Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wish Upon a Wednesday// v.7

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I'm so stoked to have Miss Emma Co-Hosting this week's wishes!
^give her love^

I want my nails done, just something simple.
love a simple French manicure :)

You know when women say they feel a tug on their uterus for a baby? I've been feeling a HUGE tug on my heart for a Great Dane..I'm hoping after I graduate in 2 years, I'll get one!

Pretty #Great #Dane Puppies

I love maxi skirts, but I really want a pleated one like this!!
Hijab Fashion

- I wish people could learn how to drive better, for real..making me late for work every dang day.

- I wish college in the U.S. was free like every other country on this planet.

- I wish I could fast forward 2 years through my graduate school experience!

Those are my wishes this week! What are yours?? Link up with us!!

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Wish Upon a Wednesday


  1. We have the same wishlist. I love that french manicure. I love when the white part is thin. And I really want an English I'm feeling that big doggy love. And I LOVE maxis,and I also really want a pleated one hahaha. One in the same.

  2. Twins! :) I have a friend who has a mastiff, and he is the most precious dog EVERRR, I love all big dogs...but Great Danes have been my loves..I cannot wait to have one!!

  3. Dying for a pleated maxi skirt. Want one so badly.

  4. I know! I love the twirly effect!

  5. Thanks for having me as a co-host!

    ♥Emma, from <a href=">It's Emma Elise</a>

  6. Krista KetterhagenApril 30, 2014 at 1:17 PM

    Oh my, those puppies are adorable! Loving that skirt too, it's perfect for summer!

  7. Can't post a wishlist without the great dane babies :) & I know right?! I'm gonna have to find that skirt ASAP!

  8. I'm with you on the college thing! I've been out of schoold for 3 years now and haven't even made a dent in my student loans. (Not to scare you or anything)

  9. My next-door neighbors just got a Great Dane puppy EXACTLY like the ones pictured above, and it is KILLIIIIIING me that I don't have a pup of my own. (I've had that same tug you feel for the past 8 months since moving away from home!) I'm thinking/hoping after I graduate will be a good time to finally make that happen, too. :)

  10. Yeah, if my neighbors had one, they wouldn't have it for long..I'd end up stealing it.. or at least offering to puppy-sit ALLL the time!

  11. I graduated in 2012, so I've been making those payments hahaha nothing would scare me more than what I've already seen!!