Thursday, February 6, 2014

Let's try this again.

I think Tinder and POF are tired of me being so dang picky over these guys. If you've never used the apps on your phone before, there are these little slide shows basically so you can flip through pictures of guys in your area and that are within your age limit. On POF it's called MeetMe, meaning do you want to meet this guy? Options for this app are Yes, Maybe, & No. Tinder is the same, but they don't have a Maybe selection, it's either Yes or No.

Well both sites recently decided that I have said No too many times, therefore they started over and were showing the guys I've already said no to... as if they are telling me, "Hey missy don't be so picky!"

I promise I'm not THAT shallow..maybe I am.
Some of these guys- i.just.cant.

Also, I am battling this whole I'm getting older ordeal. I'm only 23. Some of the guys I look at that are 25&up look like old men. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but dating a 25yo seems so much older than me, when it's not!

Most of the people that know me will understand how important a job is when searching for my one true love. Does anybody work anymore? And forgive me for not congratulating you at 25 for working at Walmart. That may make me even more shallow, but my career has a HUGE meaning to me. I have compassion towards my goals and if you plan on staying at Walmart for the rest of your sort of bothers me. Is that bad?

I would like to be with someone who can appreciate what I do and where I want to end up in my career, but also someone who has career goals as well. I want my future husband to have compassion towards his job. Is that too much to ask of people these days? Because, it's not just men..I know that for a fact. I've met plenty of women who don't have the strive for a meaningful career like I do.

I have this strange idea (may not be strange to anyone else) that we weren't put on this planet to work for Walmart our entire lives. When I say Walmart I don't just mean them alone. I'm talking fast food, retail, or any jobs that don't have advancement opportunities.

I probably sound more and more shallow as I type, but my brain decided to release itself today along with almost every other day.


  1. I personally don't see men over 25 as old men. Granted, this is coming from the girl who went out with a guy 8 years older than her . . but I agree with the employment thing! Brotha, move out of the basement and get you a real job so you can support me

    1. I'm not sure if its the idea, but some of the men online that are 25& up just LOOK way older than me, but who knows. #preach

  2. I'm not sure if its the idea, but some of the men online that are 25& up just LOOK way older than me, but who knows. #preach

  3. I agree with you on the employment thing, but it also depends on his goals. If he has no intention of finding a good job and has no goals whatsoever, it is a huge no. If he is working at Walmart (or wherever else) temporarily during school and/or is in the process of finding something better, that is fine. Like I am 24 and work at Olive Garden. But I am also working on a Biology and Spanish degree and trying to find a new job. Or at least an internship that can lead to a new job. Because I sure as heck do not want to work in a restaurant my entire life. If he can't say the same and is happy with mediocrity, on to the next guy.

  4. I totally agree! Goals are super important. That's why I mentioned wanting someone with career goals. I actually worked at Olive Garden too! I was in college and worked there for 3 years. But see that also shows ambition being able to work while in school! A lot of the guys I'm running into won't work while in college because they feel it's "too stressful" and then I'm just like, no. We won't work!

  5. Small world, lol. Please. If he can't even handle working while being in school, it definitely is not going to work. And that makes you wonder how well he can even handle life. Anyhow, I am a new follower and I am really loving your blog so far. It is wonderfully different from a lot of others that I read.

  6. Yay! You have no idea how big of a smile is on my face thanks to that lovely comment! :) &Thanks for following!