Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Head over heels

I need to slow things down somehow even though things haven't really been rushed or anything but I feel like my emotions are going fullllll speed ahead and my brain is like slow the eff down before you get hurt ...again. 

I can't help it!

I really like Taco Bell guy..he's coming to see me tonight after he gets off work and I am so excited lol. Mainly want his scent back in my apt. I know sounds strange. Don't judge me. But he seriously smells amazing. And it's gone. I want it back! 

He's also supposed to come over tomorrow after I get off work :) can't wait. 

I've deleted my accounts ..might have already mentioned that. But I was so fed up with all of the man sluts on there. Seriously the last guy asked me if I would watch him do nastyyyy things and he promised he wouldn't touch me. He just wanted me to watch. Like seriously?!? I just threw up in my mouth a little! Nasty.

I'm just anxious to see him tonight. It's only been less than 2 days since I've seen him...is that bad? 

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