Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Message overload

Woke up this morning super early to watch the sunrise on the beach in hopes that a magical prince would see how alone I was watching this beautiful scenery and sit down beside me and tell me how beautiful I was and we sail away in a magical land of happiness. . . I blame Disney

Reality was waking up to 7 new messages on POF that I didn't want to read...
1. Demanded I texted him a picture of my "bush" before he can decide if he wants to meet me.
2. Was 13 years older than me.
3. Just graduated from high school. (I'm about to turn 23 folks)
4. Had a mustache. (please refer to Picture Etiquette)
5. Wearing bright gold grillz in profile pic.
6. "Hookup?"    - - - Not a 'hi how are you?' or even a 'you're cute' 
7. Might be meeting up with this cutie today possibly :) 

I'm rethinking my about me section lol 
More details to come if a date happens today. Bye for now :)

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