Saturday, February 8, 2014

Eenie, meenie,

I hate group pictures. Mainly when they're set as someone's profile picture.

I always get sooo excited when one of the guys is cute AND has a nice full beard, then when I look at the rest of their pics on their profile.... 
It's NEVER the one you want. Never ever ever! 
It's not like the actual person is ugly or anything but it's usually not the one you wanted it to be! So fellas...if you decide to put a group pic as your profile picture (bad idea) don't include a bearded cutie unless YOU are the bearded cutie.You're  setting yourself up for a "no thanks" button. 

Surely I'm not alone in the beard lover department. I mean I know Ke$ha is on my side, along with a few of my girlfriends... Beards are in! And not creepy beards...there is nothing like a "clean cut beard" that just catches my attention! It's to the point where if I'm in a crowded room I can sense when a beard is near. I can't help but stare! That is until I see that little prissy twig they're with... Then I start telling myself how I'm already so much better for him, because truly a beard needs a better companion than a twig.

Your beard+my curves= true love.

Hey a girl can dream! 
Anyone else like beardo's? Just me? Anyone grossed out by beards? Let me know!

P.S. Don't forget to check out my new page addition called the Hall of Lame, send me screenshots if you have anything lame-worthy! 

Welcome new readers! Love ya'll!


  1. We were getting along so well ... And now this!
    I cannot stand beards. It itches when you kiss and it looks weird anyways. But hey more beards for you and totally agree about group pictures. Unless you are Gisele or Leonardo, don't ever do group pics.

  2. Awh girl we can still be friends! I have a problem with my beard addiction haha but hey someone has to like those that don't have beards. So the baby faces (what I call them) aren't completely hopeless, because some girls can't stand beards.

  3. I agree! Especially with guys who ONLY have group shots.

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. Anti- beard. Pro scruff. The last guy I dated actually looked better with scruff than nothing. I resent the twig comment.

  5. Scruff is sexyyyy! And the twigs I'm referring to are usually ewwwww ...not adorable like you ;)

  6. I am anti-facial hair, lol. I do understand your dislike of group pictures. It doesn't make any sense to use one for your profile picture. Especially on a dating site. You are supposed to be advertising yourself, not your friends/family.

  7. Wow 3 in a row of anti-beards! But hey, more for me!! &&Totally! the group pictures drive me crazy.