Thursday, June 26, 2014

Confessions: I'm a Homewrecker


Anyone else in love with this button as much as I am??^^ It's sooo pretty!!!!

In reference to Bella's post from yesterday in the Confessions of a Blogaholic Linkup >here< it just so happens that I stumbled upon a married man on my POF in the same day. Technically, he stumbled upon me. He messaged me first.

Granted, this guy is a dumbass and I figured out everything I needed to know about him in a VERY short amount of time. He portrayed himself as single, and said on his profile that he has no kids. In the spot that says, "What are you looking for?" His answer was "To find someone to marry"

Here's how it all went down:

1. He is from my hometown. I don't know if I've ever mentioned the fact that I came from a veryyyy small town where everyone knows everyone and their brother. It's not hard to find things out about people from this town. So, being the natural investigator that I am, I search him on Facebook. All you have to do is type their first name and where they live, for example:
Jon who lives in New York City, NY

2. He grew up in a town not too far from said town. Facebook also lets you know what town they grew up in. This makes it easier to find the right person. Low and behold, there he is. Plainly states "Lives in (my hometown), grew up in (town not too far from hometown)" Right there on his page. 

3. He also told me where he worked. Dude had NOTHING to hide from me. Like come on, you make this so easy. The job he has isn't exactly a job that everyone has. So I'm sure you've guessed by now.. it was on his Facebook page as well as where he grew up and currently lives.

It didn't take me long to pick up the phone and call my cousin who is married to a "mutual friend" of this douchebag. I sent her a screenshot of dude's profile and asked her to confirm if this was really him.

I cannot stand when I run into married men on the dating sites. Such pigs. This one in particular was just plain dumb and didn't even try to hide anything other than the fact that he was married.

His Facebook profile picture IS (still there) of him and his WIFE. Oh let's not forget the 9 month old baby in his cover photo along with his wife. 

I am not the type of person to just let this thing go. I cannot keep this information to myself. Especially since I have 40 mutual friends with him, and about 30 mutual friends with his wife. It is NOT okay to be a side chick (as Bella said). I just get so disgusted when this happens. Not only is he married, he has a little baby girl...WTF?! Sicko... 

So I called an old friend who is a mutual friend with his wife..and relayed the info to her. She was disgusted as much as I was, so she's going to break it to the woman. I told her if she wants me to talk to the wife, I wouldn't mind one bit. I hate dragging people into it, but someone's gotta tell her. 

Watch out dudes, if you're married and you try to contact me.. I will not keep quiet. I will wreck your home because even if I wreck anything, she'll be better off without your sorry ass. 

I'm not a home wrecker by sleeping with your husband, I am however someone who's going to break the news to you about your cheating/lying husband who is using online dating to meet new people.

I confess, I'm a home wrecker.


  1. That's a crazy situation to end up in the middle of. Everything eventually comes to light, one way or another he would have been exposed. Sorry, you had to go through it, that's not fun. There are good guys out there, who are legit single with no kids looking for a pretty girl to marry.

  2. Thanks girl :) It definitely was crazy. I know they are out there for sure!! It just makes me sick that these type of guys are out there and seem to outweigh the good ones!

  3. Krista KetterhagenJune 26, 2014 at 11:25 AM

    Ok... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck? I seriously can't even fathom what in the hell this jerk was thinking! His poor wife. I hope she is strong enough to leave because no one deserves that, ever.

  4. I don't get why they get on the site, but man it's so sticky when someone goes to tell on them too. Never a good situation. Here's to hoping she has a great support system.

  5. I hate when that happens! It happened to me before too! Twice actually! One women thanked me for tracking her down to tell her because they were getting two months later and she called off the wedding. I felt so bad, but I am glad I was able to help her.

  6. I don't know.. I heard that she knows he cheats on her.. That could just be a rumor, but still at least the weight is lifted off my shoulders. I hate to be the bearer of bad news..but someone had to tell her!

  7. I don't understand it either!! But yeah, I know it's definitely a sticky situation but I can't keep that kind of information hidden from someone who clearly deserves better. Her friends are good people so I'm hoping they'll be a good support system!

  8. I bet it's happened to us more than we know!! And I'm glad that she was grateful for the reveal. Even though it seems like a horrible situation, you were the one to hopefully make her life better than what it would have been if she had gotten married!

  9. That happened to me with this guy I met on POF.. check out the post here. Good Guys Are A Myth

    I can't believe there's still men out there being absolute pigs. Why even get married if you're not going to be faithful to the person you married? Marriage is a joke.

  10. Marriage seems like a joke nowadays. It seems the true marriages are of those who are old and gray and so happy to be together. What happened to that kind of marriage?! {reading now!}

  11. Wow! I want to know more of this story! Like what was his excuse?

  12. Yes I know for a fact I did. A year later actually she messages me again leaving him this long note thanking me because after she left him. Within that next year she met a new guy who she is now married o and from Facebook they are excepting their first kid together.

  13. Wow! I think you did the right thing, or at least you did what I would have done. It's good to know that there are people like you out there. I know if my husband was doing something like this behind my back I would want to know.