my first impression of you. Smart up!

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