Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Take Me Out

Like I mentioned a couple posts ago, I've not been out on a date in over 7 months.

I usually feel like it's my fault but then I change my mind. These guys just wanna talk talk talk talk talk talk until there's literally nothing to talk about. I hate when it gets to this point because here's how the day-to-day conversations end up:

Hey what's up
Not much you?
Not much just got home from work.
That's good


One of the main reasons that I feel like it's my fault is because I've signed my own personal contract saying,
"I will not be the one to ask someone out on a date. I hereby declare that a real man will come along and ask me first."

I'm sticking to it!
Now the day has come. After months of no dates, a man finally asked me out. & don't worry, I know this one's name... I won't make that mistake again!

10 things i hate about you gifs

Good things about him so far:
No grammatical errors in messaging. He has a JOB! Actually works 2 jobs. Has an adorable little girl and said that there isn't any baby momma drama we'll have to see about that! He acts very interested in my career, which has been rare. Has a beard and from the pictures seems to grow one quite nicely! Shares the love of Netflix & BreakingBad. Has tattoos :). Has a Jeep!!

Okay so these are just a few. But I'm super excited about the date, I hope I don't screw something up before Sunday! Restaurant hasn't been decided on just yet, and the date itself hasn't really been planned, but I'll keep ya posted ;)

**Gaining lots of new loves on my Facebook page!! If you are reading through Facebook and want to comment but don't want to sign up through all of these commenting systems etc. feel free to just add your comments on the FB posts! Love ya'll!


  1. Can't wait to hear about how it goes!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Have fun! I definitely went through my share of dateless months. I also know how awesome it was when I finally did have a date! Enjoy yourself!

  3. Thank you! I'm really excited about this one :)