Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wish Upon a Wednesday// v.9

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Meet Krista!! I love this girl! :)
We're both just some small town girls, living in a blogging world! 
Haha see what I did there? 

Annyyywayyy check her out at her blog:

This week I'm dedicating my wishlist to tattoos
I am itching for some new ink, and one day I'll have a half sleeve.. Here's an idea of what I want!

Victorian cameo with filigree and peonies. Done by Shane at tenth st. Tattoo in Atlanta. Ga.
A cameo, not this pic or this style, but I want a vintage cameo

#rose #watercolor
I love the idea of a watercolor tattoo, and I've had my eye on a rose similar to this.

love the flowers  :)
I loveee sugar skulls and day of the dead tattoos.

I've always loved this little ellie, but I've seen a lot of pics on pinterest of different people with this same one.. but of course I'll have an ellie in my sleeve.

Incredible day of the dead tattoo. Need.
I'm considering this style of day of the dead girl for my cameo :)

Well that's my tattoo wishlist!! What are you wishing for this week??

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  1. those are really cool! I have 0 tattoos, but can appreciate those on others!

  2. Thanks!! I have 5 right now, and those others you may know they'll tell ya that once you becomes an addiction!

  3. Oh you should totally get a watercolor tattoo! Those and white lace tattoos are my favorite... Not that I have a tattoo or anything but if I did that's what I would get.

  4. I've wanted a tattoo for basically..ever but I just can't decide what to get! My sister is almost finished with her sleeve and it looks awesome. I love that first tattoo picture you shared, gorgeous!

  5. I have a tattoo with white ink incorporated, and the thing is..white ink eventually just turns into a scar-like look, and it's not very visible. But I definitely love the watercolor ones :)

  6. Once you find the one you want, you'll know!! :) Thanks!