Sunday, September 22, 2013


I hate adding people on Facebook that I haven't met in person. But..some of the guys I talked to online I wanted to see their Facebook and stalk a little. Who doesn't do this!?

I hate it though when things aren't necessarily .."working out" I guess you could say. Or when the douchebag just decides he isn't interested and stops talking to you for no reason. 

Then I get to the decision of whether I should delete them as a friend or keep them?  Makes things so awkward haha because most of the time they have your phone number at this point and if they notice that you're gone you get a random text saying hey how are you and you clearly know they've seen that you aren't 'friends' any more on Facebook and they're like what the heck because people get so freaking offended when you delete them from your Facebook....annoying. 

Don't text me when I haven't heard from you in weeeeeeeeks or in some cases...monthsssss!!! If you aren't going to talk to me and try to meet me or take me on a date after we've been chatting for weeks...leave me alone! Ain't nobody got time for dat!!!

There's a guy I really liked way back but never met in person but he had pretty much everything on the checklist (ladies you know what I mean) 
His life was set! 
He of course was older..29 (I'm 23) so it wasn't too bad but I've never dated anyone more than 2 years older than me. 
He had a kid at a very young age so his son was 13 and seemed a little odd for me just knowing he had a teen but he was a good dad and his son is in great health plays sports and they seem like they have everything put together
There was absolutely no baby mama drama she's been out of the picture the whole time
He had a great job, house, and car
And he was cute!

We added each other on Facebook and talked a lot on the phone through text and snapchat ..I really liked him 
But he could never make time to meet me. I tried. But failed. Then he just stopped. No more good morning snapchats of him smiling no more texts or phone calls when he got off I said oh well. But I'm still currently friends with him on Facebook. Thought about deleting him this week considering he didn't tell me happy birthday...jerk.

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