Friday, July 18, 2014

A Mother's Advice

Hello Ellie's readers. I am super excited to be here. 
If you don't know me already, I am Paulina and I blog over at Color Me Brave
Don't know what Color Me Brave is? Let me give you a little run down. 

I chose to start my own blog when I wanted to try and get out of my shell. I have always been an extremely shy person which kind of understates it. Imagine an 10 year old little blonde girl who is tall for her age. She is thirsty. However she has such a fear of talking to people she gets her 5 year old brother to go to the counter to order her a drink. That was me. As I grew older it didn't get any better. So, creating my blog to let the world know I have a voice and not afraid to use it. So what will you find on my blog? Building your online brand, growing your social media, and blogging tips. Then a little dash of my weight loss journey along with my addiction to clothes. So I am sure you are thinking what in the world am I posting on a dating blog? Well, that is because that is how this blog started. However I just quit online dating. Why? If you ever were online dating you know how much of a struggle it is. So I am taking a break from the dating world. That doesn't mean though, I could not jump out on a chance to help out Ellie. Even though I am taking a step aside in the dating world.
Doesn't mean my mother doesn't love to give me dating advice every single time she has the chance. So I thought why not share them with Ellie's readers.
  Your Mother's Dating Tips | They know best right? | #dating #datingadvice

Mother Dating Tip #1 Never date a pretty boy. Pretty boys are up to no good. Words straight out of my mothers mouth. She is convinced that every pretty boy will cheat. It could take awhile, even 33 years, but it will happen. She has a list of examples she reminds me of daily.

Mother Dating Tip #2 Marry a man who will eventually lose their hair. My mother says men that lose their hair are always honest and trust worthy. I kind of think this one is biased, why? If you've seen my Instagram feed, you will see my Dad is bald.

Mother Dating Tip #3 If you are not looking for anything serious. Date a guy who has a boat. Even more so if it's a sail boat. Sailing is an amazing experience. I don't know how my Dad puts up with him. It's who she dated before my Dad for the summer.

Mother Dating Tip #4 Never date a guy who doesn't love his Mother. If he doesn't love his Mother he has to be a serial killer. Yes, my Mother has told me this.

Mother Dating Tip #5 Never love a guy more than your Mother. Your Mother will always be the best, no man can change that fact.

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  1. My momma always said that you can tell how a man will treat you by how he treats his mother. It's true facts.

  2. These all sound like things my mother would say! Love it!


  3. Haha I love your mom's tips Paulina!

  4. I agree for sure! Unless they're shoved up their mama's butts which has happened to me before..he didn't have enough room for me.. that's where it kinda failed lol.

  5. I love it too! So very true :)

  6. Me too!! :) Can't wait for your next one!!

  7. Uhm duh! Since when does Paulina give out bad advice ;) Haha yeah I love it. Made me smile for sure :)

  8. Aren't they so spot on?! Love them :)

  9. I had to laugh as well :) Gotta love the mamas :)

  10. There is always too much for sure.