Thursday, July 24, 2014

Being Healthy {not food related}

Recently, I've been analyzing my current situation with Samoa as well as comparing it to my past relationships. If you've kept know that this is a normal thing for me to do...analyze..

So, what makes a relationship healthy? I can't help but compare what I have currently to what I've had in past relationships. Obviously, none of the ones in the past have been healthy..or at least good enough to last.
Naturally, I've made a list :)

1. Doesn't Hide Anything: If they're open and honest with you, hold on tight. If they're constantly hiding things from you (for instance their phone) then you may need to either start asking questions or hurry up and get out. I know that sometimes there are personal things that don't need to be explained in the early stages of a relationship, but if you're to the point of calling it a relationship, nothing should be hidden.

2. Sincerely Asks About Your Day: Your day is just as important as theirs. If they aren't a little curious as to how you spend your time when they aren't around, then they couldn't care less as to where the relationship is going.

3. Encourages Interactions with Family: Not everyone is family-oriented, but everyone has a family of some form or fashion. Even if their family isn't created by blood connections, they should want you to meet the people who've known them before they met you.

4. Space is Acceptable (& Encouraged): You both should support each others' friendships and be able to take breaks from each other when needed. Space can make a relationship stronger. By both understanding that friend time is important, you'll also add some extra respect.

5. Hobbies Aren't Looked Down Upon: Just because you have an interest that the other person doesn't share, doesn't mean that it isn't important. Even if they don't like to blog, they should still care about your love of blogging. Also, respecting when you feel like you need to dedicate some time to that specific hobby is important.

6. Wants Their Friends to Know You: Not just know that you two are together and what you look like, but they should want their friends to become your friends as well. If you're planning on making it for the long haul, the friends shouldn't go anywhere just because you've become a couple.

7. Trust isn't Questioned: You should both be able to trust each other without wondering if they're going to do something behind your back or betray you. If the thought comes up at all during the relationship, maybe question yourself before you jump to any conclusions. If trust is a frequent issue, maybe you do need to question the relationship.

These are what I have learned. In the past, I've not had healthy relationships. Here's to hoping that this one will continue to stay on the same path it's on now :) Hope this info has helped you!! Let me know what you would add to the list!


  1. This makes me so happy that you've found all of it! I definitely think these all spell out healthy relationship

  2. Thanks! I believe they do too. I would never go back to my past relationships after I've learned from these things..also I would like to help anyone I can from drowning in an unhealthy relationship.

  3. agreed! Whenever something happens that remind me of my exes (or I see them), I always think how much better off I feel in this healthy relationship

  4. This is the perfect list!! I am looking for all the same things in my next relationship beucase ones in the past didn't have all these things especially not liking blogging which is a major no no

  5. These are all incredibly accurate! I got out of a really unhealthy relationship last fall and found the guy I'm with now and it's amazing to see how the things in this list really are important!

  6. Tragically, my husband works ALL THE TIME. So I stay entertained with my 3 boys and new blogging friends! =)

  7. Thanks :) I thought it was pretty good as well, and not liking blogging is a for sure NO-NO! They should respect your love for blogging!

  8. Thank you :) I'm proud of you for getting out and knowing that it was for sure unhealthy! It took me a couple years to figure it out in past relationships.

  9. Well, at least he's a hard worker! And I'm sure with 3 boys you never have a dull moment!! Are blogging buddies the best ever?!