Monday, September 16, 2013


Well boys and girls...I do believe I've met someone that I want to fully pursue. I have deleted the online accounts and hopefully things will continue to go well!

I hope I'm not speaking too soon! 

The winner is....

Taco Bell guy!!!! Ahhhhh! So exciting :)

So tonight he came to my apt and we rented a redbox and just sat on the couch watching our movie. For a while I thought maybe this is how it was going to be the whole night. We sat next to each other but we weren't like cuddling and smothering which, honestly, is pretty awesome for a change! Previous guys I've allowed to have movie nights in my apt want to rush and be all lovey dovey and I'm usually like ..dude I don't know you!!! 

Anyway...finally he reached for my hand and of course I felt like I was back in middle school <3
So we were a little closer than previously of course lol and I liked it :)
He smelllllllls soooooo good!!! 
It was getting super late and he kept saying that I needed sleep and that he should probably leave but I kept saying I'll be fine, I don't want you to go. Each time I said it he'd say okay and then he'd get just a little closer :) showing me he was okay with staying a little longer.

He then asked me what time I needed to get up for work and I told him...(less than 5 hours) and he looked at me and said, "I need to let you sleep, so I'm going to go" so I said okayyyyyyyyyy fine!

I walk him to his car and he hugs me ...really hugs me ...then the sweetest precious first kiss I have EVERRRRR experienced happened. 
It was perfect. 

Here's to hoping I don't screw things up!!!

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