Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wish Upon a Wednesday // v.5

Wish Upon a Wednesday

Check out Miss Michelle over at:
A Lovely Allure
She posts a lot about fashion&beauty and what suits her :)

Disney Mug ♥Little Mermaid: Ursula's Sea Witch Seashell Pendant. $8.00, via Etsy.

Love both of these Little Mermaid gifts :)

Great Danes eating from elevated bowls... if i ever have great danes have to make sure to build this in
I want all three please :)

Floral keds. Well clearly I need these
If anyone knows me, they know I've been dying for a pair of floral Keds

who doesn't remember this scene from The Office when Jim told Pam he loved her … I want love like Jim & Pam! (:
I would kill for a love like Jim and Pam <3
I've been watching the Office on Netflix..their love is what I want!!

Well those are my wishes!! What are yours??

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Wish Upon a Wednesday


  1. Krista KetterhagenApril 16, 2014 at 12:32 PM

    I had a friend post on instagram that she got floral tennies at a thrift store... They are so adorable!

  2. I am so excited about the spring weather finally coming because that means SPRING CLEANING and people will be donating from their closets to thrift stores soon, and yard sales will start happening. I will have my eyes out for some floral keds or similar floral tennies!! :)

  3. ikr?! I'm a mermaid at heart!!

  4. I just love those floral keds!

  5. I know right?! Soooo cute :)


    ♥Emma, from It's Emma Elise