Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Feeling a bit like C. Underwood

So am I a completely terrible person for texting someone for a couple days and not knowing their name?

Dude, I talk to at least 5 different people a WEEK! ...maybe not that many, but really. Using the dating app means you'll be having conversations with multiple people at once. So maybe you asked me to text you, and I did, and I didn't immediately save your name in my phone because I just didn't, okay?!

So when you asked me to go see a movie with you (lame date suggestion anyway) and I politely accept the invitation b/c movie- - -don't hate me when I kindly mention that I don't remember your name. I even went back to the site to find our conversation where you told me your name a couple days ago... only weirdos delete their accounts two days after making it. Dummy.

I'm so bored lol

I literally have 13 conversations going... THIRTEEN. That's men that want to keep talking, but haven't asked to go on a date yet!!!

One poor guy keeps asking me out, and he can only hang out on a weekend, well my weekends are just..busy. And I keep saying I PROMISE we will cash that raincheck over and over and he's still talking to me so that's good. There is a downside:
I found his facebook. I'm just not attracted to him. He has a cute face and smile, but he is excessively overweight and I just don't know. I am in NO WAY a skinny person, nor do I like to date skinny men. There's a line. If you look like a walking heart attack I just don't think I could handle that. Am I a horrible person?

The women I work with can't help but laugh at me being sooooo picky over who I want to date and eventually marry.

I refuse to settle.

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