Saturday, March 15, 2014

Date day!

So, I had a date planned for tonight!
MFW I get a B+ on a test I thought I failed (click link for gif)
That's supposed to be a GIF ..I'm posting from my phone so if it doesn't work I'll edit it later...


Key word in my opening line "had" well maybe there are two key words... "planned" was the other one. 

Dude texted me yesterday saying, "we may just have to hang out tomorrow" and of course I thought, sweet it's a date..finally! Then he mentioned that he's got a lot to do around the house and I assumed that he'd get that done before we get to hang out. So I sent him a text around 1:30ish asking, "getting a lot accomplished?"

Which basically translates into, "you almost done? When we hanging out? What time do I need to be ready? Where are we going?" Ya know the basics... But he COMPLETELY missed the mark on that question and all I got was, "a little lol"

Dude come on.... So I said, "that's good" 




Finally I texted him at 6 pm 
"So do you think we'll be able to hang out tonight?"

30 minutes later:
"I don't guess I'll get to tonight. Sorry"

Fucking whatever dude. I didn't even put makeup on - you know why? Because I knew we weren't gonna hang out. Instead I went to the grocery store bought some booze and started drinking BEFORE you responded. Yeah. I knew you were bailing. Why even fucking suggest we hang out if you're too damn busy?! Seriously. 

I'm ready for Sunday Funday tomorrow because I need a positive uplifting post that makes me laugh and others I can read that'll make me smile because I feel so sad and pissed and I know that it's the alcohol talking. 

I'm writing drunk so if I need to I'll edit sober tomorrow! 


  1. Yeah I know lol I wasn't too excited about meeting him compared to the excitement I had towards the free meal oh well!