Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Online Dating as told by Memes

Scrolling through pics of dudes when suddenly!

love me some bearded tattooed men!  Don't know if i could deal with a beard on a daily basis, but some guys look HOT!

Hi how are you? Good & you? Great...

So Relatable!

Hurry think fast!!

Me too girl.. me too
CRAP did I just say that?!

His response:

Gnomesayin?? Bahahaaaaa

Damn dude... why you gotta ruin things?!

this makes me laugh every time lmao

"Meet me at {insert name of a local bar} tonight"

What I instantly think.

Funny Ecards


sad kitty

- Just a little humor for your Monday#2 woes... I've been really busy and kinda sorta ignoring most of the guys I've been talking to...

EXCEPT Australia dude. I cannot wait to meet him. He is so sweet and super cute (beard AND tattoos!) What more could a girl want? 

Hopefully Australia won't keep him too much longer :) Because I want him...

Link up with Charlotte & I tomorrow!! It's Wish Upon a Wednesday!!!

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