Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Just in time for SMS!! :)

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Today's the day!! I love love love this link up :)
I was getting kind of worried that I wouldn't have any material because I only started back on Tinder a little over a week ago, and I didn't have any stupid sayings from the dudes I started chatting with...

...until last night!!!

So lemme catch ya up:
Started chatting on Tinder with this dude, and everything seemed normal and fine, we were on the same page, had a few good things in common, about 5 days pass and I'm like ok, let's text. So we swap phone numbers, and still everything is going okay, conversation is pretty decent.

Then I informed him on how I like to paint canvas, and that people have ordered some from me and it's kind of like my little side business. He asked me to send him a few pictures of what I've done so far, so I did...then this happened:

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Okay, so I originally posted the screenshots of our texting, but the pictures may not show up so here's what was said:

Him: That is pretty

Me: Thanks! I like it :)

Him Maybe one you can do one for me

Me: What would you like?

Him: I don't know yet

Me: Well think for a bit and lemme know! I'll make one :)

Him: That I can do. One option I'm considering for you is to do a portrait of yourself.

Me: Hahahaha I can't paint ppl

Him: Hmm

Him: Maybe I should be the one to paint you ..... like actually use you as the canvas

Me: Lol that would be kinda weird don'tcha think?

Him: It depends on what I am painting on you. Certainly no paint or human fluids...

Me: Uhm gross ..no human fluids please

Him: Definetly none of that. I was thinking like chocolate or whipped cream or things of that nature

Me: Lol getting a little risque

Him: Well I'm a little "frustrated"

Me: Why are you frustrated?

Him: I used that as a single word for sexual frustration.

CREEEPY!?!?! Dude, you were doing so well.. wtf happened?! So what if you're sexually frustrated, why do I have to know this information?! I have NEVER met youuuuu ....ughh 

Ahh the wonders of online dating, link up with us!!

Amanda & Danae


  1. The pix aren't showing up for me :(

  2. Oh no!! I'll type out captions beside them!

  3. BWAHAHAH! Ewww, ew, EWWW!!! He just kept digging himself deeper and deeper into that hole!

  4. I know... I tried so dang hard to not interrupt and be like, dude I'm not stupid..I know where you're going with this..but then I just wanted to see how far he'd take it..and yup..too damn far!!

  5. Krista KetterhagenMay 13, 2014 at 12:27 PM

    This totally made me laugh. Guys seriously go from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye. It is creepy and annoying!

  6. OMG I so need to do this link up. Hope its open tomorrow because I have these perfect post for this I have been saving.

  7. That was a super creepy turn to the conversation! Can you say AWKWARD?! lol

  8. I don't believe I could say awkward enough!! Super super awkward, and really annoying!