Wednesday, January 15, 2014

For example...

So here is some proof of what I deal with. I apologize for the vulgar language but I am seriously done with the sexual references. Oh and let's not forget that the word 'hear' is in appropriately used in this context. 

I sent him 2 pictures. He asked for pics - typical. I ask for them too just to see if they have more to show than the 1-2 pics on their profile, so conversation is okay ...up until this crap.

The pics I sent were extremely PG. Heck they're probably classified under the G rating. No cleavage, actually the only skin shown in the pics was of my face because I'm wearing scarves in both of them! 

No I do NOT want a picture of your 'excited' male parts. Gross.

I know you weren't kidding either. 

I am done with these types of guys. From now on, my response will be the same as I just used with this dumbass. 

[insert vulgar rant here]

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