Monday, April 14, 2014

It's the final countdown ♫

So remember Australia dude? You know, the tall, bearded, cheerleader dude with the awesome lifestyle?

3 weeks from now..we will hopefully finally get to meet. And I'm so stinking excited. He's suuuuupppeeerrr sweet. And respectful. And doesn't bring up sex.. mainly because he knows (from the OBVIOUS statement I have on my online dating profile) that I don't like when guys talk only about sex.

I really like him. 

Yeah, yeah...I know I've said that in a LOT of posts about other guys...shut up and let me have my moment. 

Even though a relationship is probably unrealistic with him, I'm to the point where I would love to have a reason to NOT date anymore. I've never been in a committed long distance (more than a short drive) relationship.. but I could try? Maybe it would teach me how to take things slow when it comes to dating.. maybe.

I was soooo sick for the past couple of days, so my weekend was filled with orange juice, mucinex, and Netflix. Finally feeling a little better today and working a 12 hour workday :( no fun to come back to after being sick... Oh yeah..another 12 hour work day tomorrow = kill me.
Thankfully I have Friday off! This Thursday one of my loves Sundy Best will be in Johnson City!!! I am so stinking excited! I don't typically go out on weeknights because of work, but since I get Friday off, my booty will be hanging out with the Best!!!

Check em out ;)

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