Thursday, August 8, 2013

Romance shomance

Well doesn't look like my summer vacation was filled with any romance. Oh well. Still have one full day on the beach before I head back to the grind. There's one guy who wants to hang out on the beach ...we were supposed to hang out today but my family had plans away from the island and we had a blast. Maybe tomorrow? 

Had another hookup request today. Man they just get more and more perverted it seems. This guy wanted me to come to his place, "do our business" then I leave. Bing, bang, boom ..done. My reply? 
"no thanks" 


Guys are gross. I'm sure there are gross girls out there too that do the same thing. I wouldn't know considering I'm searching for guys. Do guys really get their way that easily? you really just agree to show up on a strange man's doorstep do your business then leave?! Isn't that considered free prostitution basically? At least make them give you something lol take a pair of their sweat pants or something- those are the best. 

I love the beach- hate to leave it...but life is waiting for me. Considering moving closer to the coast next year. We'll see what happens ;)

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