Tuesday, January 14, 2014

All aboard!

The grammar train has apparently left... or maybe it never came to the station?

I have complained about this multiple times, but here I am yet again whining about bad grammar.

I know I'm not perfect and auto correct sometimes 'helps out' by changing the correct grammar to the improper terms, but when you continually show me through message just how uneducated you are...

I can't

Can I please be directed to the nearest dating site for educated people? Can it have a guarantee that I will talk to only educated boys? I must have missed my chance in college to get married to someone with a college degree because they are definitely NOT on the dating sites I've used.

I know it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round, and I know there are hardworking men without college degrees.

Here's the thing:
This generation of "men" aren't the same as those of you who have hardworking&successful parents that didn't choose to go to college after high school.

That romantic, hardworking s.o.b. doesn't exist in this generation. If they do, they're already taken. Although, I have found that they exist in books, but that doesn't necessarily help my situation out very much now does it?

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