Friday, August 30, 2013


So, I've been testing out different sites through my dating apps on my phone. I plan on reviewing them all at once whenever I test each of them out to show what all of the options are. I recently joined Zoosk, you know the one that is advertised allllll over Facebook?

They limit a lot of things if you don't pay. I don't plan on paying. I am, however, going to see how much I am able to do without paying. I've only been on here for one day so far, and I'm ready to delete it. I am kind of burnt out on the whole online dating so that might have an effect on my opinions.

There are a LOT of underage boys on here...I wouldn't doubt that there would be underage girls on here too. It kinda makes me sick, like I seriously want to throw up. I know that a lot of children are online chatting with grownups and constantly get themselves in danger because they aren't being supervised on the internet... but for some reason seeing them show up in my search results hit me harder than hearing about how dangerous the internet is for kids through a commercial or another colleague.

These kids are looking around 9, 10 years old..maybe upto 13? That's so young! And they're posting ages 25, 28, 22, etc. It's extremely obvious that they are NOT above the age of 13 or 14.

So far this is the first dating site (out of POF, OKCupid, MeetMe, DateHookup) that I've seen this. Idk if it's because Zoosk is advertised through Facebook and everyone and their brother has a Facebook - actually I'm pretty positive that is the reason why.

I personally haven't seen the other dating sites advertised through Facebook. A friend recommended POF and MeetMe, and the other apps I just searched dating in the app store and have just been testing each one out.

**Breaking news!! This just in:
Just received a message from a super cutie on won't let me all..unless I pay. This is lame.

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook..right now I'm in love because the new update with the search bar- amazing because I just found super cutie on Facebook simply by searching his name and town. Woohoo!

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