Thursday, May 1, 2014

Let's pretend there's a catchy title today

If you saw my Instagram post this morning then you might be a little prepared for this post...

Let's Rant!

I'm talking to Ginger Beard...yup - why?! Because I'm bored, that's why! Still haven't used Tinder in a while, so he's pretty much all I got, other than Burger King(I can't find a post that describes him}. I haven't heard from Australia in a whileeee. If you're new here you may wanna go back to some of my older posts to figure out who these people are, I use nicknames for the guys I "meet" online to keep things confidential.

There's a cutie I've been talking to for months and months but just sparingly, I haven't figured out a nickname for him yet. But he is seriously a doll...and a ginger beard. I have not met him yet and I'm dying toooooo. We just don't necessarily converse that much, but we snapchat a lot. And that's totally fine with me because he's just nice to look at and has such a beautiful smile. We'll call him Pretty Teeth.

Speaking of Snapchat, there's a guy that my friend tried setting me up with, I only know him through Snapchat, I don't remember his name..sheesh I'm awful. But one thing that bugs me about him:
He snaps me solid black pictures with a caption saying "shower time!" ... I never respond. I am thankful that he doesn't send me the nude picture lol. But dude why? Why are you snapping me saying shower time? Every dang day? And it's not even like during a conversation to let me know, "Hey I won't respond because I'm about to take a shower" it'll be completely random! We'll call him Shower Dude.

I'm seriously amazed at how I keep up. Sis always says, now which one is that? Whenever I talk about "my men" hahaha the sad thing is, I've not met any of these guys in person yet. Because none of them have tried. This weekend was supposed to be the weekend Australia was coming to see me... he's in Florida now on another job. Idk if I like him anymore, he's too flaky and now I rarely hear from him unless I contact first. I don't like that.

I'm tired, and need to go back to bed. The world really shouldn't even speak to me today, I can't handle people!

That moment when you start your period and you think.... This explains SO much. LOL


  1. I don't want to be spoken to either so I'm holing up in our apartment! :)