Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Help Wanted

Sometimes I feel bad for these guys who have absolutely no game at all. You know the ones I'm talking about... they cannot keep a conversation, they are cute but don't necessarily know how to take good pictures, their about me is a hot mess, etc.

A big red flag is when they mention the fact that they can't understand why no one contacts them or how they haven't had much success on the site and they've been on for a while.

I just want to help these poor guys ...I would hope that someone would help me out if I was really being stupid or something ..

One guy I was texting mentioned that I was "sexy" on the first conversation. *Ughhhh* but I continued with the conversation and simply said thank you and asked for him to send me a picture. He sent it and I said cute :) ..then he asked "You think I'm sexy?"
I didn't respond for about 15-20 minutes then he texted again saying:
 "from him"
 -from me-

"I was just curious"
-Just a strange question to ask lol-
-Hard for me to determine if I think you're sexy when we haven't met-
"Sorry :-/"
-It's ok lol just sayin haha there are a lot of other factors that go into sexiness other than a simple picture for me-
"What's sexy to you"
-Confidence and respect as well as not being cocky and arrogant-
-Maturity level has an effect on it as well-
-Having a stable job and living on your own is rare so I find that sexy as well-
"Oh ok"
"Can I ask you a personal question?"          *ughhh here we go*
"What's your stance on sex?"       *knew this was coming...*
-Not quite sure what you are asking regarding in?-
"Like how do you feel about it"
-I think it should be getting to know someone before having sex-
"Oh ok"
-Is that what you're asking? lol-
"Yeah haha"
-lol ok-
"Didn't mean to be weird"
-No worries I was just kind of confused about what you were asking-
"I love sex"
"Miss it"
"It's been a while"                    *Gahhhhhhh*
-Lol well if you are looking for a hookup ..I am not who you need to be talking to-
"I knew that was coming...."
"It's not"          * THEN WHY THE HECK DID YOU ASK THAT?!?!?!**

So annoying...but I wish it wasn't weird to give advice on dating. I know that if I offer some help then it'd make things weirder lol...but that didn't stop me:

-Why do you say that? You knew it was coming?-
"That you were gonna assume that's what I wanted"
-I mean it wouldn't necessarily be the first time..or 2nd or 5th lol-
"I don't want to be those guys though :-/"
-Can I make a suggestion without you getting upset?-
-The word sexy just isn't attractive until you become intimate with someone...unless you and her are both looking for hookups...asking about sex in general shouldn't come up until like the 4th or 5th conversation. When you bring it up in the first conversation it kinda gives off the impression that you're desperate. Girls want someone to be interested in them as in what their lives are like. If you show a girl that you want to know everything about her instead of just talking about would get much further along with her because girls are so personal and want the attention and it makes it easier for her to find out info about you-

**doesn't respond for 4 hours**

-Hope I didn't offend you :S Just trying to help lol-


He could have said no thanks if he didn't want my input..idk
Part of me wants to believe I might have helped him and he's embarrassed to talk to me anymore
The other part of me thinks he sat there and rolled his eyes huffed and puffed like a 2 year old ..which wouldn't be the first time a guy acted that way haha...

Just trying to help a poor guy out!!

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