Tuesday, June 10, 2014

SMS! with 4 Candidates

Voyage of the Mee Mee

 photo 518f26fa-705d-4e88-80af-643271eb1cf9_zps699863b5.png
Really? Straight to it huh? Ass

So yeah here's some jerkfaces that I get to show off for Sh*t Men Say :)

They're being added to the Hall of Lame for sure. Also you may wanna check out this Buzzfeed List. It's PERFECT and EXACTLY what I get to experience while online dating!

Ginger Beard should be added to the Hall of Lame :) I'll have to pick out just one of the shitty remarks he made about me being "disrespectful" ... hmm

 photo cf88d12b-45f4-4ba0-8b46-0bf91e02e98a_zps1699fc73.png
Seriously? Is this reallly important to you?

 photo 9e1fa8b0-9c3a-4c95-829d-9e2bc21eac78_zps2b0e886d.png
You're in a relationship??
You shouldn't even be curious about the "fuss"

 photo d3828236-429c-4c88-b47b-265b44ef7dab_zps72fcf4ce.png
Here CATCH *throws dictionary at his face*


  1. I HATE when guys are on dating sites and they are already in a relationship. Makes me weep for the girls and also wants me to beat up the guys because they are the reason that dating sites are hard to work with because it is not taken seriously.

  2. lol, I got Tinder yesterday to see what "swipe right" meant. So many terrible looking dudes! And I woke up to a suuuuuper pretentious okcupid message that I should probably screencap and tweet because... no. There: https://twitter.com/LixHewett/status/476362965458120705 I'll take sad that-didn't-do-what-you-wanted-it-to-do stuff over creepiness any day though.

  3. Yvonne RhinehartJune 10, 2014 at 1:14 PM

    The things you see on dating sites is pretty much the best as far as humor is concerned. Let me paste an email I once got from someone I met through taskrabbit.com aka not a dating site.

    I certainly hope you are not in the hospital nor some other
    tragedy has occurred in your life. But barring any legitimate reason
    you haven't contacted me in the last five days would be considered
    blowing me off. You have blown off one of the greatest guys you'll ever
    meet. And yes, I say this with disappointment, because I thought I met a
    great person. I thought you'd at least be upfront and at worse I made a
    new friend. But you are a jerk.


  4. RIGHT?!?! I mean I guess we could give em props for being straight forward about it instead of hiding it... but I would like to meet their matches if they have any!! Crazy...

  5. Hahahahahaha oh boy what an egotistical s.o.b. ...guys these days!! I love Tinder, it's pretty fun and it prevents the creepos that you really don't want to talk to ever ever ever from contacting you.

  6. whenever I see these messages, my first thought is... Am I getting punkd? Seriously!?! Is this technique working for them? I can't help but laugh at these dummies. Although, I would love to see a man's point of view on the topic..surely there are dumb girls too haha. Check out my Hall of Lame if you haven't already!! More laughs there for sure :) Btw..where do you blog at? I tried looking you up on Bloglovin..

  7. Yvonne RhinehartJune 10, 2014 at 2:19 PM

    I know, right? It's so hard to believe. I know that there are definitely some dumb girls out there as I have seen those emails. I think people just lose their head in online dating. At least we'll have great stories for later? My friends all read the email above in Shakespearean voice for the humor effect.

    I blog at http://www.thedahliascene.com

  8. Wow these guys are douches! If I ever found out my boyfriend trying to do something like this! We'd be over! I hope their girlfriends find out about them.

  9. What a douchebags! And the last one it is the most incredible , WITH A GIRLFRIEND. just stop it, ok!? Just no. Ha!

  10. Ha ha ha that last one really gets me. Is there a period anywhere in that paragraph?

  11. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH... "see what all the fuss is about." Classic.

  12. Geez.. that comment..really dude? lol <3

  13. I had SUCH a hard time actually reading that one!! ..shew, he's so gangsta right?

  14. Girlfriends obviously don't prevent dudes from setting up an online dating profile haha all douchebags for sure!!

  15. I've always been tempted to try and Facebook stalk these peeps and find their girlfriends and be like..uhmm yea your boyfriend sucks..but it's really hard to do when Tinder doesn't specify where ppl live nor does it include the last names.. but yea I hope they find out too!

  16. Unreal!!! Seriously?!?! Just no - especially the ones in relationships!!